Merging metal and horror films with Halls Tainted Red

It is 2011, and it is time for some new stuff! New metal bands are always great, but it is rare when a new trend comes along that turns the music world on its head and revolutionizes everything. LeGrand Haughton of the technical death metal band, Halls Tainted Red, is taking his musical career one step further. Instead of just releasing a new album and touring or preparing to make a new album like countless other bands do, he wants to add a creative aspect by making a film based on the movie. It is still ‘in the works’ at the moment, but I got a chance to interview LeGrand about his vision of possibly making the next ‘Wall’ (in reference to Pink Floyd’s masterpiece).

Hails from BRUTALISM! How are things going, LeGrand?
Hails fuckers! Life is great. Hell life is fantastic. Any day above the maggots is a good day. Glad Brutalism finally gave me an interview. Thanks bros. Just working on music, trying to get the merchandise made and get my name out there.

So I take it you have already started filming the mini movie titled ‘Mind Of A Gentleman,’ which is due for fans in 2011 sometime. About how far along have we gotten so far?
Well I got the first music video clip done entitled “Faded Lilies;” when all the video clips come together it’s going to equal the movie. It’s gonna take a while but it’s really gonna be worth it.

So which came first: the idea for the album or the film? Did you know what you wanted to do from the start? It is always said that music and music videos can go hand in hand.
Album came first. I wrote all the music parts first then thought, “Hey, this shit would be good with some visuals.” A few people joined up and bam! I have another project to work on. It’s kinda hard to know where I am going sometimes but who knows where this will all take us.

Will the movie mirror the lyrics of the album exactly or is it going to be an entirely new story for fans to enjoy, aside from the album itself?
I’m still on the fence about that shit. It could go either way at this point. The first clip, “Faded Lilies”, is telling the story of how people with beauty don’t care about other people or how they treat people till they are old and ugly. Beautiful people really don’t have much to worry about. It’s fitting in this day and age.

Care to give the readers a bit of a preview about what the synopsis is… or shall we be kept waiting (impatiently) haha?
I’m gonna have to keep you guys waiting. Hell, I don’t even know what the full synopsis is yet.

How do you think the visual power of this movie will have an effect on fans as opposed to just listening to a CD normally and reading a lyrical insert book?
The thing about movies is it adds something to the mind. It’s something more to think about. When people go to the movies, the images are left in your mind for hours, days, weeks even years. By adding a visual, I am guarantying that I won’t be forgotten for better or worst.

Have you had much experience in creating movies or was this a sort of spur of the moment idea to try and put a unique spin on your one man band to separate yourself from other artists who just put out CDs? Do you feel this will be the start of a new way of getting albums out to fans… like a whole new kind of concert DVD for them to enjoy?
Very spur of the moment but at the end of the day it was really one of the best ideas I have had.  Kinda reminds me of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet.” Haha… if you could even believe that!  He did the same kind of thing, but I think at the end of the day, metal is better and gonna burn that shit. Will this be the future of music? Hell if I know.

What is your philosophy behind cinematography, and metal itself?
Cinematography – Basically, whatever looks nice to me. I don’t worry about other people. At the end of the day you are the only one who has to really live with how your work affects people.

Metal –Write what you know. Play as heavy as you can and never sell out.
Care to name some inspirations that influenced the way you wanted to write, film, and direct this upcoming movie?

I really like the Saw movies. They are actually really intelligent. Not that my movie(s) is gory, yet… but I really like shit that makes people think.

Since I take it that you are doing this entire project on your own, you have complete creative freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want it. How does that feel when you look at metal artists who have to go through record companies or video companies who dictate how the art is created… for better or worse?
I’d just like to say, fuck the mainstream. Creative freedom is almost better than sex. Almost… Having some dictate what you can write, do, film and say is just a modern day form of slavery and I will not have a part of it.

If you could make the metal music and perhaps music video world a better place, what would you do?
Get music channels off T.V. like MTV? Where is the music? 6 am? Is the music good? No.  It needs to be good music 24/7. It’s called “Music Television,” not, “Play any reality T.V show we want and force feed the masses our bullshit television.” Music videos need to stop having the same subject matter. Fast cars, money and women? That gets really old really fast.

Let’s talk a bit about the band for a moment. What inspired you to get into technical death metal over all other genres of metal?
I like playing fast. I like playing aggressive. I like playing technical. It’s really intense to play, but my mind is the calmest at these moments in time. Repeatedly kicking people in the nuts through their ears is pretty fucking boss.

Did you find it hard learning all the different instruments you perform yourself on the album, or is music a natural talent for you?
Well I have a drum machine, so basically anything I hear in my head, I can reproduce. It makes my live show sound perfect. Guitar is my main instrument then I just throw some vocals over it.

Do you find it hard to be a one man band, or like your cinematography, do you enjoy the complete creative freedom without clashing ideas?
Creative freedom. Sure I get into some ruts where I can’t think clearly of any new stuff; but when it comes back to me. I’m back at full force.

Since this is a one man band, touring and live shows are difficult because you have to find session members. Would you consider your upcoming video creation as a way of getting yourself out there to the fans to give them a ‘visual experience’ of Halls Tainted Red aside from just spinning a CD with headphones?
Ha, well I don’t use session members. I’m not paying for people to learn my music nor teach them how to play it. I’m going to work on my live show more later, maybe get some dancers. But honestly, it’s about the music and if people love music that way, they won’t worry how it’s being done. But yes, the visual is defiantly going to help my fans.

Will this film be appropriate for anyone or is it something that only a ‘mature’ audience should enjoy? If that is the case, do you feel there is a bit of a restriction on the younger people who listen to your music?
It’s going to be for everyone. No gore yet. But maybe one day. But as it stands now, no restrictions are going to happen.

When the time comes for its unleashing, do you plan to give this masterpiece away like the vaccine for Polio, or will it come with a price on its head?
The album is probably going to have a price. I want to wake up one day and all I do is write music, tour sleep, fuck and eat. The videos, most likely I will just post online, maybe make a DVD of it one day and sell them too. But honestly, I just want my name out there.

Have you already got prequels, sequels, and other ideas already set up for future works? Do you consider this whole revolutionary idea that hasn’t been done so well since Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ addictive and something that will be done for life?
Not really, but I am always brainstorming. I don’t know about being as good as Pink Floyd. But I will really like to see what the fans think.

Thanks for all your time and answers. Brutalism looks forward to the creation of ‘Mind Of A Gentleman’ and how it will change the way metal is demonstrated to fans forever!
Thanks guys. You are fucking brutal. I love reading the shit you guys post. But, I would like to advise everyone to hold on to your sits; the album and all this fun stuff will be released soon enough. Spread the word of Halls Tainted Red and live your life to the fullest. Any day above the maggots is a good day.
Interviewer: devilmetal747
Feb 1, 2011

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