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Paul Speckmann has been kicking around the Death Metal underground scene since he founded MASTER way back in 1983. Over the years, Paul has assaulted the musical world with his many side projects including ABOMINATION, DEATHSTRIKE and FUNERAL BITCH, but his main focus and love was always MASTER.
It all started back in 1983, Paul was in a band called Warcry at the time and they released this Trilogy of Terror demo and also one song on the Metal Massacre IV album. Back in those days he was just playing bass and Schmidt and Speckmann started jamming and began auditioning guitar players for about a year until they became frustrated and went separate ways;
Then Paul put together Deathstrike with Chris Middelbrunt. They had recorded one demo under the name of Deathstrike and then recorded 7 songs as Master for an album supposed to be released on Combat Records but things sort of fell apart with them. Then in 1987 Paul hooked up with Aaron Nikious, the drummer, and started working on Abomination and recorded two demos. Around the same time Paul Speckmann formed Funeral Bitch which was just a way of trying to get Master back alive again.
In the beginning of Master Paul was listening to a lot of Moterhead and Black Sabbath and then discovered Venom and the first Slayer album so he decided that Master had to become the most brutal and heavy band people could ever imagine.

interview with Paul on 22-5-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I am Paul Speckmann currently livung in The Czech Rep. I’ve been involved in metal since 1980 since my first group War Cry. A Chicago group which can be found on Metal Massacre 4 the song Forbidden Evil, which the group Forbidden name themselves after according to Paul Bostaph.

Master is around from 1983. Not tired to write music for Master?
I have never grown tired of writing for any of the groups I’ve been involved in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are your side projects important?
Of course I enjoy jamming with different musicians all the time, and many times these develop into side projects. Think in this way you can make different kind of music? If you have listened carefully to my records you would know that the albums differ from each other.

Never felt the urge to experiment with Master with other musical genres?
The new cd has blues, rock, grindcore, thrash, speed, and deathmetal, so give it a listen. Normally people listen to the record, before asking such a ridiculous question.

What do you think about the death metal today?
It’s great. As long as you believe in your music, it’s alright by me. Music is the art of the soul, and if it comes from within, and you believe in it, then it’s great.

What about the extreme bands like Krisiun, Centurian, Deranged etc?
I just heard Krisiun, and I think its quite the killer.

What is your definition of death metal? What makes a song a death metal song?
Pure aggression and anger.

Can you listen to all kind of metal like black, nu, hardcore etc?
I’ve been listening to Hardcore since I began. GBH, MISFITS, EXPLOITED,MINOR THREAT, DISCHARGE, etc.

Do you listen to other genres? Maybe getting influences from them?
Every band is influenced by the other bands around it, but the idea is to take your influences and shape your own sound and style.

I saw you in the Dynamo club (May 11) that you wear a snowhat? Just cold ears or something else?
No I hadn’t had a shower in a few days, and wanted to cover up my greasy hair. Ever been on tour before?

How do you look back on the Death Comes To Your Town Tour? Some things that you won't forget?
The promotion behind the tour was total shit. But most importantly the crowd reaction to Master was the best at every show, so I will continue to deliver my powerful brand of metal for years to come.

New impressions?
People still want to see Master.

The new album is called ’Let's start a war’. Against what?
Actually if you have ever read lyrics from Master, you would realise that I think war sucks. I’ve been making fun of the US and other military establishments for years. The children, and the parents pay dearly for these stupid governments mistakes, and sacrifice the day with their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you think there is enough stupid violence nowadays?
Read the lyrics and you will discover my opinions on these subjects!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of violence do you approve?
I think the world needs to learn to get along. People are constantly fighting over ethnic, religious beliefs. You should be able to believe in what you want. It should be part of your freedom.

What are your dislikes to the USA society?
The USA has become a police state. You need to protect yourself, so Purchase A New Handgun. Many people cannot read behind the lines. I spent most of my life there, and its a dangerous aggressive place to live.

Nevertheless proud to be a American?
Thats a stupid question, with a title like Let's Start a War.!!!!!!!!!! What about your boy who was murdered when I arrived in Holland. Murdered for his beliefs, and alternative lifestyle. Are you proud to be Dutch? What about the crazy German kid who murdered the children and teachers. I think every country has its share of idiots and problems.

How do you think social life can be better?
People need to learn to accept each others strenghths and faults. Everyone is different!!!!!!!!

Should there be more attention to economical grow, health care or something else?
Of course every country spends millions on defense, when people are dying in their own backyards.There is no health care in America unless you pay outrageous monthly fees. In Canada the price of cigarettes pays for health care. In Czech its a small price to pay for your health care a few dollars a month!!!!!!!!!

Do you care about politics?
Again every Master record deals with politics and social issues. Government suck the life out of everyone and everything!

Do you vote?
Never have Never will. Cast One Vote. 1st song on the new cd Let's Start A War.

Does the new generation kids become stupid of eating to much junkfood?
Who cares I am not judge and jury.

Do you think bootcamp will help to get deliquents back on the right path?
Of course not.

Did you join the militairy forces?

Explain the idea of the song ’Watch What You Wish For’? Is that you on a phone call or a fake one?
Thats crazy Ted a nutty insane fuck from Chicago who terrorizes bands from coast to coast in the US. Ask Macabre or Peter Steele Carnivore, Type O Negative. The phone call is one of the many calls I received over the years.

How difficult was it to get Ronald Reagan do the guitarwork?
He, like the other US presidents on the album were easy to get with the right amount of money, presidents are easily bribed.

Didn't he forget everything?
What do you think?

What are the differences you see the most between the USA and Europe?
Europeans are more into the extreme music scene!!!!!!!!!! Europeans are easier for me to get along with. My family comes from Prussia the real German Empire!!!!!!!!! The Prussians were the greatest military force Europe ever saw.

If you could choose where do you want to live? Any fav place for retirement?
Czech where else?

Think you can retire someday or think you will always be doing music?
Someday I will run a record company of course, but right now Master is on its way to a comeback. You'll see.

What about the plan to start a retirement home for metalheads?

Last rites?
I hope people go out and check out the new cd, or borrow it from a friend, because it is a true Masterpiece of metal.
Interviewer: twansibon
May 22, 2002

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