Joel Moncorvo is devoted to the music

In 1978, with only seven years of age a boy from Bahia called Joel Moncorvo began interest for the music. Interest for the music came plenty early, and it was not for less (Joel Moncorvo's family belonged to musicians). After having gone by several bands and now is with SLOW (a project that he dreamed by the contrabass a long time), Joel is being devoted integrally to the music. Accompany this interview the arranger, composer and one of the largest contrabass of Brazil!

Joel won interest for the music to the seven years of age. Of where came such curiosity and interest for the music? Is that due family to be composed by musicians?
Yes, my musical influences came basically from my family. I remind that my mother gave piano classes and I was quiet observing and listening the melodies. My father always came the most varied quality music. I think all this woke up my interest for the music.

Is the support fundamental among the things that one chooses to do (mainly the support of the family). Am I sure that the family support you had, but when did you form first band Copyright, did you obtain support on the part of the public or even of the media in this time?
The Copyright was a rock band that always had a great relationship with the public. Regarding the media, in that time it was very different. The metal was not as spread as today and we limited ourselves the recordings demo in cassette.

I know that in that time it was everything much more difficult, actually it was much more for liking of music than for financial subjects. Am I correct?
Correct, early always I tried to be a professional musician, played, as well as today, for love the music, doing what found certain, not importing the style or the musical culture.

Joel, from this time you already had several projects, do speak a little more on these musical projects?
I always went a linked musician to the composition. To be part of several projects with different musical styles allowed me new roads and possibilities. All were seen in a professional way.

Joel, I take a risk to say that you are a complete musician, because it is not arrested to a single style from Jazz to the Extreme Metal. Do we know that each style has singularity, like you it does work with this?
With a lot of peacefulness. I put my musical characteristics respecting the limits of each style. But always open to the new possibilities and musical innovations.

Among so many executed styles, should it be quite difficult to choose one what you identify, but will it be that your person could choose one of preference?
The music is present in all of the moments of my life.
Metal, Progressive Rock, Fusion and Instrumental Music fascinate me.

Talking about current band SLOW, you threw a Demo Covers called Intro. Done the results obtain by you were positive? Was the debut album of SLOW foreseen for May of this year, however was not it still thrown, for which reasons?
Our Demo Covers Intro was the union of some music that left in collections and some live versions. About our recording, SLOW suffered some changes in formation and that disturbed plenty the whole process. On that moment our EP is in final phase of recording and it should still be thrown that year.

Entering in the subject Metal, recently you made the recording of the bass in the band Ungodly. How was this whole recording process? In relation to the equipments, were they of great quality, did they give great conditions for you to demonstrate musical talent?
Yes, Ungodly is a very professional group and to be part of a work of that level was one greater experience for me. The equipments were the best ones possible and we recorded at a studio that has one of the best rooms of recording of the country. About the recording, I respected the proposal of the band always being open for every comment type and suggestions in the composition of the bass. We understood each other very well.

Could you advance some thing about the production of the new album of Ungodly? Do you think this disk will cause impact to the fans of the style and of the band? And which the good fruits that you believe that will pick with this participation in the disk of Ungodly?
The one that I can guarantee is that every work was accomplished with the maxim attention on the part of all and that to do part of that project it was one greater experience for me.

Joel, now you are making Workshops and Workshows. In the last July nine you together with ACCR had an unpublished attitude inside when doing a Workshop of the Shopping Piedade in Salvador. Which was the sensation of having consolidated this fact?
For me it was a great learning, besides my public to be present, I could also come for children, seniors and onlookers. That does with that the musician always rejuvenates. I am very happy that the spaces are more open for that event type.

Of where or of who the idea did appear of doing these events open to the public?
ACCR (Association Cultural Club of the Rock), it is accomplishing several events of great social stamp as donation of clothes and foods, understanding to the donation of blood, arriving to exhibitions of Rock and musical wokshops. I already had the opportunity to accomplish several lectures, clinics, workshops and workshows in schools, universities, shopping centers and theaters.

I was present; I got to observe and to admire his/her excellent presentation. Little by little they were formed curious people's agglomerates with what was happening. Which was reaction in seeing all to those people to his/her circuit giving prestige to music?
It is always an emotion when they admire or they recognize my work. To see the people giving prestige to only makes to want me more to continue with very more pleasure and more study.

The Your objective with these events is of showing music for the people, to create an interest of the young public for the music, besides showing that in Bahia is possible of finding talented musicians. Am I correct?
Yes, it’s correct.

Speaking in music in Bahia, still a prejudice exists on the part of the people of other states (mainly São Paulo), as well as in SP has several talented musicians, in Bahia has excellent musicians also a proof of that is you Joel. Which opinion on this?
The people like music, be from Bahia, of São Paulo or of any other place.
The concern and care that we should have are with the communication means that a lot of times impose and they corrupt the taste and the sensibility of the people. For this, I am in favor of the music in the school, I don't eat a recreational matter and yes gone back to the learning of our music in their origins. It would be good that this new generation could enjoy courses where could recognize in the musical art the importance of the knowledge and cultural wealth.

Nowadays several means exist of obtaining information on the music in itself, the internet, TV and the radio, summarizing the media in general opened more space for all of the musical styles. On one side that is very good, meantime with so many information the people are having difficulties in discerning the things and the own media influences many of them. As well as the media it can elevate an artist can destroy quickly or be is a knife of two edges. Do you agree with me?
The media has the power to influence the public for that or that style, for that or that band.
But is the public who decides if it accepts to be influenced.

Joel, changing the subject you give classes in the Center Of Service to the Deaf (CAS-NANNY - Escola Wilson Lins). As it is this experience for you? I believe that should be an only moment for you...
With certainty, they are only moments. To develop a work with the deaf children brings me a very big internal pleasure. To learn a new language (the Libras) it is to know new communication possibilities, it is to interact and to understand that I am close to a being that needs to be understood, valued and lover.

And the children, which reaction before, during and after the classes?
The reaction and always very good. When I arrive for the class, they receive me with a square smile and with manifestations of affection, besides, they created a sign for me: the thumb and minimum gotten up and making gesture of playing. During the classes they are interested and disciplined. I notice a desire in wanting to learn and even of listening the bass. The girls' group is coming out very well. We are developing rhythmic movements, through an improvisation of the bass. Already with the boys' group, I am developing techniques for the teaching of the instrument. When we finished the class, they say good-bye and, through the communication of the signs, they ask me if I will return the following week.

In your opinion, which the importance of this initiative type on the part of the musicians in Brazil?
The music has a very important social paper. The own literature has been showing that the music is constituted in an ally, for the construction of a society. She unites races, cultures and generations.
I believe that the musicians willingly, if they want, they could make some type of social work, with the purpose of serving the neighbor.

The your band Slow is in activity besides made a show in the last September four. Were some very visible fail during his/her presentation, however did you call me once again plenty the attention with your stage performance (what was great). The obtained answer the expected was?
We always went many demanding with kind and us with our fans. SLOW is in renewal process, and the last show that we did in the Rock in Rio, was our first official presentation with the new formation. Bruno Kucera in the vocal ones and Anadill Júnior in the Battery. I believe that with disposition, total dedication, humility and many rehearsals will return our form soon. When it is group or one of a band, the important is that all are very well and not just a part of the band.

Which are the plans hereafter are for Slow? Album, shows which their expectations for the band?
To give continuity to our work with objective, union and professionalism. We are in the final phase of the recording of our EP that is being accomplished in the Vértice Estúdio, in Salvador and we counted with all musical wisdom of the producer Jera Cravo. For the recording of the battery, we invited Thiago Nogueira (Ungodly) that made an excellent work, understanding the whole proposal of the group. The recording is great and all of the instruments are listened clearly. The works of the bass and of the battery they are super agglutinated, emphasizing a fort characteristic of SLOW. Ricardo Primata that put their personal characteristics and wide musical knowledge recorded the guitar. We are in the expectation of the finalization of the recording of the voice, with our new vocalist Bruno Kucera, for then we enter in the mixing and in the production. Concluding that process, we have plans of preparing a special show for the release of our EP, to distribute and to publish plenty the work with shows in several states and we intended, the more possible abbreviation to record a video-clip of one of our music. Nowadays, SLOW counts with the great support of the producer Rock Freeday and of Maniac.

Besides the band, you are also working in a project soil. How will this work be?
I am researching different sounds, emblems, forms of playing and to of recording the instrument. Besides using traditional bass of 4 and 6 strings, I will also use, in certain music, a fretless and my new bass of 8 strings of M.Laghus. I will apply several techniques like Slap, Tapping, Fingerings and many Soils for Bass. It will be a wide musical laboratory, in which I will have the presence of great wild animal to my side. Regarding the compositions, they will have influences of Fusion, Jazz, Progressive Rock and Metal. I am putting swing and a lot of groove to give a certain swinging in the music. I like to work with rhythmic variations, uniting the bass a lot to the battery, tends those two instruments, in certain parts of the music, super agglutinated. The guitar and the keyboard will enter freer, making beautiful themes, melodies, fingerings and soils. It will be a work ’heavy’, sentimental and with the necessary technique.

Recently I had the chance of hearing a production of work and I found excellent. Which their expectations in relation to the disk soil?
In first place, to accomplish an old dream and the extreme pleasure in doing that work to the best level of my capacities and musical understanding. To show to all new musical possibilities in the area of the bass, instrument that is growing a lot, along those years. Regarding distribution, I still don't have recording. I intend to add in the CD, two strips of images and videos, dedicated to the people bearers of deafness, that part is still studying how I will develop. I will take that work where can, in any part of the world.
There is a page in my site ’CD SOLO’, just dedicated to that work. There all can check, day-by-day, recording process, to listen passages of the production, to check the great musicians that are participating and innovations.

Well, Joel I am thankful for our interview. I liked our interview a lot, besides being an excellent musician you are a great person, I hope to see coming very soon. I leave the space for their words...
I would like initially of thanking to you Rosberg Lima for the space and for the great interview and to all that come leaning on, respecting and trusting my work.
To the fans of SLOW, the release of our work that is being done with a lot of dedication awaits.
To the readers, I thank the attention and I invite them to know my work that has very strong commitment with the music, through the sites:

Hugs to all!
Interviewer: twansibon
Oct 1, 2005

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