Intergalactic Huntress summoned by witchcraft to smoke this galaxy to cinders

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Ever since the release of their debut "Spelleater" California metal band Huntress been paying their dues playing anywhere, anyplace and anyone that's willing to listen to unique brand of occult power metal. With their second album under their belt "Starbound Beast". Huntress will be terrorizing many unsuspecting clueless posers on the Mayhem Fest tour with Amon Amarth, Machinehead and Rob Zombie. Vocalist Jill Janus the intergalactic metal queen is got to be the best female vocalist to storm the scene in quite some time. Without further ado here's Jill.

Good afternoon Jill how you doing today? It's brutally hot here in Texas, summer has just started.
It's brutal indeed! Performing in 110 degrees is not a picnic. But we're slaying it. It's the only way.

So what been up to besides gearing up for the big Mayhem Fest tour?
Huntress never has a moment to rest, it's been a whirlwind since releasing our debut album Spell Eater. Touring relentlessly then writing and recording Starbound Beast one year later. No rest for the wicked.

The last time Huntress came though Dallas was about a year ago on the Pagan Fest tour right?
Yeah, that's about right. We played Trees. We love Texas, awesome BBQ!

Can you tell me how well the fans at the Dallas responded to your style of metal? I know you guys were the opening band of the tour?
Wall of Death.

How well you guys get along with other bands on the Pagen Fest tour?
We adore Turisas, Alestorm and Arkona. It was an amazing opportunity for Huntress, as our very first national tour. We learned so much.

Huntress will be releasing "Starbound Beast" June 28th on Napalm, what the reviews been so far on the album?
I don't read reviews; positive or negative, other's opinions never affect my path.

The one song that stick out the most to me is 'I Want To Fuck You To Death' can give the readers the story behind that song?
I'm friends with Lemmy Kilmister, we meet up at the Rainbow for drinks whenever we are both in Los Angeles. I asked Lemmy if he would write a song for the new Huntress album "Starbound Beast". A few weeks later, we met up at Sound Factory studios in Hollywood where Lemmy was recording the next Motorhead album. He handed me two pieces of notebook paper with the lyrics to "I Want To Fuck You To Death." My first reaction was "This is the most romantic thing a boy has ever done for me."

Besides that it's kinda hard to name a favorite which tracks on the album. What you would as your favorites?
They are all like my children, I do not love one more than the other.

How did the band came up with the album title and explain the meaning behind the title?
I fell into a trance, a goblin sat on my shoulder and spoke the lyrics to Starbound Beast into my ear, the title song. I told the boys this and they said the title of the record should be Starbound Beast. They chose it. And the goblin -- I think they were in cahoots.

interview with jill janus of huntress

I was kicking back smoking a jay and listening to the album it reminds so much of Mercyful Fate and Judas Priest?
You are correct. Huge influences. Burn free or die.

How many days the band spent recording and producing the album?
Three weeks with Zeuss.

Tell me what it like working with Zeuss on this album?
Zeuss created a modern, crushing metal album without sacrificing our integrity.

Was he more or less a hands off producer?
No -- Zeuus is hands on. Bigtime.

In my opinion I feel that the band got a little more heavier on this album?
That's cool. We are evolving.

Is the band planning on doing any shows on your off days?
Yes -- with Children of Bodom, AmonAmarth and Battlecross. Which rules!

You feel it's kinda frustrating that the band playing earlier in the day instead of late afternoon?
No, Huntress has to pay our dues.

After the Mayhem Fest tour what other plans the got in store?
Huntress plays Heavy MTL in Montreal, Canada. Then we tour with DANZIG! It's his 25th anniversary tour with Doyle. This is a dream come true for all of us.

Well thank you for taking the time to  do this interview. I really appreciate it very much I hope to see Aug 2nd in Dallas. Is there anything else you like to add before you go?
Keep your goals away from trolls.