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Nadimac is a Serbian thrash metal/crossover band from Belgrade, formed in 2003. Released a demo in 2007, EP and debut album in 2009. In 2011 they released their second album and currently working on their 3rd album and DIY European tour. Check out the answers vocalist Danilo came up with.

Please give a brief introduction of yourself so we know who is answering the questions?
Danilo Trbojevic, vocalist of Nadimac.

As you are not alone in the band please tell us some secrets about the other members?
Zec is rabbit master mason of anti eu lodge hahaaa
Dragan was walrus but after a lot of surgeries he managed to look like human.
Stefan, never wash his feet, its against his personal beliefs.

Starting a band must began somewhere. So where did you meet or how did the members know each other.
If you mean on the start of the band in 2003, from school and neighborhood... we all knew each other from gigs and clubs, but mostly from parks from drinking.

Was it obvious what the musical direction would be?
hmm I don't think so, we still don't know how will our next material would sound.
Just too much music we all listen to... and trying to not sound like any of it ahhaha

Playing the thrash/crossover style it clearly refers to the 80's. So how old school do you wanna be?
I personally don't want to be old school, it just happens because its more natural than today new wave of modern sounding metal without soul.. today it's more sport than art.

And what did you do in the 80's yourself?
In the 80s we were 5 years old and we shit and scream a lot at the time. After that we had 10 years of civil wars etc so it was interesting childhood.

Do you think the musical scene was better in those days? Or what is the big difference between then and now?
It was good then with a lot more metal fans, but today bands are much better mostly and there are more bands.

What is your local metal scene like? 
Sometimes great sometimes shit, depends what you are looking for. Bands are good, moshing on concerts are cool, numbers of fans on concerts, decreasing but biggest problems are mostly ego battles between bands and individuals.

Are they supporters of your style or do you have to go to other parts of your country or even foreign?
We play all over our country and in whole region in other countries, h is great thing and it helps us to meet new people.

Is it easy for you to play gigs or festivals?
Well no.. Nadimac plays 10 years, but only recently we got some chances to show what we know on bigger festivals.

What are the highlights and where would you dream to play?
We played on Exit Festival twice, and with bands like Sodom in Rumania, with DRI, Accused, Municipal Waste, Onslaught, Warbringer etc etc

Having done live shows you must have some nice backstage stories. Funny or disgusting, we would love to hear some.
Well to be honest, we are more fucked up individuals outside concerts, we make some stupid shit after concerts but I mostly don't remember such events, because I don't want to... funnier shit we make in our home city in parks or after concert we go on. hehehe

I read somewhere you find the lyrics important but you sing in your native language. Do you agree that it limits your audience when trying to get your message?
Ofcourse, a lot :D
I know that we would be million times more popular if we sing in English but... I want to sing about our society problems first, and use my life to fight against..
not to JUST SING and do nothing... there will come a time when we will record album in English. Maybe best of in English or something.. but not yet.

Music is universal but explain something about the topics you sing about? Where do you get inspiration from? And is there a political or social subliminal message?
hmm depends of album, but most of the songs are basically sarcastic visions about society and world around us. We deal with violence, in the streets, life as such, sects, manipulation, fishing and ecology, anti-globalism, personal experiences, confrontations etc. There are political lyrics against this and that, and socially active themes in our songs ofcourse. Inspiration hmmmm, I try to combine older themes but in different directions and problems, phenomenons etc with things I see everyday on the streets, in fields of life, social struggles, political systems, police, friendship, sex and sexuality, things people consider fun, evil, or are basically misleading if you think about that.

What kind of interests do you have beside the music?
I'm master of anthropology and ethnology so I analyze a lot and I write science works for magazines and mographys. I also draw and paint whole of my life but I'm at the moment little lazy so I do designs for shirts and covers of some bands and thats it. I make some models of war aircrafts etc. Drink beer, hangout with good people, and make really creative and retarded stuff when I get drunk. :P

Are there things in life that make you angry or happy?
Well, since we all had a fucked up childhood, and life here is though, we and I am mostly angry about number of things I see or I didn't have when I wanted them or at all... but I'm an euphoric person, so I try not to be depressive ever, and to use my energy to fight or at least not to be conquered by others stupidity or ideas that society adopts.

I know you have a tattoo on your left arm. Tell us what it is and what it means?
I have DRI symbol on right leg it's because my love of energetic concerts, mosh pits, but mostly because it is tattoo of hard core/punk/metal in one. On arm I have tattoo that has symbolism for me, basically it has 3 stories, one of them is that struggle in society is not between good and evil, but between sides we have created as society and that can change as political or historical context changes... 2nd story is about wolf as totemic animal of slavics and serbian people, it is nature, bravery, good and wrong in one, and that is us, as people, as humans, not just good or but, but as basic as natural beings.

How can people listen to your songs when they are curious? Can they be found online?
Well we have translations of lyrics in booklets of our albums, als if they need they contact us over emails, or Facebook.. there are some good people I met that way :D

What is your opinion about illegal downloading/spreading?
Well if somebody wants to SUPPORT progress of the band he will buy release shirt or patch :D As donation to band as a whole. I don't care if somebody is downloading songs for free, it's art and rebellion of us so if somebody finds it and listen good for them.. if he wants to supports us, he buy something, We don't use money for anything else but to pay studios for practicing and to record, make shirts and organize gigs...

And what is the difference between this and the tape trading in the old days?
Well, before internet, I think society didn't have so much information, but people lived more healthy and people were involved more directly and personally in concerts and music. And every album which was released on CD, cassette, vinyl got respect, today it's considered and noting special... it lost it's power, and spirit. Unfortunatly. Music gathers where people came and trade music, or sending letters with tapes or CDs, is something very nice and it should be back is practice because it's more metal or punk blah blah than million viewers on YouTube. I use YouTube etc, but I still like more to have albums I respect and love on material medias.

What will the future bring for Nadimac? What are the plans to achieve?
I really don't know, I have abandoned childish dreams of arenas, or crowds like on 80s thrash concerts but, I feel that I'm happy when we travel and meet new people, and some maniacs, intelligent people with who I or we can drink or talk honestly. We will make music as long as we feel is good and fresh. I look on rehearsals and our concerts like like sessions at psychiatrists, I let loose all bad feelings I picked up in days before it... it's my way to achieve some relief, I'm sure it the same for others in band.

How can people stay update?
hmm we will soon launch new web site, but if you are using Facebook you can find us or Nadimac page there.

And what should we fear when meeting the band face to face somewhere? What is the worst thing that could happen? Or can you be bribed by some beers?
Well worst thing is that you would like hanging out with us, and get drunk or give us idea for something stupid and destructive. I don't know. Where is beer there is fun and after too much beers there are ideas and euphoria when you want to do something dangerous but direct or important, that is when whit happens heeehe

Is there something you wish to add to this little interview? Something that had to be asked but I forgot?
Well we will record our 3rd official album this summer, and I hope we will release it in Spain, we are waiting for a contract from label I will not name yet ;) after that we plan DIY Europian tour so I hope for the best. If somebody is interested in our stuff, we have 2 albums, DVD, EP, single, and 16 split CD and tape releases all around the word so check us out, we might just released something in your region hehehe

To close this interview please do the last words or some shameless self promotion.
Thanks. Well... check us out if you like bands that play honest and ultra fast music more as a energetic and violent art form of protest, than a sport like technical freaks without real ideas.
Metal on! punk on! grind on! Metal is war. 111
Interviewer: twansibon
May 21, 2013

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