Interview with Paul Gillis

Paul my brother, I want to get this interview thing going. This guy makes some seriously dark and twisted music. It will change how you listen to and look at music. Enough from me, lets see what makes this man that I am proud to call a friend and brother tick.

Paul, Introduce yourself and the bands that you are a part of?
Hey Dave, thanks for the intie.. Paul Gillis is the name. I am the vocalist for death/grind freaks -Morgue Supplier-... Synths, vocals, & samples for experimental/death/doom merchants -Drug Honkey-. Synths, programming, & samples for the dark downtempo duo -KLLU-... Guitar, vocals, programming, & samples for the noisecore entity Asscavern... Guitar & vocals for the doom/industrial trio(the two other members being from Chicago sickos Cardiac Arrest) LadyBugDeathCamp...
There are several other projects I have done or that are on hold at the moment, but the ones mentioned above are the primary ones.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Lee Dorian / Napalm Death are one of your big influences? Was hearing Lee / Napalm and even Scorn a eureka moment for you?
Yes, Lee Dorian during his tenure with Napalm Death definitely was a massive influence on me vocally. Scorn(Mick Harris) was a massive influence on me musically. Definitely eureka moments.

What are you listening to at the moment - Autopsy I am aware of!
Yes, definitely Autopsy!! Very glad they are back. They too as well as Godflesh were huge influences on me.
I am listening to Pungent Stench - "Been Caught Buttering" right now...

When listening to music do you look to the past or the present or both? Do you keep your ear to the ground for new bands and if so who are you digging at the moment?
Definitely both. A lot of music brings me back to certain times in my life, while other music leads to me to ponder where I am presently or what my future holds...
Actually, I'm sitting here trying to, but I can't think of any new bands that have caught my attention recently. I'm sure there are some great ones that I'm missing out on...

When it comes to the bands, is the writing process and the direction of the bands driven by you or is it more of a group effort, the reason I ask is your influence is very obvious on all you do, it is not like you fade into the background.
It is definitely a group effort. I do have a lot to say as to the direction, but it is important to me that everyone is involved. To me, a band that is collaborative has more potential in many ways...

What is your vision for the bands, what do you hope to do? you are making real waves in the underground it has to be said.
I guess my vision is to continue making what I feel is good music. I obviously hope to get our music in as many peoples hands as possible. I've played so many shows over the years with Morgue Supplier & Drug Honkey, @ this point I'm interested in playing
bigger shows that will bring more attention to us. Festivals such as Maryland DeathFest & Central Illinois MetalFest would surely be nice... With Drug Honkey's recent signing to Diabolical Conquest Records, it is assured that a whole new slew of people will be exposed to our madness & that is a good thing...

Fight Fire with Fire, what made you pick that particular song to cover? Any more covers in the pipeline?
I've always loved that song. It was way ahead of its time in terms of sheer aggression & I felt we could pull it off & do it justice. I brought up the idea to the rest of the guys in Morgue Supplier & they were up for it.
We have a few cover songs that we are considering. I don't want to say which songs yet, but the potential bands are Autopsy, Cryptic Slaughter, & Infernal Majesty...

All of the bands have a darkness about them that is hugely oppressive but at the same time uplifting to this listener anyway the only slight exception being KLLU as it is just as killer but not as devastatingly heavy as the other projects, where does the darkness come from?
The darkness has been there since I was young. I don't know if it necessarily came from a specific place, I think I was just born a little twisted... Dark sounds, dark visuals, etc. always intrigued me. It just comes out naturally that way for me when writing music.
KLLU differs in the sense that it is just as dark & heavy but in a completely different manner.

What can we expect in the future, what are you working on?
Well, let's see... KLLU is just about ready to release our new album "UpsideDownCrossRoads" featuring Eraldo Bernocchi (Mick Harris collaborator) & Mark Piotrowski.
Drug Honkey is in the beginning stages of developing our upcoming album for Diabolical Conquest Records, entitled "Ghost in the Fire" which will be released in early to mid 2011.
Morgue Supplier has 5 new songs written. Expect a new album sometime in 2011.