Hellwrath inspired by many and different sources

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Of course! Hellwrath was born in winter 2002, rised from the ashes of Dreadful Omen, a death metal band from Florence in which we played since 1999 and splitted up after months of hard arguments and disputes with the singer. Since that moment we started to play with Edoardo, the singer of our last promo cd Anger Words, and we've had a great chance to improve our music by making it more powerful & also thanks to the evolution we had as single musicians.

Why do you play in this band? What is the typical fun for this band?
The reason that makes us go on playing with this band is doubtless the love for music, heavy metal and the pleasure we always feel everytime we go on stage.

Which Disney movie pulls your tears? Why?
I'm not sure to understand exactly the sense of your question, but I have to say that I don't like romantic and sad Disney movies. I prefer movies like Emperor's new groove, monsters and co.: they are completely out of mind! I also loved so much the two episodes of Shrek! The ogres and the donkey are great!

For what price will you sell your music for the commerial sells?
Price? Money? Here in Italy is impossible to sell cd if you aren't Judas Priest, Dark Tranquillity or Nightwish! If we want someone to listen to our cd, we always have to make a present of it...

How is the metal scene in your area? Lot of gigs? Easy to get them?
The metal scene in our area is dramatic! There is a huge number of bands but promoters are never interested in letting underground bands play. If a metal band is lucky and enjoys a good promotion, they can play no more than 5 - 6 gigs a year.

React on these three words (random order):
* sex: one of the best invention that God ever did...
* blood: essential for our life, isn't it?
* death: an obligatory passage for everyone of us! And a great band we unfortunately lost...

What is your drive to make music? Did you study for it?
Hellwrath are always inspired by many and different sources... The most evident in my opinion are Death, Pantera (Deimos lived his life making a real cult of them) and many swedish bands.

How do you keep your memories of your musical career alive? Write it down, video?
I usually keep the memories of my musical carreer in a secret room inside my head, in wich I can recollect in tranquillity all the good moments, and also bad ones, for they are very important for the things they can teach.

Ever ate some lasagne outside Italy? Taste the same when Big Mama makes it?
I remember once I ate lasagne in France, but it wasn't a good experience... My granny's ones are surely better!!!!

Do you play covers? Some when rehearsal?
Everytime we go on stage we play one or two cover songs. In the beginning we played Painkiller (Judas Priest), Symbolic (Death), Angel of Death (Slayer) and recently The Philosopher (Death) and Murders in the rue Morgue (Iron Maiden).

Which bands will appear on your tribute album in 2008?
I can say that all the bands I mentioned in the question above could appear on a Hellwrath's tribute album. I'd also like to include Pantera, Nevermore, At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity, because I love so much these bands.

Do you have other activities in the metal scene?
I play with two other metal bands here: Seven Gates (power metal) and Idyll ov Ghosts (gothic inspired by Lacuna Coil and The Gathering). Deimos plays guitar with Coram Lethe, probably one of the best Italian death metal bands.

Do you think Berlusconi is represent Italy oke? Did you vote? Why not or yes?
I don't think Berlusconi represents a totally negative image of Italy. I didn't vote him and I don't want to speak about politic anymore, but I sincerely can't hate him just because he's the president of Milan, my favourite football team. It may seem quite stupid but I want to divide the political man, who can be criticizable, from the man who supported my team.

Interest outside the music bizz? What are your hobbies? Sport interest?
Of course I have many other interest except music. I'm a student of Theology at the university (It's really a paradox for a death metal drummer, isn't it?), I love to play football and make long trips with my motorbike!

What prejudice do you hate people have of Italy?
Here in Italy people often have prejudices against metallers. I think It is due to the great ignorance and tho the distortion of our image made by mass media all over the world: the journalist often have the hobby to make target practice with metal and metallers almost every time happens something bad. But I also have to say that we sometimes fall in a false victimism... In my whole life I never saw anyone fleeing away from me for the T-shirt I wore or for my long hair.

Did you follow the tvserie La Piovra? Recognize the story? When will you be done?
I never follow La Piovra and I hate all the fucking Tv series. I like movies, not shit!

Say something in Italian that makes my wife horny as hell?
If you want your wife to become very horny with an Italian sentence, you must say her: ’Ti va di scambiarci la biancheria intima?’

Last rites?
Infinite thanx to all of you at BRUTALISM. I hope we'll hear very soon with new music from Hellwrath. I also invite you to visit us at www.hellwrath.net, our new site in wich you can find dayly everythin about us! See you! Bye!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 4, 2005

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