Macaroni can be death metal too!

interview Macaroni

From left to right: Sayan Suwannameta (Drums), Anake Kanlapalee (Bass), Anan Kanlapalee (Guitar, Vocals) and Supoth Sakaekhao (Guitar, Solo)

Macaroni was formed in 1991. They are Thai. After the formation of the band, they were not yet ready to write their own songs, they just covered songs of other Death Metal bands. In 1994 they have their first concert named “Pain of Death” in Bangkok. And quickly after that they started to write their own songs. They had sign a contract with EMI (Thailand) and released an EP named “Hot Like Hell” and made a big concert in Bangkok “Hot Live Hell”. Then after that they got some problems with EMI. So the first album with EMI (Thailand) was canceled. So EMI (Thailand) and Macaroni broke the contract and it looks like the heaven was happy for Macaroni. In 1996 they released the first LP named “Cremation”. After that they did many show in Bangkok. In 2000 the second LP was released under the name “13th”.

interview with Supoth on 14-8-2001

Please give us a short intorduction of yourself?
Hi, my name is Supoth Sakaekhao guitar player of MACARONI. I would like to represent the Thai Death Metal band to every one around the world that like metal music just like me.

I like the bandname and you have to explain?’s a funny name for a metal band. I like this name too. I use this name because I have been fed up with the serious names like every other metal band. But it doesn't mean that I hate their names. I just want to depart ourselves from the usual run in the name. But our music is still Death Metal.

Did you ever eat Macaroni?
Yes, I really like it. Sometime I imagine that I am eating worms with blood. Delicious.

Was is the best food of Thailand?
The best well-known Thai food around the world is Tom-Yam-Kung. It is the crustacean soup. It’s spicy. I think you should try it, I recommend. And some institute in Japan have done research and it can protect from Cancer.

Did you had musical lessons or self study?
I had self study. But Anan used to study a little.

Were did you heard Metal Music for the first time?
The first time I heard metal music (Death Metal) it was Obituary. They sound like vomit. What a hell was that!!!

Why do you play Death Metal?
Before I play Death Metal I played Heavy and Speed Metal. But when I heard Death Metal the first time. I thought that is was meant to be for MACARONI.

Any bands you adore?

Do you want to create an own sound or borrow some from other bands?
Yeah, I want to create an own sound. I think every bands want to do that. But it may be hard to do such as MACARONI. Because we have limit capacity on equipment.

Do you practice Muay Thai?
No, I'm just the working man. Muay Thai is the art of the nation, but the general people don't practice it. They just to watch. Because who practice Muay Thai is usual a professional. I love Muay Thai. It’s the real art of fighting.

Why is this sport so popular in Thailand?
The history of Muay Thai is the history of the Thai people. We are pride of our ancestors. So that is why it’s so popular in Thailand.

Are you trying to get a contract from a label?
No. I'm not. But if we have a chance we will try.

Any reactions on your two releases? Also from Europe/USA?
Our two releases just out in Thailand. We don’t have a distributor for other countries. About reactions I think the first LP was quite ok. I’m happy.

How do you try to promote the band?
I usually give the news about us to the magazines and on the internet zines.

Are overseas bands visiting your area for shows?
Yes. The bands usually come from Malaysia, Singapore and the other bands around SEA. SODOM recently came here.

Which band would you like to see playing on stage?

How do you behave on stage?
When we are on stage, we will play around as we are in hell and seer is a monster, the devil. And we are the decapitated head from the body.

Do you have a steady fanbase in your hometown?
Yes. We have a steady fanbase but not big. Because metal music target group in Thailand is so small.

What kind of music will you never buy?
Actually I can listen to all kind of music because I'm a musician. I usually open my mind for listening. That may give me an idea for write my own song. But if the question is buy or not, it depends on the money in my wallet. ha... (I’m quite in need) ha.....

What is your biggest nightmare?
Actually I don't mind about that. I think I don't have a problem about that. I’m just afraid that I can’t make the money for the next releases, that is my problem.

Last rites?
Thank you for letting me introduce my band. I just want to let the people know in the Death Metal world about Metal music in Thailand.
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 14, 2001

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