Malignancy will return the favor

interview with Malignancy

Malignancy is a Yonkers, NY based death/grind band founded by Danny Nelson Javier Velez in February of 1992.
With the release of their first demo ’Eaten Out From Within’, recorded at The Crypt in Yonkers, NY. The band began to play shows.
After this rather dismal beginning, Malignancy finally got the line-up it needed. A new line-up was formed in 1995 with Danny Nelson still on Vocals, added were Roger J. Beaujard (Drums) and Ron Kachnic (Guitar). The following year Desmond Tolhurst (Bass) was added.
In 1997, a 4 song demo entitled ’Ignorance Is Bliss’ was released. It received a welcome response. It was ultimately the demo that got the band signed to United Guttural Records. There was also a promo CD released through the band with 8 songs (4 from ’Ignorance’). The goal was to release the full-length CD titled ’Intrauterine Cannibalism’ by the Spring of 1999, followed up by a Summer gigs in the U.S. to support the CD.
Malignancy's next release was an EP called ’Motivated By Hunger’ containing 5 new tracks. Malignancy also released all of their demos on CD in the spring of 2001.It contains the 93 demo ’Eaten Out From Within’, 97 demo ’Ignorance Is Bliss’ & 98 promo CD material. In August 2001 Malignancy recorded 5 songs (2 new songs + re-recorded 3 older songs) that are featured on this split.

interview with Danny on 12-4-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Malignancy was formed in 1993 by a couple of high school friends and I. Throughout our history the band has changed dramatically! From generic death metal to brutal, unrelenting death/grind with a technical twist.

Why did you decided to do the split with Intervalle Bizzare?
We decided to do this split with Intervalle because we wanted to release something in Europe. It was a good chance to get some new fans overseas plus it was a good opportunity to share a CD with a great band.

Why not 5 new songs on this split?
Malignancy, as a band, writes slowly. We do not like to rush for the sake of a new product. I would rather take a little longer and put out something really sick than music that sucks. I am a real picky bastard when it comes to the music. It has to be the best that can be created. Time was a BIG factor with this release and we just didn&Mac226;t have enough to write 5 new ones.

Why did you release all your demos on CD? Such a huge demand?
Not really a huge demand. I would say we released it for ourselves, and the diehards. All those crusty Malignancy fans that can&Mac226;t get enough. It is really nice to hear those old songs FINALLY on CD. ’Ignorance Is Bliss’ was a good way to show the total progression of the band. From our infant stages to our new mutations!

Why not play all the songs again and then as a new album?
Currently the band is writing for a new full-length entitled ’Cross Species Transmutation’. The two new tracks on the split will probably make it on the new CD. Of course they will be re-recorded! Presently, five new songs are in the works. We plan to have about 12-13 new ones for this one folks.

Tired of hearing this question, does it help that Roger is in the band?
Yes, very tired of this question. But in all honesty, it does help. He has many connections in the scene and has helped us grow. First & foremost, Roger is the drummer of Malignancy to me. He has many other projects that he is undertaking. Malignancy is not a side project to him nor to any of this!

Ever dealt with rip-off people? Like promoters, labels etc?
Unfortunately, yes! I think we all come across the assholes in the underground once in awhile. We get a lot of requests for free CDs for regular fans or fly-by-night zines. I do not mind giving away a CD or two, here and there. Sometimes it gets ridiculous though. If you really like Malignancy, buy our shit, if not tape it. Either way, it is not that hard to get our CDs. So-called zines approach me about reviews that I never see, I love that.

How do you get even with them?
Easy, I do not give them our shit. It is not worth it, why give away a CD and not get a review for it. I am always interested in what people think of our music. In the beginning I gave demos & promo CDs, now forget it. If they are not a little known in the scene: NO CD.

Do you follow the rule Do unto others as they have done unto you?
Do unto others, sure I do. If you hook me up with something I will return the favor. Something simple as buying a beer or giving me a shirt. It does not matter the scale, I am always down for a trade.

Do you listen to the bands from the eighties?
Of course, if I didn't I do not think I would be doing this interview. The mid to late 80's were a great time for metal. Sick thrash, early death metal! What more could you ask for? The metal of today would not be as profound and inventive if not for the early nuggets that started it all. Shit before them, was the sickos from the 60's & 70's. Music is a constant cycle or recycling. Some bands like to copy their influences while others refine their own sound.

Ever plan to release a cover CD from your heroes like Six Feet Under did?
Sounds like a great idea but time is a factor again. We are focusing on originals right now. Although, we are planning to record a couple of covers for b-sides of 7 inches.

What songs would be on this CD?
These are bands I would like to cover: Atheist, Possessed, Vio-lence, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Death, Napalm Death, Testament, Exodus, Exhorder, etc. There are so many awesome bands to cover. This is just a small sampling of what I would like us to do, eventually.

What does a Malignancy show look like?
Depends on where you see us! A U.S. show, locally in New York, could be awesome or be lame. We have a really cool underground following in N.Y. that has taken us awhile to acquire. The N.Y. fans are very picky & sometimes only like Suffocation rip-off bands! So the minute you throw a different sound at them they turn away. People are coming around it is definitely awesome! The festivals that we have played have had there ups & downs too! For the most part, Milwaukee Metal Fest, Ohio Death Fest & New England Fest has helped the band greatly. One of the most memorable fests is of course the Brutal Assault Fest in the Czech! Amazing, the most death metal fans we have ever played in front of! Martin really hooked us up for that one!

Who is more exhausted? You, or the fans in the pit?
Sometimes I am more exhausted because I very really stand still. I am always moving and that takes its toll of you. A lot of Malignancy fans just like to watch the band perform, they do not mosh! On the other hand we have had our fair share of killer pits! I used to not like it when fans just stood there like zombies but I feel different about it now. I just love to see the fans period, there is not a more intense feeling then seeing crazy, brutal nuggets go ape shit for death metal! It makes me feel like we are successful in bringing our sound to light & fleshing out!

When is a gig successful to you?
When people walk out with broken bones! No, just kidding! All gigs are successful to me, when we reach that one potential new fan! The transformation is very cool! They usually come up to you after the show & say that they have never heard Malignancy before but they think our music is brutal!

Do you evolve a gig with the band to see if it can be better?
Collectively we all strive to be the best band we can! There is a ton of awesome bands out & we just want to be one of them! Our sound is always evolving, shit our progression from the 1997 demo (’Ignorance Is Bliss’) is really sick! Each album we seem to grow a little more musically!

What kind of touring bus do you have?
I would not call it a bus, hahahaha! It is a custom van! Roger owns it & the van has seen many states here in the U.S. We also use for local gigs! I would say the van has touring about 4 times! It is pretty hooked up, we have a TV, VCR & microwave in it!

What does your rehearsal room look like? How many times rehearse?
Our rehearsal space is in Roger's house in P.A. It is cool to play there because we do not have any problems or worries about paying for a room. It has a bar, a fridge, kitchen area, control room & bathroom! Pretty awesome, it's like a small Malignancy apartment! We rehearse about 2 times a week normally but when we have a tour or a new album to write: 3 times. We would do it more but Roger lives like an hour & 40 minutes from us in N.Y., so that makes hard to play everyday!

Are you still working to get more technical?
I do not think that we are trying to become more technical, it kind of just happens that way! Ronnie writes a banana riff & we dig it, usually it is very intricate. Basically, as a band, we just write what we like, no matter if its technical or not!

Is it difficult to come up with something new for songs?
Sometimes writer's block comes into play! Both musically & lyrically! A song can be written for like a month & I do not get lyrics I like for 2 months!

Don't be afraid to copy your fav tunes in the songs?
This problem does come up. A riff or drum beat might be reminiscent of another song. If it happens & we like it, why change it? Ronnie maybe adds a harmonic or extra note or lick to make it sound different.

Do you know a dirty joke?
I save all my dirty jokes for the stage!!!!

What will the future look like for you and the band?
The future looks pretty bright for the band at this point! We are all having a good time playing in Malignancy and I think it will only get better! This mini tour in Europe with Godless Truth is a big boost for us! We are really looking forward to coming overseas to brutalize!

What will you take with you when you end up in a old peoples home?
Definitely my Suffocation ’Effigy of the Forgotten’ CD! I really do not want to make it to an old age home! I already have too much shit: more toys than I can fit in my apartment! Image when I am a broke ass old mo fo, people I am a jerk now. I cannot image an old version of any of us! I would basically want to bring my wife to the old folks home, so I can have that steady pussy! That is of course if my old raisin dick can get erect! If not I can get some good eatin' downtown if ya know what I mean!

Do you look back in your life with joy or regrets?
Probably both I would say. We all do stupid things, but we learn from them. Well, some of us do! One regret I do not have is forming this band. Malignancy has helped me see some of the World, that in itself is awesome.

Last rites?
Thanks to all you sick death metal nuggets that enjoy our brand of brutality! We will keep it coming!!! Come check us out on the Malignant Truth tour with Godless Truth!!