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intie with Markus, May 2007

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Markus Armellini, I’m originally from Switzerland, but I’ve lived in Canada just about 10 years or so. That was pretty much when I started playing guitar. I formed Mastery about 5/6 years ago.

And please introduce your fellow bandmates as well with some good old fashioned details?
Jeff on lead guitar, he’s originally from Vancouver. I met him through a paper ad about 3 years ago. Then we got Kevan on drums. The funny thing was, he’s previous band never found a singer either hehe. And Morgan, he’s playing bass. We were looking for a bass player for the longest time and always had somebody to help us out but now we’re glad to say that he’s our full time bass dude.

What did you decide to pick up an instrument and start playing metal? What were the first metal bands you listened to? Still folllow these bands as your heroes?
My father used to play classical guitar and so one day I picked up the guitar myself. But it wasn’t’ until I got into metal when I picked up an electric guitar and started to play more regularly. I grew up with Maiden, Priest, the Scorpions, AC/DC and yeah they’re still some of my favorites.

Are there any musicians you admire? Why are they better than you and ever met them in person?
I admire all the bands I like. When you’re in a band or starting a band you realize very quickly how hard it is to get things going and that it takes a hell of a lot of work to make progress and stuff.

Do you play other instruments as well? Does making music give you a kind of freedom? Would you say that music can be more powerful than politics?
Guitar is it. Absolutely right it gives you freedom! This music is ‘underground’ and nobody tells you what to do and if they do, then f... them hehe!
Music and politics have a lot in common actually, you can just tell when it sounds fake.

I first heard you on the ’Iron Force 2’ compilation. Was that the jump to Spinefarm Records?
Interesting you heard of us on Iron Force 2! We did that a while back and never really heard anything from it until just now, I guess it paid off after all hehe! Oh, and no it wasn’t the jump to Spinfarm, we knew the dude at the label before then.

Are you satisfied till now with the deal? Never thought of doing it by yourself?
Actually we are doing it by ourselves. The deal we got is a distro deal not more or less.

Where there also other labels interested? What about Canadian fellow of Shrapnel that released lots of instrumental albums?
No not really, we went straight for distro as supposed to a ‘deal’ as we had the CD done already. But who know what happens for our next release.

What was your reaction when the guys of Southpark were invading Canada?
Sorry man, I don’t watch that show, but you tell me, what happened after the invasion?

Your album is a power blend of metal but it is instrumental. Why is there no vocalist or are you from the French speaking part of Canada. Remember the English problems with Voivod or Exciter....
No, no problems with the language, but simply a problem with finding the right voice for the band. We couldn’t find anybody who matched the intensity that we’re looking for and so after playing a few show without one it all of a sudden stuck with us. And here we are, voiceless hehe.

How is it when you are playing live? How do you fill the gap on stage with the frontman? Aren't people reacting strange when seeing you the first time?
Sure people are a bit surprised about the no vocal thing, but more positively then anything. For us on stage is not even about trying to fill a gap it’s more like getting right into the music and let it flow. The audience usually gets right into it too, so no problems there!

Never though of doing the album with guest vocals from various singers you like?
No, not for ‘Lethal Legacy’. But you never know, maybe for the next one we’ll have some surprises for you ready!

From which bands do you get musical inspirtions? Are you listening to non metal music?
I draw my inspirations from all the, what I call ‘the greats’, like Metallica, Testament, Exodus, Slayer, Megadeth and many more.
And nahh if it ain’t metal it ain’t for me!

What kind of meaning is there behind the songs. With lyrics you can make a statement but how do you do it with instrumental tracks?
Well, one of the great things about “Lethal Legacy”, is the fact that you can pick any of the song titles and come up with a story or thoughts of your own.
The music will help you come up with some stuff I’m sure hehe. Or just headbang to them that’s what works for me!

Is there something you wanna state that isn't asked for?
Where can you get our CD? Go to or in a store near you! Depending on where you live,‘Lethal Legacy’ is being released in Europe on June the 25th! North America it’s already in stores!

Last rites?
Thanks for the interview! Stay heavy! Cheers!
Interviewer: twansibon
May 20, 2007
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