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HYPNOS is a new death metal band founded at fall of 1999 year by BRUNO when he decided to leave his longtime band KRABATHOR. Another ex-Krabathor member standing by the beginning of the band is drummer PEGAS, the one who recorded ’The Rise Of Brutality’ 7’ EP and third album ’LIES’. Guy called R.A.D. took the guitar and with this line-up, 4 songs promo recording including Bulldozer coverversion has been done at EXPONENT STUDIO (The studio where Krabathor used to record during last 5 years). Even before the studiorecording, the recordlabel MORBID RECORDS shows an interest in a band and this songmaterial has been released as a selftitled MCD in April 2000. This release was really well accepted by metal press and by the fans. After this studiosession, R.A.D. decided to leave and was replaced by session member HIRE, excelent guitarplayer who recorded also debut album of Krabathor ’Only Our Death Is Welcomed...’ back in 1992. Together with him, BRUNO and PEGAS started to work on songmaterial for debut album and in May 2000 they entered EXPONENT STUDIO again joined by guest vocalist, MIKA LUTTINEN from IMPALED NAZARENE, to do vocals on some tracks. Debut CD ’IN BLOOD WE TRUST’ contains 8 own tracks and 3 intros in total time nearly 35 minutes. Album was released by MORBID RECORDS again on September 11-th, 2000. After finishing the summer festivals HIRE is leaving because his help for the band was over. New guitarplayer becomes DAVID M. (ex-Melancholy Pessimism). During its existence HYPNOS has played about 40 shows with bands MAYHEM, AMON AMARTH, MACABRE, AETERNUS, PURGATORY and many more.In November we did smal tour over Czech republic with OBSCENITY (Ger) and DISFIGURED CORPSE(Cze). In December we did first European tour called X-MASS FESTIVALS together with MORBID ANGEL, ENSLAVED, THE CROWN, DYING FETUS and BEHEMOTH. Both tour we played with ALEX from PANDEMIA (Cze) as a session second guitarrist. Untill now we played in Czech republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium and Poland. In April 2001 HYPNOS did small german tour with OBSCENITY and MALEDICTIVE PIGS and immediately after that joined SPIDERHOUSE STUDIO in Germany to record new album with producer HARRIS JOHNS, famous with his proctuctions for bands as SEPULTURA, KREATOR, SODOM, VOIVOD, HELLOWEEN, IMMOLATION, PESTILENCE, TANKARD etc. Album is mastered at MORRISOUND STUDIO at Florida and released by MORBID RECORDS in September 2001 under the title ’THE REVENGE RIDE’.

interview with Bruno on 03-12-2001

Please give us a short introduction of your self?
HYPNOS is Czech death metal band on MORBID RECORDS that started in 1999 year after my departure from Krabathor. We released l MCD and two CD's so far and did several tours (Morbid Angel, Obscenity, Behemoth...) and about 60 single shows in central Europe.

Maybe something nice about the other members?
Actually only original members are me and drummer PEGAS, our latest guitarrist DAVID M. left the band last week, so at this moment we are just in Holland doing 3 shows with Pleurisy and Maledictive Pigs with new guitarist MILLS and old session guitarist ALEX from Pandemia. We also shouldn't forget about our manager Pedro and labelmates Olaf and Carsten who stand by HYPNOS since the whole beginning.

Why did you leave Krabathor? Lack of interest, fight?
Stupid childish competitional fights between me and Christopher, our friendship just went wrong way and there was no more reason to stay for me. I wanna have a band with a cool atmosphere, good relationship, all enjoying themselves, having fun and doing professional work. All this was not possible in Krabathor anymore.

Ever though of changing the style to folkrock with Hypnos?
It's the only thing I am thinking of night and day.

Are you a live band? Do you prefer to go on stage? Why?
I guess that every band needs to play live, it's the best chance how to support your band, especially now in the times when medias more or less ignore this kind of music. Into the bargain, when you express your music on stage, it's a great feet that cannot be replaced by anything! I love studio and I really like doing shows, cool shows.

Is it true that Alex/Pandema joins you on tours? Why is he never mentioned?
It is true, ALEX is helping us with 2nd guitar live since our home tour with OBSCENITY last November then through Eurotour with Morbid Angel etc.... Just now he is with us again. Alex is great, personally, musically, great professional loving death metal to the end and it is great for us that he finds time to do HYPNOS shows beside his main interest - his own band PANDEMIA. I apprecciate that a lot.... he is written also in a booklet of our latest CD.

Is it easy to get shows outside the Czech?
For the band on the level that HYPNOS is nowadays it is a bit easier. We have to thank to MORBID REC. that is doing great job behind the band with advertisement, promotion, releases etc.

If you are outside Czech do you try to eat the local food?
Not really, I am not sure if there is something really typical for Czech kitchen available abroad. I am flexible to eat anything tasting well what doesn't include pork, beef and stuff like that. I eat only chicken and fish meat....

Do you use a dictonairy for the lyrics? Are they important?
Just a few times for whole album. Lyrics.... I prefer writting music but on the other hand I wanna HYPNOS having good quality lyrics as well, no stupid bullshit.

Does the title ’Revenge Ride’ refer to something?
Yes, we wanna show that we are ready to face the people consider themselves as our enemies, new album is our musical revenge to all of them, full of hate, merciless. It is payback for the treachery.

How do you notice you are endorsed by satan? You believe in a god or satan? Why or why not?
Not really, I refuse all kinds of religious beliefs and logically if I don't believe in God and can't believe in Satan. SATAN is a symbol for me, symbol of resistence to Christianity, their nightmare and I wanna be SATAN for all Christians worldwide!!!

Why is religion the reason for the shit in the world?
Don't ask me.

Is the world changed after the terror attacks in September?
I am afraid that it is, more or less....

Do you care about this?
We all have to care because this is our world we live in but actually, one person has no power to change anything and into the bargain we are not politicians, we can't see what is really behind. It needs no more comment at all.

Did you join your militairy forces? Would you be able to fight a war?
Hey, finally more interesting interwiew than the ones I usually do. Yes, I was in military forces for 20 months between 1989-1990. Normally I would refuse that because I hate every military stuff but it was even in comminust regime and everybody had to go there with no excuse. I would never wanna fight in a war, it is so stupid to fight against the people you don't know just because some officers decided to. If you imagine that you fight, kill and on the other side there are people same age as you are, with their families, fighting against you without reason, just because of others..... I like books of E.M.REMARQUE, he used to write mostly about stuff like this.

What is the worst thing you have experienced in your life?
When I fell in love with wife of my best friend.

What is always in your wallet? What should be in it always?
Passport, paper tissues, driving licence, some money {but more times no money}, kondom, pen, home keys, digital diary.....

Describe in 6 words why people should buy ’The Revenge Ride’?
Because it is pure death metal!

Last rites?
Take care! Thanks for a cool intie and supporting HYPNOS! Cheerz! Bruno.
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 3, 2001

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