Nalvage and their creation of a personal sound

Nalvage started in the Autumn of 2002 in Naples (Italy) by Paola, Mauro, Amaral and Luca. In 2003 they recorded a 2 track promo "2 Hymns: Countless Corpses". After this the band played numerous live shows with i.e. Necrodeath or Infernal Poetry. In 2004 the EP "Idiosyncratical Armageddon" was released. After line up changes the band recorded in 2008 their debut full length "Worship Dehumanization". This album is released by Dead Center Productions in coop with Wings Of Destructions. In 2010 the band has a new line up and writing new material for their second full length. So see what Mauro has to answer about the past and the present.

Hello Nalvage, How you guys doing today? Thanks for taking the time to do this interview for BRUTALISM! Can you please introduce yourselves for the readers and tell them where your from?
Hi, we're Nalvage, and we come from Naples, Southern Italy. Band was formed in October 2003 by Hypersang, Amaral, Kermera and me. After several line-up changes, band is actually formed by Carlo (guitars), Ivano (Vocals), Amaral (bass) and me (guitars). Kermera left the band 2 months ago, so we're currently looking for a good drumer to complete the line-up. We play pure fucking death metal with some influences coming from other metal genres such as black, brutal and doom metal, but we also like the modern stuff so we try to mix everything we like to create a personal sound, or, at least, this is our purpose. We've released an official self-produced MCD called "Idiosynchratical Armageddon" and we've released on May our first album called "Worship Dehumanization" under the Eastern European Dead Center Productions/Wings of Destruction Productions labels. We're currently writing new material for our second cd that will be quite different from WD

Guys I have to say upon reviewing your album, I thought to myself that you guys would be "just another black metal band", for this I apologise, for I trully was made to eat my words! The new record is dripping with death metal and above all else is heavy as fuck!!! Tell myself and the readers the influences for "Worship Dehumanization".
Well, as I told you before, we try to mix everything we like with the aim to create our personal sound, we're deeply influenced by death metal and black metal...and extreme metal in general, we're obsessed by violence and want to put all the sick and mad feelings of the human being into our music. We can say that European (especially the eastern european) death metal scene influenced us a lot as much as the scandinavian cradle of sickness. Acts such as Behemoth, Arkhon Infaustus, Belphegor, Hate, Zyklon and other bands strongly influenced us. In the band, each member has his own influences and try to put their influences into our destructive mixture, Amaral and Carlo love techinical stuff even if not related to the metal music, Ivano is mad for the death-core and hardcore (no melodic shitcore music, just violence)...and i'm the most old-school guy of the band eheh ...I'm the oldest one :D

The cover artwork is very cool!! Is it based on a track or something?
No, there's not a direct connection between the songs and the artwork. Roberto Toderico, the artist behind the cover artwork, listened to the album before he started to create the artwork. So we can say that this cover is the expression of the feelings Roberto felt after the listening-session. He sent us this cover and we immediatly loved it. We think it fits perfectly the dehumanazing atmosphere of our music on the album. We're absolutely satisfied by Roberto's work.
If someone is interested, take a look to his personal site here

What are the inspirations for the lyrical content on the record?
Lyrics were written by our previous vocalist, A. Tilberis and they fit perfectly the music on WD. They're about serial-killers, mental deviations, paranoia, madness and anti-religion... you know, we play extreme music, so we need extreme lyrics. But I can add that we're going to change this aspect into our art.

Who in the band does the majority of the writing or are writings done by the band as a whole?
I've always written all the music into Nalvage, so we can say that i'm the only songwriter, but this is going to change in the future. I always give freedom to the other guys, so everyone that has something interesting to submit to the band, is really welcome.

I see you guys are in search of a drummer since recording the record, have you had much success in your search? where can would be candidates find you guys if they would like to audition?
At the moment we're unfortunately searching for a drummer, it's so fucking difficult to find someone really good here. In Italy, expecially in the south, metal isn't popular, and drummer are fucking rare. We hope to find someone as soon as possible, cos' we plan to release a new album on 2011 and songwriting still goes on. If someone is interested, he can contact us at It's not important if he is italian or mongolian or american, etc. ... he's just to be skilled and friendly.

Have you guys toured much in support of the record? Where can folk go check you guys out live?
No, we played live just a couple of time and we currently stopped the live activity as we need a drummer... it's difficult to find a place to play here in italy and now there's a great invention called "PAY TO PLAY" know, metal has began pure fucking shitty business nowadays where everyone can earn money easily.... we say NO to this shit and walk our own path. We're just in song-writing mode, or attention is mainly focused on our second album...and on the promotion of "Worship Dehumanization" of course. By the way, we never refuse a live-performance, so if someone is interested in us... we've a lot of session members that can complete our live line-up.

How do you feel this record differs from that of your previous recordings?
Well, our first record was the "Idiosynchratical Armageddon" MCD which was released in 2005 and of course we're now different musicians... I think that we improved a lot since that release, at least I hope so. New album is fucking aggressive, atmospheric, brutal and sick, I think we gave a major enphasis to the atmospherically dark side of our music trying also to put our violent attitude to an higher level in comparison with the more "melodic" and "progressive" side of our first MCD. Straight to the core i'd like to say. We've never played so powerful and sick as in "Worship Dehumanization"... and it's just the beginning, new stuff will be different again... we don't want to rot playing always the same song.

Any future touring plans?
We're currently writing new songs for our second album that we hope to record and release next year. We're also currently searching for a permanent or a session drummer to play live and to record the new stuff. At the moment we've 3 songs complete and a lot of good ideas for other tunes... my brain never stops the creative process. So we hope to find a good label as soon as possible, a skilled drummer and then we'll be ready to dominate the world ehehehe

Thanks for doing the interview guys. Well done on writing a cool album, hope you liked the review! Any thing to add to the interview before we say goodbye? Last Rites?
First, we want to thank you for the opportunity you gave us with this interview, we really appreciate it and we thank you for your support. Yes, we've read the review and, of course, we liked it.
And we want to thank those who will read this interview and give us an opportunity, checking us out. If you like to listen to an destructive mixture of death and black metal with a sick touch of cold melody, go on and listen to our songs... and of course buy our cd at
Stay brutal, horns up
Interviewer: Connor
Oct 31, 2010

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