Insight in the death metal underground scene in Iran

So please give us a short introduction of yourself?
This is Hamedfetusgrinder, one of the first Iranian death metal and brutal Death Metal vokills and the president/creator of Persian/Iranian death metal milita (PSDM/IRDM).
I did vokills in many Iranian death metal bands and indeed the first guy who had the first brutal death metal project in Iran called Wile. Death Metal promoter and supporter.

You are not only a vocalist, DM fan but also president of the PSDM/IRDM militia. Why did you form this group and who decided that you are the president?
Few years ago when I feel a big void in our death metal scene to promote Iranian death metal and support local death metal bands and give a chance to all death metal fans all around the world to listen to Persian death metal songs makes by bands from a land which this type of music is actually banned and illegal. I decided to create Persian/Iranian death metal militia (PSDM/IRDM) to fill this fucking big void.
Also PSDM/IRDM is a big supporter of the most big death metal militia on our planet called New York Death Metal Militia (NYDM).

Don't you think that the term president is making a link to politics? Or is PSDM/IRDM a political underground movement?
I donno before because I never fucked my times up with some bullshit things like politics or something like that and I'm sure the term president is not only use under the name of a politician or a fucking guy who slaves the power of shit and I'm sure music and fucking politics are very different things together.
Certainly not, PSDM/IRDM is not a political movement because we don't need to amuse ourselves to a shit thing like politics. We don't like to fuck ourselves and our minds up!!!
PSDM/IRDM and all the bands which supports by dont give a fuck or shit to politics and we're not into anti religion or fucking satanism theme.
We just trying to make and spread music and supporting Death Metal.

Is there also a positive side of living in Iran?
Yeah there is, and it's living in a land which has a pure historical culture about 10.000 years!!! Isn't this a BIG positive side ?

Metal is not accepted by the government or regime. Maybe you can go to jail for it. So how is it possible that there are metal bands in Iran?

Is it allowed to wear metal shirts or spiked leather? Won't you get arrested for this? Or can you wear them underneath a nicab or burkkah?
Yep it's allowed there's no problem but I'm not sure about spiked leathers, I think you're get in trouble by autorities whenever you want to use fucking satanism symbols or wearing satanic apparels, it's respectable and amazing they understand this important point that fucking Satanism is not Metal .. hahaha lol

As metal is illegal how do you obtain music and shirts?
Frst we must record and doing our music underground as we don't have a chance to officially release our stuff or our music in our local scene or find a local label to sign with so we expect to the foreign scene to release and promote our stuff. I think this one is the seccond attempt for a band to promote their shit but it's the first attemp for the bands which doing music in Iran!!!!
And you asked me how? And the answer is Internet!!!!!!
Internet is one of most (or maybe the ONLY) important way for all Iranian bands to promote their shit inside or outside ...

If fans can't buy foreign stuff but downloading it. they are not supporting the scene? Or are they?
I'm sure all diehard Metal fans in Iran really like to support their favorite bands and don't like to download their music indeed BUT they have to because they dont have a chance to buy their favorite band's stuff or their music from a metal store that you cant find here in Iran!! It's a shame.
Maybe you ask yourself why they dont buy from a foreign metal store, because you can't get your ordered Metal stuff from your post office, it's illegal. Some kind of stuff you can't order from abroad, it's never accepted by autorities!!!!!

If local bands want to play live I guess there are no places to play. Unless you play in someones bomb shelter.
Unfortunately there are no places to do live performance or doing shows or gigs. We have to book our bands to play outside of our scene and it's really hard and not acceptable for all the Iranian fans!!!

Are you allowed to travel to foreign countries to visit some festivals? Did you ever been to another country?
Yep there's no problem to visit our favorite foreign Metal festivals outside.
Reasonably not yet but I hope soon...

And if you went abroad is it allowed to imports CDs?
Yep the's no problem with that.

To promote local bands the internet is the best way as sending flyers won't work. Which sites do you use to promote?
As I already said before, that Internet is one of the most (or maybe the ONLY) important way to promote our stuff outside of our scene. Thanks Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee.
I think some of the social networks such as MySpace and Facebook and also Reverbnation is the most useful sites to promote our music.

I did an interview with Kuadrumana. Did the government read that interview you think? And what if the band was to critical?
Government doesn't get us in trouble until we do a politic interview against themselves and we never do this kind of inties. Not as we are scared of 'em because we're not into that shit.

Most of your conversations will deal with the country you live in. Aren't you fed up with answering questions about the shit you're in.
I dont give a fuck.

Do you have any other hobbies outside the music? Do you sport? Watch movies? What kind?
Yeah I like sport sometime, I was in a local basketball team and I really like this kind of sport.
Watching horror, gory and action movies are my fucking hobbies also...

And what is the best food that comes out of Iran? And how should we make it?
Sorry man I'm not a chef... haha

Is there anything you wanna add to this interview which the readers should know?
First I wanna thank you so much bro Twan for your interview and supporting us. I also want to thanks all the people, metalheads and fans who supports our death metal scene and PSDM/IRDM and speciall thanks to many of well-known musicians such as Bret Hoffmann, Jeff Becerra, Karl Sanders, Paul Mazurkiewicz, Michael Smith, Rob Barret, Colin Davis, Nathan Gearhard, Randy Butman, Jack Goodwin and many other musicians for their support and kindness to PSDM/IRDM, much appreciated.

Last rites?
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Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 14, 2010

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