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The band ’Mental Amputation’ was formed in spring 1998 by Fabian Guschlbauer (git.) and Sascha Omay (git.). After a few line-up complications the band started playing gigs in winter 99. It is obvious, that their musical direction is in the veins of the Death-and Thrash-Metal which reigned in the early 90's.

Finally, this combination of all different kinds of Death and Thrash styles leads to the raw brutality and aggression of their songs. In addition some melodies and clean parts are integrated

To raise the atmosphere in their music. The lyrics deal with fantasy and sociocritical themes such as war, religion or technology etc. In autumn 2001 they released their first debut CD’ Mass Crisis ’ which received lots of positive responses in the underground scene.

The band's aim is to expand its status by playing many gigs in near future and also writing new songs for their upcoming long player. They have played their concert highlights with bands like Dew-Scented, Fleshcrawl, Groinchurn or Total Fucking Destruction.

interview with Fabian on 9-4-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Fabian Guschlbauer, I'm 19 years old and I live in a very small village of Germany near Stuttgart.

How is your mental state at the moment?
Ohh I've got a big headache (cold is on it's way) but besides that, everything alright.

You say you play like the early 90's. Were you listening to metal in those days?
Yeah we all started to listen to metal very early, but the Death Metal time (89-93) was only really enjoyed by one of us, like going to concerts and stuff. The rest of us was too young for going out and drinking whiskey... that doesn't mean we didn't listen to metal back then.

What are your fav bands at that time? Do you know bands from the 80's?
Oh I like many of them like Abba, Talking Heads, Visage, The Police, Boomtown Rats, Repulsion (HI HI HI)!!! Just kidding, actually I'd say Suffocation, Pestilence, Cynic, Autopsy, Death, Obituary, Cancer, Morbid Angel, Edge of Sanity, Carcass, Entombed, Dismember, Solstice, Terrorizer...... There are too many to mention !!

How far is metal in involved in your daily life?
It almost covers my whole day but how can I describe what I love so much?

Are your parents ashamed of having a metal son?
Oh no I wouldn't say that. My father also played in a band when he was in my age so I wouldn't say ashamed but maybe he wasn't that sick as we are today (HA HA).

Do you practice a lot for the guitarleads? How much and how?
Well I do practice when I have the time (half n hour a day,+-). Mostly I listen to music and add my own Lead to it that's funny and it improves.

Do you improvise on the leads at shows?
Sometimes but I always improvise on the rhythm for example the over tones (don't know how you call it)

Ever tried to play any other instrument? Maybe with rehearsel?
Well I got a drum set in my room and I also play the bass sometimes, but the guitar will enjoy most of my time.

Do you play covers at rehearsel? Which one?
Yes we do: Death ’Leprosy’.

Why is beer important for humans? Is it a drug or medicine?
Man don't remind me of beer, I just promised myself to forget it (and what it causes). But I'd say it is both a drug and medicine. Humans can't get enough of things which damage them.

How do you treat a hangover? Where do you puke after too much?
I haven't puked for 2 years (EXPERT) I drink allot of that multi vitamin shit, sometimes I go to the sauna to sweat it out, drinking 8 liters of tea is another form of fighting against it and drinking wheat beer mixed with coke is cool too. Another one is to drive bicycle through nature (inclusive fresh air), or I eat vinegar cucumbers, but that's enough for now, try one of them !!

Do you know some dirty joke?
If I'll translate one into english it'll sound like shit and you wouldn't understand what I've meant so I won't try it

Did you ever ran naked thru the supermarket?
Did you? What kind of question is that, yes we all did it about a hundred times till the police arrested us (joke)

Do you think the lyrics important? Wanna make a statement?
Yeah I think they should make people think and read between the lines. The lyrics in Death Metal should tell a story.

How is the full length going? When do you think you release it?
We are still working on the songs I think we'll be able to go to a studio this winter, so it'll be released in quit a year or maybe sooner, I'll tell you.

Any chance BRUTALISM will be mentioned in the thankslist?
No way man, never ever (ha ha). Sure no problem.

Did the bands you played with gave you some advice, compliment etc?
Oh yeah they did and it's good to hear those things for us but we also give compliments to most of the bands we play with, because they are good.

Are you still at school or have a job? What do you do or study?
I'm still at school. It's a kind of design and media school with an A-level at its end. It's very hard but I have to do something with my time and I don't exactly know what to work yet.

What do you do when they ask you to tour for a month thru Europe?
If they do, I'll try to find a way, any way but if it doesn't fit with any of us we'll have to leave it.

With who do you wanna play on stage?
There are many bands I wanna play with like, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower, Dismember, Vader, Immolation, Monstrosity...... (but they are in the stars) but actually I'm happy if any band that's cool plays with us especially when the people are cool and like to have big party.

Last rites?
Contact us we don't bite and we'll have allot of fun !!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 9, 2002
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