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The band rose as a project of two brothers (on guitars and drums) in January 1997. In April singer Tomás Stulík and bass player Ladis Eifler joined the band. With this line-up band appeared on a few gigs. In october 1997 came a new drummer Jirka and the present one started to play the guitar. A few shows followed with little different material in intense of faster melodical death metal. In September 1998 both brothers left and new guitarist joined the band. The music begun to be partial to brutal death metal. In february 1999 I.B. visited studio for the first time, where a three song “Promo 1999“ was recorded. This material has been encountered with great unexpected reception. The crew had played many live shows with allied bands from Czech, Poland, France and Slovakia. Next important exeperience was the tour over the Europe with US SEPSISM and SANATORIUM in the spring 2000. One month after that I.B. decided to visit studio again and prepare there their new material for summer festivals. I.B. recorded their second material at studio Hostivar called “Promo 2000“ which contains 3 songs + 1 cover of Terrorizer. This stuff should be released through Relapse Records on their forthcoming Czech Assault compilation.
In summer 2000 I.B. played some single performances and in the beginning of autumn they went again to small europian tour with US SKINLESS and Czech PERVERSIST. After that tour I.B. had some problems to confirm another band for their split CD and after a several tries they finally found MALIGNANCY who agreed with this split. I.B. recorded this material during the August 2001 in new line-up with second guitarist Frank Serak ( ex-Garbage Disposal).

interview with Tomas on 04-03-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
So my name is Tomas Fiala and I am guitarist of Intervalle Bizzare. I am 22 years old and my hobbies are music (and above all the harder stuff), my band and if I have some free time i spend it with my friends and we usually speak also about music so everything turns around it.

How does it feel to have an official release after all?
Of course it’s kind of satisfaction after the all time of waiting for this CD. It’s quite interesting cose we haven’t had out any title since our very first release Promo 99 which we have spread only about 200 pieces cose it was limited edition. We have been waiting for almost 2 years and in the end it turned out that both CD’s were released in the same time but we don’t regret. We are glad that here is finally something what can represent us and can show the true face of Intervalle Bizzare.

How hard was it to find bands for the split? Some names please?
We had beed in touch with several band before this split and as it’s usuall. Some of them promised their participation on this shit but in the end nothing happened from their side and they apologized that they don’ t have any free material. So the very first planned band was mexican Disgorge after they canceled had been in touch with couple of bands but there was no concern to commit this CD together from them till the Malignancy reacted that they like our new material and if we are still interested in the split CD. Of course we agreed cose their music is fucking sick and it was a big chance for us. They are killer band and their music has a special essence of guttural disgust within their core. It’s sick as hell!!!

Why didn't you release a full length yourself?
Cose we haven’t had enough new material and also just because we planned to do this split CD. I pretty like the idea of split CD cose there is opportunity for the fans of one band to introduce them the second band and it’s simply great kind of cooperation where both bands are into it. Last time I haven’ t seen too many new splits. That’s pity cose i like it.

Is it difficult for Czech bands to get recognition from fans?
I mean it’s the same like everywhere in Europe. If the music is good and musicians know how to play on their instuments if it has some interesting ideas fans appriciate it for sure. It’s all up to the band how good or bad music plays.

Where does IB stand for? What is your goal?
Our main gol it to play great music full of disharmony, brutality, cacophony, blasphemy with some industrial touches. Our main goal is to do what we feel and spread our music as much as we can. Our goal is to be a part of worldwide underground and still feed his eternal flame. That’s our goal.

Think you can go more extreme in the future?
We hope so. We have some new motives which are still in the same line but in my opinion more well worked. We try to think much more about song structures and i hope the result will show it.

What is the most extreme band to you?
Ufffff, from death metal this cathegory represents mighty Gorguts, cose their strange, strenght riffing and different harmonies and also for such extreme vocal which express all the depression and gloom. Their conquered the the dark side of my soul.

Do you have any heroes/examples in the music business?
All the good musicans? ..And of course Suffocation. But honestly i don’t have any heroes. I take people like a people and not like a machines of music bussines.

Is it easier to meet them because you are in a band yourself?
Because we organize here in the Czech republic some gigs for bigger bands it is but who fucking cares. If they are cool as people it’s great otherwise i don’t care about them?.

What kinda bike do you have?
I have mountain bike with 24 speeds.

Are there bands you would like to tour with?
Yeea, if we coulde choose we would accept Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Suffocation, Nile, Immolation and as s support intervalle Bizzare?. It would be a dream line up for me.

Do you visit gigs yourself?
Of course i do. Last time i haven’t had enough opportunities cose I have been to busy with my school but I am gonna improve my self.

Ever felt the urge to jump on stage and sing along with them?
Not at all?. If you mean like Henry Rollons did ha ha---no.

Do you write the lyrics? Where do you get inspiration from?
The lyrics is up to our singer. He takes inspiration from witjhin his soul. He transformes the avantgarde abstract nihilistic thought into the concept of our lyrics. Yeea the inspiration is from the estrange of a man from society from the main urge of their being and this state of mind consitute reactions?.

Ever wanted to work as a mortician?
Not really but on the other hand I wouldn’t have anything against it. Especially in case i would like to work on gore lyrics..I don’t know if you know the story behind Deeds Of Flesh first CD Trading Pieces. There was a crazy pathologist who changed entrails in the bodies of corpses. For examble he poked out eyes of corpses and replace them their balls! So In case I would be a mortician in this institute i would do the same things-ha ha ha.

How democratic are the descisions in the band? Does everyone has a own task?
Well, we are demokratic band but there must be somebody who takes the most important decisions. But we have a fortune that we are kinda close personalities so usually we have the close point of view to music we create. Occasionally there is some stuff we have differtent opinion to but we solve it peacefully without gutting entrails and so on.

Don't you think you ruin your fingers after years of playing?
No, I guess i practice with them and they became stronger and more flexibile then have ever been.

What is the best medicine for stiff fingers?
Hmmmm?I mean that gypsum is the best.

And a sore penis?
Also gypsum?.

Is Britney Spears still a virgin?
I have no idea?..Do you? I have heard that she sells her selfs in house of ill fame so i don’t thik so.

Any difference in Dutch and Czech bands? Your fav Dutch bands?
The differences are that the czech bands are more grindy (but it doesn’t include your Inhume of corpse). My favorite dutch bands are Pyaemia, Severe Torture, Sinister, Centurian, Houwitser, Disavowed, Inhume, Mangled.

Which are your fav bands and albums?
This is my abolute top five:
Suffocation-Pierced from within
Suffocation-Despise the Sun
Morbid Angel-Domination
Nile-Black Seeds of Vengeance
Immolation-Here In After
Incantation-Diabolical Conquest
Cryptopsy-Whisper Supermecy

Apart from these CD’s i am definitely into it like Deeds Of Flesh, Cephalic Carnage, Disgorge, Messhugah, Pyaemia, Necrophagist, Natron and mayn many others.

Collect CD yourself? Do you buy or get them from your contacts?
I buy my CD! usually but i am not a real collector. I buy only the stuff whis are really important to me. I don’t like useless CD’s.

Did I forget to ask you something?
Maybe about live gigs. In April we are gonna tour together with Necrophagist and Natron and we should also appear in netherlands so check out the gig. The place will be announced soon and if you would be interested in some closer inforrmation just check the web- sites of Natron( or Necrophagist(

Last rites?
Take care and keep the underground sicknesst alive. Tomas
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 4, 2002
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