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interview with kabbal

KABBAL is a Death Metal band born in 1999.
At the same time drummer, guitarist and composer Haza’l set up the group by recruiting musicians in south of France, a very active place for such a search.
Ghimel, also composer and arranger, back Haza’l up to create the hard core of the group.
KABBAL has been greatly influenced by groups as MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, the first SLAYER and others of this caliber.
Their first demo called ’The Wretched’, recorded in winter '99, received a fairly good success and was the object of columns in national magazines end some titles were selected to be included in compilations.
For the second demo ’Supreme Ritual’, the group changed its singer. Trisophilliac, also guitarist for DEVILIUM, take the place. This demo was much more extreme than the first, at the same time more Death, fast and deep, and it received a very good critic (Metallian magazine)
KABBAL made many concerts in South of France, including the famous BRUTAL FEST organised by Criminal Record.
The last demo ’Heretic’ allows the group to sign with DIAMOND PRODUCTIONS.
The band's debut album has come out in October 2002.

interview with Haza'l on 12-01-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm Haza’l, I'm drummer and composer, I'm 23 and I like Suffocation and moonlight...

Ghimel is guitarist and composer, he is 30 and he likes the darkside of the force...

Trisophiliac is guitarist and composer, he's 24 and he likes Suffocation and drinking beers...

XZ is bassist and singer, he's 22 and I don't know what he likes but I think it's really good ...

Why did Haza'l search musicians? Never thought of doing the vocals and drums alone?
Of course Ican plays drums, vocals, guitars and basketball at the sametime, but it's boring to be alone...

Why is the south of France a good place to search for musicians?
Guys in the south of France are brutals! We have seen in a few times severals ’brutals’ band grows up in south of France, That's why I can tell you it's a good place for searching. But in fact, this place is not better than others.

Who came up with the name? What does it mean? What is important for a bandname?
I came up with the name, it means mystic conspiration, I like this beause I like occult and morbid facts.
Nothing is particulary important for a bandname, it could be different for tons of reasons you use what you want.

Did you wanna sound like the groups you liked? Or wanna come up with a own sound?
We don't WANT to sound like the others bands, but our influences are presents, it's out of control.

Do you think it is hard to come up with some own ideas when you listen to other death metal bands?
Yes it's hard, but I'll do all I can to propose my OWN ideas

Agree that you can better steal ideas than to try to invent a new sound?
Sure, it's easiest, but how I told you, I'm not interested.

What is the meaning behind the album title and artwork?
Synthetically Revived is a title of Suffocation, an eyeclick to this fantastic band and this artwork is the perfect illustration of this.

Did you came up with the artwork idea yourself or gave the artist free hand?
The artist, Jacek Wisniewski, came up with this product, we liked it, and we took it.

What is your own education or work? Think it is useful now you're in a band?
I make jewelery, it's a good job and I have a poor education so, it's not important.

Are you afraid of visting the doctor? And what about visting a hospital?
I'm not afraid of visiting the doctor nor an hospital, in fact, I'm never ill!!!

What is the idea when writing a song? What is the starting point? What has to be in it?
We don't have a starting point to write songs, and nothing other, we compose with our inspiration only

Did it take a long time to record the album? Left some songs out of the album?
We recorded in 14 days at Update Studio in Salernes, France, with Serge Begnis a very nice guy who knows his work very well.

Why did you sign with a French label? For the language? Friends?
We signed with Diamond Poductions because he proposed us good ideas to gows up, not because he's French or nothing, but of course it's easier for language.

Where is a label for? What advantage has it? Also some disadvantages?
We don't have disavantages with the label, we're a little band so, all is good for us.

Do you collaberate with other bands to get gigs? Is it easy to get on stage?
We collaberate with nobody, but we're open.

What kind of touring van do you use? Do you have roadies or moving all by yourself?
At this time, we move by ourselves and we don't have roadies but we don't have done lots of gigs yet, I think it will be interesting now, we'll be on tour soon.

Say something emotional about the band so people will buy the album?
We don't write to sell, I know I won't be rich with my music...

How many days per week do you wear shirts of Kabbal?
I wear shirt of kabbal all days and I didn't wash it yet!!

Last rites?
Van Nistelrooy, your compatriot, is a fucking good football player... thank you
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 12, 2003
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