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In 1995 two bands from Novara came together to form Nightside. The initial line up consisted of Simone V. and Luca F. on guitar, Ivo R. on bass, Matteo C. on drums and Davide S., singer. During the initial months the band did covers (Slayer, At the Gates, In Flames...) and began work on their own pieces. In January 1996 the band’s first demo “Nightside” came out. There was great influence from Swedish death and sound groups like Dissection and At the Gates...Live performances that lasted until September began. In this month “Promo ‘96” was published. It is the first step in the band’s evolution towards a sound that is more technical but at the same time melodic and progressive. The critiques were good and this allowed the band to sign a contract with Behind the Mask records. The year 1997 was used for the preparation of the debut CD, which was expected in ’98, and for live concerts, which were mostly in Northern Italy. This activity culminated in the concert with Grip Inc. In 1998 there were problems, not caused by the band, with the record company. In the meantime, the group decided to publish another demo ’Oneiric Reign” that came out in November ’98. 1999 was a transition year in which the band broke with Behind the Mask and Marcello C., on guitar, took Simone's place. A year later the band decided to produce its own CD, “Shadows Weaver”. It was a synthesis of different influences (melodic/progressive with scream and clean voice, jazz/swing and parts that are definitely death). The year 2001 begins with Alessio M., on guitar taking Luca’s place.

interview with Matteo on 31-8-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm Matteo from Italy, I'm 24 years old and and I'm student. I play drums in Nightside.

What does your nickname come from?
Not nickname... sorry!

Why the name Nightside? Special interest in the dark?
I think it is a great word to represent the sensations of our music.... of course a bit interesting in the dark.

Does that explain why we don't see your faces?
It's not important to see our faces!

What are you saying with the artwork?
Davide makes this idea that represent nihilism.

The first song reminds me on old Sadist. Do you agree?
Sadist was a great band and we see many shows.... we can consider them in our influences.

Which bands decided for you to play metal?
Not a particular band.

Your favorit comic cartoon hero? And why?
Homer Simpson of course! He seems like me.

What is the meaning behind the Rain Dance song?
There isn't a particular meaning in our songs cause you can take from it what you like.

Any interest in the American Native culture? Maybe other cultures?
Davide used an American native's philosophical concept in the song Rain Dance but only in this case.... he finds the lyrics through his dreams.

You had a contract with Behind the Mask but never released something. Why?
BtM rc was a rip-off label and the boss had no money enough to promove Nightside!

Any interest from labels after Shadows Weaver?
We are waiting for serious proposal!!!

Not afraid to put too many elements in the songs?
We have many influences even outside of metal music. We like to play different styles to enrich ourself as musician.

No problems performing the songs on stage?
What we play on CD will be performing on stage without problem..... even more quicly!

How does a gig usuallly go and end? Stagedive, groupies?
Alcohol and our girlfriends!!

Alfa or Opel?

What is your goal in life? What will you be doing in five years from now?
Play drums and finish university.

Do you have a favorit band shirt?
Opeth, ’Orchid’.

What is your addiction? Want to quit it?
I'm addicted to my drums.... never quit it!

Which part of your live are you proud of and should everybody know?
I'm proud of “Shadows Weaver” and I hope many people can hear it.

Inter or AC? Practice any sports yourself
AC MILAN of course... what is Inter? I'm playing football since 6 years old.

Why should people contact you?
I'm friendly with everybody.

Last rites?
Give an opportunity to NIGHTSIDE, go to and listen SHADOWS WEAVER tracks. Send your opinion to

Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 31, 2001
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