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intie with Christof, January 2006

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi I’m Christof, deathmetalkommandant, drummer and grindcore-chansonnier at Japanische Kampfhöspiele.

Introduce you fellow mates in a negative way?
You want me to tell you what’s negative about the other members of jaka? I can’t tell anything like that.

The name is associating with the Japanese warcamps in WWII. Correct?
No. it’s just a funny combination of words.

How did you came to the bandname? And no idea of hurting the feelings of olf people?
Why should this name hurt feelings of older people? You know what a hörspiel is? In germany you can buy hörspiel-cassettes. They are for children mostly. Hörspiele are kind of movies without pictures but with a narrator instead. Movies to listen to instead of to view them. You don’t have hoerspeelen or something in the netherlands?
Of course you know the german word kampf. But what should be a kampfhörspiel? And a japanese one? Buy our cds and you will see, haha.

How often do you have to explain you're not connected to the Nazi thing from 40-45?
Not as often as we had to explain that we were not connected to the nazi thing from 1933 to 1940. but since we had been the “gewinner in der kategorie bester deutscher nachkriegsgrind” in 1998 we really had some serious problems with the whole nazi thing. That’s why we work on a song called “nazizeit” at the moment which will be recorded the rammstein way. We want to make sure that we are fed up with the nazi thing by that.

What is told about WWII in German schools? What is learned to the youth of today?
I’m out of school for years now. And when I went to school I didn’t really listened to what was told. But I can tell you that the nazizeit is still an every-day-topic in the tv and the newspapers. I guess the germans are best informed about this.

So why was the band actually formed? What was the meaning?
Cit was formed by accident. Klaus and me met each other in 1997 and somehow started to record grindcore on my old tascam 488 8-track recoder. After some cool feedback on songs we put up on mp3.com and after we signed our fist record-deal we started to search for more members to complete a lineup for liveshows.

Any goals you wanna reach? Do you think you ever reach it?
I think we reached a lot of goals. More than we ever wanted to. Jaka is kind of hobby – we still really don’t want to sell it out. We mean it, yo!

Will the band stop when it is on top of its creativity?
I hope so.

Are you involved in side projects?
Yes. I’m into elektrokill as an opposite playground to jaka. Robert is also guitarist of unchallanged hate and paul is also singer at zeroed. Both bands from the ruhrgebiet-area which was completely bombed in WWII – by the way, hehe. The others are just into jaka.

Would you join Carcass if they reunite?

Why did you record a cover album? Only German Schlagerfans know them!
Schlager? I guess you don’t know much about höspiele and schlager, haha. We covered german ndw and punk stuff from the past 25 years. Even most of our german fans don’t know all songs.
We just wanted to do a coveralbum – and wanted to to it the jaka-way. That’s why we just chose german underground-stuff with lyrics fitting to ours. Of course we translated the songs in the sound of jaka, so that in the end at least you can say deutschland von vorne is a nice punky jaka-record if you don’t know the originals.

As you know Andre Rieu is very populair in Germany. Any chance to work with him in the future?
They just danced ballett to a jaka-titel in new york these days. Get more info through www.balletdeviare.org . This was somehow a first collaboration of modern deutschpunk with classic stuff. But andre is too cheasy, I think.

Speaking about Dutch people. Do you know that we are going to be Weltmeister this summer?
In what discipline? Eating oliebollen?

Are you a sportfanatic or growing a beerbelly?
I play the drums at jaka. That’s sport enough. You have to know : I blast with just one leg and don’t use tricks like gravityblasts or something. So no chance for a belly. I lose nearly 5 litres of sweat each show.

What is your fav beer brand?
I’m not into beer. But brand is a nice beer I think. I once drank it when I was in centerparks.

Something to say that is political incorrect? Maybe offencive?
A lot. But read this in jaka-booklets or on our website.

Last rites
Holland wird Weltmeister. Oranjes über alles!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 14, 2006
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