Is Estampida a new metal beer brand?

interview with estampida a death thrash metal band

Estampida is a band hailing from Argentina and existing since 1995. For the last 10 years the band is living in Spain and in 2012 they released their third album. Between the several gigs two band members found the time to answer some questions regarding their movement, long career, shows and girls. Let's see what Lucas and Juan has to answer.

Please give a short introduction of yourself so we know who is answering these questions?
Hi! we are Lucas (voice) and Juan (guitar)from Estampida, a Thrash/Death Metal band from Argentina, but we have been living in Bilbao for more than 10 years, and we are very glad to reply your questions!!

Are you interested in saying something about the other members as well? Must be something about them to share. Or maybe their bad habits?
Juan: Ohh...maybe...jajajaja! The band is completed by Gaston (drums), Franco (guitar), and Jaime (bass guitar), and... let me think...I guess we are all good guys! jajaja, our only bad habits are good food and good drink!

Going back in time we see that the band originated in 1995. Long time ago and can you recall what the motivation was to start the band? And what were the plans to conquer the world?
Juan: Bufff... Long time ago, right? Ok, Gaston is the only original member from the first line-up, then, I met him in 1998, the rest of members left the band, and both of us started to look forward, and find new members, thus joined us Gerardo (ex-singer), Lucas (current singer, and bassist for a lot of years..) and my brother, Franco, last year we found Jaime, a great guy and good musician! so, this is the final line-up for now. At that time, as now, we were a few guys who loved music, with very clear ideas, strong heart, and very stubborn! lol
Lucas: Yes!! Long ago! motivations were always the same, and make us still keep on our feet today, which are to continue making war with the music we love and betting everything on Estampida. Keep learning day by day to improve and evolve when necessary to reach farther and farther away, and as you say, to achieve world domination! hahaha

After 7 years you made a huge step by moving to Europe to record the debut album. Was Spain the logic step because of the language? What problems did you get when migrating?
Juan: Yeah!! it was a very hard decision, but when you love what you do, there is no obstacle that can not be overcome, so, we decided to move to Europe to reach our target, make a lot of gigs, record full-lenghts, make a lot of fans, knowing a lot of very good people, (and bad too..) share stage with big bands, you know, travel the world!!!
Lucas: Yes, in part it was a logical step, but it could have been another place, because the first intention was to go to America and try luck there, but at that time the band was strongly influenced by European metal and the final decision was to land around here. The "troubles"" of migration are typical in these cases, new people, new habits, new friends .... Adaptation is crucial to carry on, but luckily we managed to overcome all that steps very soon!

Did you felt like a foreigner in new country? Was it easy to find a job, a house, girls?
Juan: No, no way, we met so many people in recent years, we are part of this society definitely have our girlfriends who are from here, some of us have children, "only some of us have jobs" (right? Mariano Rajoy, and staff?). So both for good and for bad, we feel part of this country, and we love where we live, but we never forget our beautiful homeland, Argentina.
Lucas: Yeah, pretty easy, especially since moving time, when things were much better in the workplace. Perhaps who had the hardest way was Gaston, who was the first to arrive and was preparing the ground for for all of us to come . Find a rental house is very easy and if you have the two above is much easier to get to the girls! lol.

Being settled in Spain it takes almost 6 years to release the album. What was the cause for this long period? What struggles did you have and how did you overcome?
Lucas: Well, as I said before, the arrivals were at different times and it took a couple of years to get together again in the Basque Country due to unavoidable situations that delayed the meeting. To this, we must add start rehearsing together again, restructure a lot of material, purchase new equipment and instruments and many more things that take time and preparation. So when we realized, several years had passed since we had settled, but finally our first LP "Sin Rencor" came out in 2007 and it was a great joy for all because it cost a lot of work and effort to achieve!

You seem to have patent for long periods of releasing a new album. What are you doing in-between the years. Or is Estampida just a band that comes together once in a time?
Juan: Ok, we have some methods of working way, we like to record an album, then touring everywhere we can over one year, more or less, then we take the following year to compose, and trying new mixtures, to record the next one, we don't wanna record every year if we can't show our work to fans, it's our perspective.
Lucas: Actually what we do is take things calmly, lol. No, seriously, after releasing "Sin Rencor" in 2008 there was only one year and a half until the release of our second album "Brainwashers" time in which we carry out many concerts and let us know the new public . Between "Brainwashers" and "Crowd Control: The Jaws of war" there was a time when things had changed in the band and needed to be re-structured. I took over the voices while looking for a bassist to replace me to start shaping our new album, and we don't wanted to fix it in a hurry.

Is the musical style changed since the band started? What is the progression that you made. And what would you say is the best progression made?
Juan: Well, I think that so many times, is often the time that change things, sometimes you don't realize about it, until you take a sit to hear the new shit at studio, then you remember some old compositions and you think about cuttin' your hands!!! jajajaja.
Lucas: Sometimes you look for evolution yourself, Sometimes the evolution is created from nothing , other times, it is necessary an self-created evolution, to prevent the band from falling into decay, so here we have always evolved in these three ways really interchangeably. We carried our lyrics into English in our third LP because that is what we thought it at composing time, and was something that was left to be done slowly in previous albums , so, it was something quite natural. We wanted to change the bands image a bit, and also give it a more thrasher touch, as this is what we wanted to reflect on our new album, so I think we're in the best progression, at least for my taste.

If people haven't heard your music how would you say it sounds. Try to type the sounds please.
Juan: Well, I think this time the sound is very different because the music is very different, you know, we had a more "brilliant"sound before, because old compositions needed it, now, what new songs need is more darkness, aggression, depth, and all the ingredients needed to make the album we wanted, a Thrash Metal album with the touch of Death Metal we always liked, the sound is very clear, I think we had recorded the best drum sound we ever had, just like a fuckin' gun-shot, There is much difference between this album and the previous ones, but if you listen, you know it's Estampida.

You have done shows to promote your albums. What was the most remarkable tour or show you remember? Also share some backstage stories!
Juan: Ooooohhhh, yeah, a lot of shows on our backs, bro.. I remember the show with SUFFOCATION, and DYING FETUS, for example, a lot of people looking at us that night! Really great people, both bands, an amazing show, the show with OVER THE RAINBOW was incredible too! Our drummer got confused and entered the dressing room of Joe Lynn Turner, we were looking for him everywhere! and he was talking to Joe peacefully ...I also remember a show in Argentina, where a guy broke his arm in the moshpit while we were playing, it was a very sad night for us, but fortunately in our next show the same guy was enjoying the show with his arm in plaster cast! In fact, we have given many concerts over the years, we have played for thousands of people and for empty halls too, no matter what happens tonight, you'll see the same concert.
Lucas: Well, the truth is that when you go on the road with your brothers, it is always an amazing experience, great time on each tour, but I always prefer the beach towns! hahaha. In Backstages, the best thing was to meet the guys from Suffocation in a show we did with them and have a few beers before going to give everything with Estampida, and when you go out and play with incredible energy.

On stage you may not only promoting your music but maybe also sending a message to the crowd. What is this message and how do people react to this message?
Juan: I really think the lyrics of our songs have to be a part of the compositions as important as the music, this for us is not just to make music and have fun, we also want to send a clear message of disapproval to a system that is killing of starvation to millions of people around the world, against religions that turns the face to these problems and continue assembling holy wars to see who is right, and against the media that does nothing but lie and misinform according for the government, people in general know that we talk about all these things, just like many Thrash Metal bands, many people like and feel identified with our lyrics, other people do not like too much when we sing the truth, but that's their problem, not ours, and there are many bands that sing about mythology, love, etc. We can't write about something else when we see what is happening in the world every day.

What will the future bring for Estampida? What are the plans to achieve? How can people stay update?
Lucas: We are on tour presenting "Crowd Control: The Jaws of war", which we have called "Uncontrolled crowds" at this time covering many cities of Spanish territory. We will continue with "Uncontrolled crowds" until the end of 2013 to try to reach more cities and there are still plans to go also to neighboring countries, to see if we can finally close them. Our Facebook ( /estampidametal) and our official website ( can find out our shows, listen to our music and stay on top of all the band information.

And what should we fear when meeting the band face to face somewhere? What is the worst thing that could happen? Or can you be bribed by some beers?
Juan: jajajajaja!!! We are normal people, or at least we think so! We like to have fun, be with friends, sharing different views with the fans, and of course, always sharing a few beers! I think the worst that can happen with Estampida partying, is to finish crawling on your way home! You would not have nothing to fear... I guess.

Speaking of beers. What is your favorite beer in the whole universe? Or do you prefer liquor? And what is the perfect snack to go along alcohol?
Juan: Oooooooohhhhhh .... beers! , we are true fans of any kind of beer, pilsner, weiss, hefe, Ale, Lager, Dortmunder, Helles, Hell München, Munich Dunkel, Märzen, Doppelbock, Schwarzbier, Dubbel, Trippel, Red beer, Liquor beer, and etc ... also we really like the Jack Daniels, Four Roses, among other whiskeys! And...fuck snacks, just BEER!
Lucas: Beer, beer, our world is made of tasty, refreshing and sparkling beers. Hahahaha. I like Gerstebier type beers (or Weissbier) but when we're out there we are dedicated to try all kinds of beers. Also drink other beverages with alcohol, but less so, and when you have a few drinks no matter what you have to accompany them, it sure tastes good, jajajjaa.

What are your interests outside the music? Do you have a kind a degree in something, hobby, sport etc?
Juan: I like to take walks with my dog​​, trekking, also the television series and movies, spending time with family, etc. .. Jaime likes paintball, and that kind of games, but all activities may be associated with good beers!
Lucas: I like to do some sports, watch movies or TV series but I think where we all agree is to be together drinking some beers, hahaha.

Recently Jeff passed away and Dave was kicked out. Sad but true. What is your opinion that Kerry and Tom continue the band? Or should we name them Tom and Jerry?
Juan: jajajajajajajajajajajaja! so I have understood, Tom is also sick of his back, personally, I feel a great sorrow for the loss of Jeff, was an amazing musician that influenced me since I was a child, I remember when I was 14, I bought "Show No Mercy ", and before I start hearing it, when I was coming back home on the bus, looking at the booklet, I saw the photo of Jeff playing guitar with an inverted cross, that changed my perspective forever, did not take as something satanic, but as an act of rebellion against the big lie that religion is itself.
As regards to whether they should stay together or not, this is a problem of great bands who manage big amounts of money, will be seen in the future.
Lucas: In my opinion they should not stop with the band. But those are very personal decisions, beyond what the fans want or think is important to think about the future of Slayer in the metal. It was and still it is a great band. It's a real shame about Jeff, but we have to understand and respect others if they choose to follow. I can not imagine PANTERA without Darrel, for example, but with Slayer's different. Maybe they can go ahead, and if not, have time to change direction.

Is there something you wish to add to this little interview? Something that had to be asked but I forgot?
Juan: Mmmmmm ... I think you've forgotten to talk about beers, a very important point! lol, seriously, thank you for this entertaining interview, hope to visit your land someday! We also want to thank the readers, we hope not to have bored! Soon we will have more news!

To close this interview please do the last words or some shameless self promotion. Thanks.
Lucas: Thanks, first of all to thank all who are supporting the metal scene in some way or another and helping us to grow everyday. We hope to reach as many people as possible and also the most remote sites where we can bring our music. Thank you for everything!
Interviewer: twansibon
May 18, 2013

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