Lifend, religious or superstitious?

interview with Lifend

Lifend was born,as My Dark Side, in September 1999, by the fusion between the project ”Haternal” with the project “Mourning Star”.

The coming of our actual bass-player Roberto, in substitution of the last one Ilario, (September 2000), coincides with the change of our monicker in Lifend.

During this period, the band sets lots of Tourdates and musical contests around Milan and others places, achieving good results and a sixth position in an European contest called ”Emergenza Rock”.
Nowadays Lifend is a balanced mixture between Death and Gothic metal, with differents shades. On this first demo-album ( “Entwined Emotions”) a melodic Black metal sound is even present, the whole work is made by passion and built by our sweat and dedition of our kind of music. All is derived by the multitudes of influences of each element of the band. The results of this promo-cd is an original sound that doesn’t run out of impact, dark atmospheres and a deep romanticism.

interview with Alberto on 10-4-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Lifend project was born in 1999 with the monicker My Dark Side by the fusion of two acts: Mourningstar (gothic metal) and Haternal (Death / Black). Since that moment we started composing songs and playing live in some clubs of the northern Italy. In August 2000 the old bass player (Ila) left the band for musical and study reasons, and then Roberto joined the group. So we decided to change the name of the band in Lifend..... Nowadays our first promo called ’Entwined Emotions’ is out, and we are always searching for live gigs, for a serious label to release our songs and everything else which could help us to let us know our music in the world!

Why did you choose Lifend as a name? Tired of life?
When Roberto joined the group we decided to change our name in something more incisive, direct and easy to remember. After days of thinking we've chosen Lifend because it fuses the two essences of existence: life, the positive one, and ’the end, the death, the negative one (...or is it the opposite?). We think that the name shows very well our music and our feelings. All existences are a contrast themselves.

Anyway we are not sad people! We like drink beer and go to concerts as all the headbangers all over the world! Our music is the way to show our deepest feelings which are often of repulsion for this rotten world.

Where will life end? Some thoughts about life after death?
This is a very good question!! We (I) don't have answer to give, but I think that life is too short to end with the flesh. I think that each of us have his own idea of what will happen after life, but ...who knows what's the right one?!?!

Are you religious or superstitious?
We are rathed divided about this question: some of us are not religious, other (like me) are somehow religious. Anyway we respect every kind of religion which doesn't offend or umiliate man's essence. I think that killing in the name of religion is disgusting: try to think to the Crusade or to the Middle East in these days.... I think that Religion don't teach to kill your neightbour.

What are your ideas about the pope? Locating in Italy?
My personal opinion is that the pope is a good person: maybe you can't agree with his ideas, but he seems to me to have a deep spiritual strenght. The Church is rotten but as I see insignificant people with high charges into it, I can also see many good ’small’ persons involved in them, which fight everyday to help who need it.

What do you hate more in mankind?
We hate indifference, stupidity, discrimination, egoism, hypocrisy, ignorance, fanatism......we hate everything that makes our existence so hard! We hate all the people who try to fool us! You know who you are! ....a BIG ’FUCK’ to everyone who think that could be included in the list!!

What makes you happy? Where do you laugh about?
We are very happy when we can play our music, we are very happy if someone likes our music: it' something really important for us when we have some feedback because it means that all our efforts and our passion is shared with someone else! Anyway even alcohols helps to be happier!! And remember: we drink to make the others more interesting!

The three most important things in life for you?
Our Partners, Music, Love/Hate.

How far is the Mob involved in the band?
When we play live, we sometimes receive compliments by unknown people: for us this is enough! As I said we are very happy if someone likes our music, but our main aim is to make music which we feel deep inside. We have still to work very hard and to play live to involve more people as possible in our music, in particular because the public here in italy is not so active!

Describe your enthousiam about “Entwined Emotions”?
The realization of this work for us was both a success, both a starting point, I mean, this is the first work for us and it was really amazing to see it growing and developing as living entity! But at the same time, we know that we can do much more better ...we want to improve ourselves, evolving our music and making it more extreme: more melodic and acoustic, but in particular more aggressive!

’Entwined Emotions’ is the first step on these stairs.

What are the responses to the MCD? Did you expect this or not?
In our opinion the response is very good. I don't want to say that everybody loves it because it would be a lie!! But I can affirm that more than 90 percent of the response was good and some of them were also enthousiastic. Obviously I' ll not speak of the bad ones.....!!

Where do you get inspiration from? Listen to other bands?
We take our inspiration from our feelings, but we know that unconsciously we are influenced by all the groups we love!

Our usual listening are various and I think that this is very important for our music: I (Alberto) listen mainly to swedish death / thrash, or death/doom. Mat (drums) listen to death , simphonic black; Sara (voc) listen also gothic; Damiano and Davide (keys) listen almost all from crossover to black metal passing through Queen and At the Gates, and Roberto listen often Grind and brutl Death.....a strange mixture!!

To name some of the bands that we consider foundamental: At the Gates (R.I.P!!!), My Dying Bride, Opeth, Novembre, Cryptopsy, Anathema, Decoryah, ...

How long does it take to write a song? How is a song written?
The creation of a song is a various process: usually we start from some riffs made by someone of the group, and then we work togheter to arrange them with the other instruments. A riff is never used if each of us doesn't like it! Sometimes a song takes two or three weeks to be done, and sometimes it takes much more time. We never consider a song like perfect: even after months, if there is something which could be improved, we feel free to change it.

Your fav Italian food and fav foreign food?
Fortunately, the italian food is all very good!! In particular we like pizza, pasta and good wines. Matteo and Sara are vegetarian and work as artisans for a gastronomy, so if you want some cooking suggestions, try to call them!!

Why are there 6 members? Getting less royalties?
The group is made up by six different identities, which help the development of Lifend. On ’Entwined Emotions’ we got a contribution from two fantastic classical musicians (Misael and Manuel): they played some violins and cellos parts in ’This Cold Life’ and ’Wait in silence and die.’, but they are not part of the stable line up. Anyway we are not interested in getting money and so we will go on like a six pieces, because in this way we can do our best.

How does a liveshow look like? Your mental state after the gig?
Live shows are our favourite way to express our music: we give always everything we have inside and we try to involve the public. We move a lot on the stage and in the future we are thinking to use some slides to add the right feeling to the show. Anyway we believe that the music is the most thing in our show. After the concert we are all enthousiastic and euphorical ....maybe thanks to the beer and the vodka which are always on the stage (....don't misunderstand me's for the voice!!)

How luxe is your touring bus? How many roadies you have?
Unfortunately at the moment our tour bus ...doesn't exist!! ...and the roadies too!!! When we have a gig, we travel by car and do you know how it is difficult to bring speakers, instruments and the drum set in the fewer cars possible!!

Who takes the groupies?
If my girlfrient wasn't here as I'm writing these answer, I would answer that the groupies are ALL MINE, but in this case I have to tell you that they are all in the well experienced hands of Roberto and Damiano!!

The last CD you bought and why? What is the worst CD you ever bought?
Recently I got the last Soilwork: ’Natural Born Chaos’: it was a present. Now I'm anxiously waiting for the new ’The Crown’ album to hear again the superbe voice of Tompa Lindberg!! The worst CD in my collection is Haven know the name of the band who made it and it's really a shame hearing their recent albums. But there are other groups that I refuse to buy ....latest works of Theatre of Tragedy, Paradise Lost, Moonspell a glorious past!

Other hobbies beside chasing girls who are on holiday?
My first hobby is studying Engeneering ('s something more than an hobby); Someone beside us is involved in the Staff of a Webzine ( We also like drinking beer, going to concerts, see films (serious and porno!), playing football (like all good italians!) and basketball. Anyway each of us has a different work or activity in his life which takes the bigger part of his time. Unfortunately we can't live only by music.

Last rites?
Thank you very much for the interest and the support!! The scene needs people like you! Support always the underground!! If someone wants to hear our songs, try going on our web page ( And if you are at one of ours shows ..we will drink a beer together!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 10, 2002

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