Irredemption inspired by Gorefest

interview with Irredemption

Irredemption, band formed back in early 96. After a lot of changes on the line-up. The band recorded two demos (playing Brutal Death) but in 1998 when the band was dealing with a discografy, all fucked up. The band broke. But in 1999 Juan found new members and finally with a new line-up, they recorded their first MCD called THE LAST HUMAN.

interview with Juan on 01-06-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Well, I am Juan, and I play guitars and I am the main song writer on the band. Also, I formed the band.

Why did you start the band?
I formed the band because I wanted to play death metal, and well, I bought a guitar and formed a band.

The band broke up in 1998 but formed again in 1999. And what was the motivation to start again?
The band broke. They didn’t kick me!!!.The singer left Albacete, and the drummer wants to left music, so, I fucked till 1999, when found new members. The motivtion was, that I found new members (Angel, the drummer) and I never lost the motivation, only that I was only me on the band.

Every thought about quiting and do something completly different?
Not at all, we only want to play death metal.

How did you celebrate the victory of Real?
I drank 9 cups of kalimotxo (spanish drink.You must mix coke with red wine) one for each champions league wins for Real.

How fanatic are you as supporter?
No, I am not a fanatic. I only like football, but I am not fanatic. I like others sports like cycling but never a fanatic .

What band decided for you to play brutal death?
This is a good question Twan!! Buff, what band.... I started listenig bands like the old Metallica Slayer, Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, but I think that the band who made me really to play Death Metal, was GOREFEST, with their Mindloss album, and maybe TERRORIZER with their World Downfall. But really was GOREFEST. (and CHUCK SCHULDINER, of course).

Do you like and listen to other genres of metal? Maybe other kind of music?
I listen brutal death a lot; Cryptopsy (gods), Cannibal Corpse, Gorelust, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, and other bands like Arch Enemy, Emperor, Opeth, Imbrue (cool brutal death band from Albacete) .
I listen to others bands like Dream Theather, Lacuna Coil, and classical music, and spanish guitarrist, Paco De Lucia.

What do your parents say when you play that music at home?
Jajaja, my parents?? They are used to death metal music. I listen this music since I was very young, and well after all these years, you can imagine.........

Was the recording of the MCD easy or having troubles?
The recording was easy, but I think that we can do better. We see next CD.

Was it the first time for you in the studio? Do you like working in the studio?
No, we have two demos (1997 and 1998) and in 2000 we recorded two songs, so it was like the 4th or 5th I was in a studio.

Or do you life for playing on stage? Having done many shows?
Yes, we like to play on stage a lot. Is the best for a band, play a lot of gigs that you can. Play with other bands, the people.... Is fucking cool.

What was the best gig for you? Do you have it on video tape?
Our best gig?? Maybe the last one (25th may in Barcelona) with Baalphegor, Victimizer and Dark Faith (all are spanish bands). And there is another we played in december 2001 with IMBRUE. Barcelona gig was recorded on a tape.

Do you tape your gigs?
It depends the show, but yes normally, we recorded al our gigs.

Are you active in a trade circuit? Or do you buy a lot?
Well about trade, we only change our CDs with other bands, we only change 2 or 3 CDS with each band, it depends. And about buy CDs yeah, I buy a lot of CDS, my last 3 CDS are: The Crown ’crowned in terror’, Demigod ’Shadow mechanics’ and Gorefest ’Eindhoven Insanity’ (this one ’cause I lost my first copy of it)

Any other activities in the underground scene?
No, only Irredemption but probably we are going to do a proyect with the people of Imbrue.

How will the next album sound like? More extreme, technical etc?
I don’t know. I have 3 new songs, and soon I will have 2 more. I think it will be more death metal that our last CD, more agressive...

When will you record something? Any contact with a label?
We will record next year, at the moment we have not any contact with any label, so if someone are interested on us...

Your chance to promote the MCD?
The Last Human is a MCD (6 songs) of melodic death metal, with aggresives and fast parts, with a touch of Black metal. If you like the non typical death metal buy it!!!!

Last rites?
Thanx Twan for all. And to someone who wants to contact with us visit our website