Homicide Hagridden think as a newspaper scandal title

interview with Homicide Hagridden

HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN was formed in 1994 by the founder STEO MODA. He dreams to create a power thrash metal band was know with the name of DEATH SLAUGHTER, the guitarist was MAX MODA, FABRY FORTUNATO and bassist LUCA GUIDI.
The band changes name in HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN and plays some concert in first six month of 1994.Changing bass player these musicians formed a solid band recording their first demo tape ’SEQUENCE OF DEATH’ receiving raves from the Italian press and some Italian record companies.
Filling their lyrics with society problems especially, STEO and his band have create a particular interests on what people forget too quickly.
Both STEO and MAX composed all the music and the second demo tape released in 1996 titled ’BEHIND THE LINES’, with a new line-up where are introduced a new bassist and a new guitarist, DAVE RUO ROCH and FEDELE PAGANO, receiving new raves by press and start the first Italian tour.
Since from the beginning the band held through the years of hard work in performing, writing and promoting their band.
So in 1998 with a very limited budget and after many troubles the band recorded the first mini CD ’WHERE ANGELS WORK’ at Nadir Studio by Tommy ’SADIST’ Talamanca. After this release the band played 15 dates in Italy, receiving raves by the underground press in many states as furious and screaming metal, supporting band like EXTREMA-DETESTOR-SADIST-BRAINDAMAGE.
New stuff see the light in 2001 after many intense live performance and the new one promo CD come out. With four tracks the band try to be signed under a label interested in HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN’ s true metal. Actually the band is recording in ORION studio a master CD for labels an settings some European dates for the first time from February 2002.

interview with Max on 15-5-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
HOMICIDE HAGRIDEN is a four piece, born in 1994 by Steo/the drummer with the idea to play something like IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA.But in a really small time the things change in HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN new direction. The line-up split or the first time, but new guys are added in to the band. So in 1994 the first demotape’SEQUENCE OF DEATH’ was born and after a short tour the second one ’BEHIND THE LINES’ too. It was in 1998 when the band decide to record the first mini cd ’WHERE ANGELS WORK’ with Tommy ’SADIST’ Talamnca at Nadir studio. The first real Italian tour with 15 dates followed and the band support EXTREMA, KREATOR, DETESTOR for this time. A great experience with great score. The band received raves and some label contract, but the band refuse all searching for something sure and professional thing. ECLIPSE RECORD/JAPAN offered the band the posibility to put the album out, but the band is evaluating new deal at the moment!!

Explain the choice for the bandname?
HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN you can really think as a newspaper scandal title. I explain. We decide to create around the band a serial killer image. HAGRIDDEN is the surname of a total insane man with the idea to choose the victim in the largest circle of humanity, with a precise choise ’CHILDREN’. It is a pedophile and you can understand what our lyrics speaks.

Does everybody in the band has a side job? I mean one for promotion, booking etc?
Every members in the band has got an external job.Music is not the principal work again, but we hope a day! I (Max) am the one that work totally for the band and sometimes it is difficult do that because every day we found interest by many people in HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN and I have not the time to do that quickly.I try.

Is it easy to combine the band next to your daily job/life? What is your daily job?
Absolutly not! We must find the time to jam when we have the possibility to do that and when we are on tour it is impossible.We play a lot in Italy and we are trying to do that outside of our country. But the time for jam it's always cheap!! We work in different factories now!

What did you want to be when your were a kid? Spaceman, cowboy, policeman?
Nothing about that! I always want to be a musician and I think the others too!!

Describe a rehearsel evening? What do you do beside playing in the room?
Usually we don't want to loose time because we don't have it!! Someone comes with an idea, we speak and build up this idea and then we start to try it for all the time we need, but after all we go to drink something searching for new idea to put in to a song!

How does your rehearsel room look like? A seperate place or at home?
With the years we found a place where we have build our little studio and we jam inside. Recording everything we create so we can't forget what we play. Fortunly my brother Steo is the boss inside an he guides all the things. We must put the jack in to the guitars and play!

Your fav ingredients for the best pizza in town?
My favorite pizza's called DIABOLO with tomatoes, mozarella and piquant salame!!!

Do you cook yourself everyday? Or still living with your parents?
I was living alone some months ago and I cooked everything for live! Now I live with my girlfriend and she take the fork in her hands. Definitly better!!

What made you to join the metal world?
First of all the pasion for music! I never follow trend or something like that, because it limits you to play and think nothing, but the principal way has been play live, meet people and hear their impression about your music.

Do you play only your own songs at rehearsel or also covers? And of whom?
I don'l like cover band, I found them useless. I think that if you have something to tell you must do by createing something by yourself and not with other idea. Italy it's a country cover and this kind of thinking close the streets to bands with new ideas and want to propose it to people. The only one cover we always play is RAINING BLOOD. When we play it live people explode.

Do you remember the first band you saw on stage? How old were you then?
It has been a festival in Torino' arena with: METALLICA, MEGADETH, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, THE CULT and someone I don't remember in 1992!

Can you also remember your first metal band you heard? Touch right away?
IRON MAIDEN or HELLOWEEN I think but I was 12 years old!! No.

What we always wanted to know about you:
* shoeseize: 43
* fav after shave: I have not
* supporter of what soccer team: I don't like soccer
* driving licence: in Italy B for car
* fav finger to pick your nose: index-finger
* boots or sneakers: sneakers
* length of your dick: 22 cm

Say something dirty in italian that we should know if we meet someday?

Are you trying to find a label that wants to release your material? Tougher than expected?
Yes we are trying do that and it is possible but we must wait. We hope.

Is it easy to get the chance to perform life? Your best gig?
It is really difficult because if you don't have a label noone gives the chance to do that! Our best live performance was with BRAINDAMAGE in front of 400-500 people.

How does a average show look like? Should we be afraid to see you behave on stage?
We have high volume for a powerfull impact (we hope). It depends by many factors but we try ’ALWAYS’. Watch us and tell us.

Think you can ever turn your back to the metal?
Only time can say it.

Try to say something great to promote ’Dead Black Sun’?

Last rites?
Thanks to you and all the BRUTALISM readers! We hope to see you on stage soon!