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interview with Kiss Of Death

Kiss of Death is born in Lecce (Italy) in 1994 and is the result of the artistic collaboration of Max Serafino (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Ivan Scrimitore (lead guitar). The temporary arrival of bass guitarist and a drummer will compensate the band, but they will leave and two members will join it: Luigi Greco (bass guitar) up today present member of the band, and Andrea Doria (drums) who will play 'till December 2000, when will leave it for evident musical misunderstanding. A new drummer will join soon the band, Dario Congedo. After, in April 2001, also Ivan Scrimitore leaves the band and the new guitarist, Marso Serino, join the band. They propose a hard and sharp sound typically ’Thrash’, with many influences of other genres like ’Death metal’, ’Crossover’ and Hard Core’. Their first demo-tape, ’LIES’, was recorded at ’PAN-POT Studio’ in Brindisi in march ’97 and it has found so far people’s favour and from various specialized magazines.After one year the band is again on the waves with a new demo-tape, recorded in June ‘98 in the “Pan-Pot Studio” in Brindisi , the title is: ’UNDISPUTED REALITY’ composed by five songs of pure and violent ’POWER THRASH’. It has found again so far people‘s favour and from the various specialized magazines.The band realized various concerts all over Italy, taking part of the most important national metal festival as many editions of ’PLUVIA METALLI DAY’ or joining the third edition of ’AGGLUTINATION METAL FESTIVAL’ and playing as supporting band with several groups of international importance like SAXON, EXTREMA, LINEA 77, WHITE SKULL, OPERA XI, SADIST, UNDERTAKERS, NATRON. On December ‘99 Kiss of death appeared as one of the national emergent bands on ’MIGHTY KILLERS’ compilation enclosed to ’PSYCHO’, the monthly metal magazines. Thanks to their big promotional project brought through with concerts, reviews on the international fanzines, interviews in the southern Italian best radio studios and thanks their performance in the local Tv programmes, the number of Kiss of death’s demo tapes is nearly about 6000 copies distributed in the Italian, American and European distribution centres. The last work of the band is their first Official cd entitled ’STRONGER THAN BEFORE’, composed by 8 new songs. Now Kiss of Death are working on the new songs that will compose their second cd. It will be released in the spring of 2002.

interview with Max on 22-8-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi Friends, I’m Max the rhythm guitar and vocals of my band called Kiss of Death. I’ve founded Kiss of Death in 1994 with the collaboration of Ivan, lead guitar. Through all this years, the band has changed the line up many times, the actual line up is: Max (rhythm guitar and vocals), Marco (lead guitar), Luigi (bass guitar) and Dario (drums). ‘Till now we have released two demo tapes, ‘Lies’ (’97) and ‘Undisputed Reality’ (’98) and an official cd called ‘Stronger Than Before’ (’00). Now we’re working on the new songs that will compose the new album that we’ll release within the next year!!

Are you satisfied with it or would you add something to it?
No, I’m satisfied with it! I only want to add that we’ve played many live shows with great bands like SAXON, UNDERTAKERS, NATRON, OPERA XI, EXTREMA!!

Do you feel yourself as spokesman for the band?
Yes, I’m the Official spokesman of the band!! Not only ‘cause I’m one of the founders of the band, but also ‘cause I’m the only one that manage all the contacts of the band!! Furthermore, I’m the only one in the band that has a computer!!!

What kind of metal did you play when you started? Why the change to thrash?
We’ve always played Thrash Metal!! Certainly, we played it in a different way some years ago, we were influenced by bands like Metallica, Megadeth. Now, we listen to many new bands like Machine Head, In Flames, The Haunted so our sound is more powerful and violent than before!! The only band born in the ’80 that we still listen to, is the great SLAYER!!! They will never die!!

Where did you get your name from? The Satan song? Or out of Mob movies?
Some year ago, I was a great fan of Megadeth so, listening to their songs ‘Tornado of souls’, the last verse says: “you feel my cold breath, it’s the Kiss of Death”!! I liked it as it sounded and I’ve chosen it like name for my band!!

Do you compare yourself with Max/Sepultura?
No, absolutely no. First of all, I haven’t a voice like him and then I haven’t tattoos!!! I like very much Max Cavalera, is a great guitarist and frontman, but I prefer to remain myself!! Furthermore, a Max Cavalera already exist so, if I hope to come out with my band I must be myself otherwise nobody will notice us!!!

Which frontman do you admire? And why?
I admire many frontmans but my favourite frontman is Tom Araya!! I like the way he plays his live shows, without mercy!! When he plays, you can see the evil in your eyes!!

Describe an ordinairy KoD gig? Any major injuries amongst fans?
Every show is based on Power and Violence of our Music!! On stage, we go insane!! I’m very glad when I see the people crashes their heads at our songs!! We are a live band and, everywhere we’ve played, we’ve left the Kiss of Death’s mark in the mind of everyone!

Tell us some dirty joke.
Through this years, we’ve suffered many dirty jokes from many others bands but we don’t care about this!! We follow our line and to the end, Only the strong will survive!!

6000 Copies and no contract from a label? Looking for a label?
Yes, we are looking for a Label!! For the next cd we want to find a Label to support us with the print and distribution of our cd!! Surely, to get a great sound, we’ll record our cd in the FREDMAN studio in Sweden, but before we must find a label!! I think it will be a great cd, the new songs are very powerful and aggressive and besides, I think we deserve a deal after all this years of hard work spreading the word about the band and selling more than 6000 copies!!!

Any progression on the new songs? Will they be heavier?
As I just said, the new songs are surely more powerful, aggressive and technical then the others Kiss of death’s songs!! Not only ‘cause there are two new members: a new drummer and a new lead guitarist, but also ‘cause we want to release a great cd!!

Any idea of putting unexpected elements in the new songs?
Our genre will be always the same, POWER THRASH METAL!! I don’t know if there will be new elements in our music, we have never decided what elements are right and what are wrong in our music!! We let flow all our feelings in our music so you must wait to listen to the new cd to understand if there will be new elements in our music!!!!

When do you get your arms tattooed? And what kind of image?
At the moment, I don’t want to tattoo my arms but, when I’ll do it, I like very much the Tribal tattoos so I think I will tattoo on of them!!

What kind of music did you listen to as a youngster?
I’ve initiated my journey through the rock music listening to band like Guns’n’Roses, Skid Row, Motley Crue!! After that I listened to bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Testament and immediately I loved this Genre!! As from that moment, I’ve always listened to metal bands, but I still listen to hard rock bands!!

Any musical intrest beside metal? And which absolutly not?
No, I haven’t any interest beside Metal, I play only this genre!! I like to listen to rock, blues and I hate disco music!!

How does it feel to support Saxon? Reaction from thier fans?
It has been a great show for us!! The stage was very large and there were many people!! All their fans have appreciated our music and all the members of Saxon have given compliments to us! It has been a great satisfaction!!

How many cm’s will you let your beard grow?
I don’t know, sometimes I cut it, but I think it will be not longer than now in future!!

When do you remove the irritating moving flames on the site?
I like the moving flames on our site very much, many people have given me the compliments for how I’ve done the look of the site!! However, everyone has an own taste so if you don’t like them, I can’t do nothing!!

Is the internet contributing to your promo campaign?
Yes, the contribution of internet to my band is very important!! With it I can spread the word about my band and my music in every corner of the world, quickly and in certain way!! In my view, Internet is the future to expose the own band to the mass!!

How many free time do you spend on the band? Wish it was a full time job?
I spend all my time for the band, for me, this is my job!!

Do you have a working job? Any problem with free days when touring?
Yes, I’ve a working job!! I am a member of the KICK PROMOTION AGENCY, of Enrico Giannone (Undertaker’s singer). My job is to find places where, all the band that have signed a deal with us, can play their live shows!! I like this job very much and furthermore, I’m free to journey with my band during the tour!!

Ever did a gig outside Italy? Do you have a wish country to play and why?
No, we haven’t done a gig outside Italy but I hope we’ll do it soon!! My wish is to play in Germany or England, that are the home countries of metal music!!

The plans for the future with KoD?
Our future plan at the moment is to release a new cd. Now we’re working on the new songs and I hope to find a label soon too!! It’s hard, but not impossible!!!

Last rites?
Well Twan, first of all I want to thank you for the support and besides, all our fans all over the world!! Thanx for the support and stay always STRONGER THAN BEFORE!! You rule Motherfucker!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 22, 2001

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