Hell breaking loose with Demonian

intie with Frank, November 2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
“It’s Frank Kollen here drummer of Demonian brutal death metal founded by me, Myself and I almost ten years ago, we have a new album available Catechism For Genuflected check it out if you can”.

Why did you beg several times to be interviewed on BRUTALISM?
“I don’t beg you man, I only asked you a little bit of promotion and you seem to be a nice guy if you giving us a piecee of space, ain’t it? Anyway thanks a lot, pal”.

So what the hell is Demonian about? Any interesting to tell about the other members?
“Hell is the right word bro! About the other three Fabio on vocals and bass, Mario and Diego both on the guitars, well, a pretty good band in which I have some great times playing great shows, we have the possibility of recording classic and brutal metal records with quite interesting songs of bestial mood. Our state of mind by now is high, we’re conscious of having made up another piece of our discography, now it’s time to look to spread it around”.

Demonian a band or more a project with hired members?
“A band for sure! This is my band, and for the others is not a side project even if they depend on other bands, we deal great, no problem. I looked for them for a very long time, they are serious as people and skilled as musicians so I couldn’t expect better”.

Why are you in the metal scene?
“Well, this question sounds to me like if I ask you why you promote the bands you’re interested to. Metal is my life, a great way to express myself in a brutal way. I grew up listening to the classic bands of the genre as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Wasp and Slaughter as all the others that influenced this kinda music. With death metal I’m involved quite much in what I define my way to concept music, death metal is everything for me, to express what I feel, so there’s no reason to change”.

And how does an American become involved with Italian musicians?
“My father is a lieutenant of the Us Air Force he’s a pilot of F 14 Tomcat and we lived in one of the American headquarter in Italy and by the seaside a couple of summers ago, I met Fabio and we started talking about Demonian my band, at that time I was looking for new musicians because I made Truth The Lie Revealed with others in the USA so, he seemed quite interested. In a few weeks we were a band again, playing the songs everyday in my studio. So far I’m at home again in the USA but I don’t know when we’ll be in Italy again, we need to break up for a while, you know the homeland”.

Do you think there is a difference between metal bands members from different continents? Name some if possible.
“Italians are quite nice and good people if you check out for the right ones, I had luck in that. We had some problems, but we solved them with intelligence. People from the South of Europe are how can I explain, decisely hot and creative in music. Tough and stubborn attitude, we played in Greece for example, a few times, the fans went crazy that you can’t even imagine. Yes, we live very far one from the other, but we are able to organize the recording sessions, tours, photos and promotion. Think about the new drummer of Nile he’s Greek but now he lives in the USA or as for Ozzy Osbourne he plays with Black Sabbath even if the band is from England who dares wins and if you want something, you can reach it for sure”.

Do you need to be a skilled musician to play brutal death metal?
“I do my best, getting off lightly”.

Do you have musical education? Diy? And how many times a week do you practice?
“No way. I learnt playing drums by my own since the very beginning, the only help were all the stuff and records I listened up just practicing on them. The method was playing on all my favourite songs, and no better teachers could have been Deicide of Legion as for Slayer masterpiece Reign In Blood and Seasons In The Abyss with ‘em I improved my ability in the control of the snare, doublekick, toms and cymbals with the sense of tempo. Very hard but with the years I got in progress with ease”.

Where do you get inspiration from the lyrics? Do you eat forbidden mushrooms?
“That’s good! If you want to know we recorded our new album in a studio called Mushroom and that’s not a joke, believe me! Songtitles and lyrics are very important to me, they can seem ridicolous but they’re not because we really believe in what we say! Fabio sometimes noticed me out some lyrical passages, because he didn’t understood some old words or something like that. Demonian try to be a particular band with our death metal and lyrics. We’ll never have a song entitled Satan Victory that’s for sure, even if is what we all hope and believe in the band”.

What is your daily consumption amount to alcohol and dope?
“A couple of gallons between whisky and beers by day more or less, for Marijuana depends by the needs”.

Isn’t it stupid to spend all of your royalties to alcohol and dope?
“I’m endorsed by Pearl for my drums, and Bud for ales and Jack Daniels so no problem, because a friend of mine manages a sort of Western saloon near where I live, I knew him from the school’s time so free alcohol for me is guaranteed and I can save my royalties for other shit”.

Why still releasing a cd when the Internet is much easier and cheaper?
“Because the Internet is for greenhorns and wimp listeners only, we’re for the audience, for those who still collect albums and can not stand without leafing through a booklet. Switch off your winamps and turn on your stereo”.

Your opinion about downloading and sharing?
“Do the fuck you want guys, we live in a free world, you better! We all do that, so why hiding our deeds? The price for a cd is quite high especially in Europe so, have you ever wondered why shops sold more blank cd than regular albums? Think of it”.

Do you use the Internet a lot? For which reason?
“For checking out the band’s mail, Demonian website that by the way is www.demonian.tk but we’ll change it into dot com in the near future, the football results, some good pornstars shots, and for downloading vintage metal records out from the market and so on”.

Do you play your own music in you car? What kind of car do you drive and how does it looks like?
“Yes why not? I have a black Biuyik and a Harley Davidson bike. When I listen to Demonian cd on car, I always mimic my drums patterns using my fingers as sticks at the wheel, but my car got three pedals and I have only a doublekick when I play haha! I play any kinda music louder, I don’t give a fuck of the police or if the speed is going too fast, and it doesn’t matter if the source of what I’m listening to is a cd or the radio broadcasts some stuff. The tuner nowadays here in America bothers us with Pod and Nickelback so, because it’s an easy liastening and catchy music I got these receords and they sound quite awesome. Well, I appreciate so much the Southern rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Label Society and everything that sees involved Zakk Wylde he’s great!”.

What is your speciality in cooking, sports, action games and sex.
“In cooking barbecue so steaks and hamburgers, sports football, golf, ice hockey and basket, baseball, soccer not very much. About consoles I have Play Station 2 a very kicking ass machine from Sony and I prefer war games like Kill Zone something with the Iraq scenario ya know. In sex I prefer my girl wearing latex dressings, fetish, miniskirt and high heels boots or sexy shoes and something like that. I don’t like only the ordinary ups and downs, also strange games for example hiding through the house naked and when she finds me out she does me some blowjobs”.

Are you against the death penalty? Who should get one?
“Not at all! Here in America if you kill someone for a parking you’ll be executed even if what you made is stupid! Here death penalty or whatever about domestic facts is a show business for the audience and also televesion helps to enhance phenomenons like that. As everyone in the USA I got a pistol for my personal defence, even if I practice martial arts, but are you sure you wanna face one like me long haired, with muscles and tattooes and a nasty looking? Death penalty is a right you cannot deny if someone is guilty of bad crimes, one of the motherfuckers I would like to see on the electric chair could be George Bush so many of my friends got dead for his insane excuse, killed or missed in action in the Middle East they fought a war in Iraq do not forget that! Death calls death and you can’t stop it!”.

And a good Christian says Thou shall not kill.
“I reply him fuck you!”.

What can we expect when entering the shows? What can we do when we are disappointed about the gig?
“All hell broke loose when we played our last live shows, for the next you won’t regret if it gonna happen we don’t pay tickets back”.

Do you give discount to deaf persons? How will you check if they are really deaf?
“People with handicaps have all free entrance at the venue of our show even if I don’t know how much they could be interested to a gig if they don’t listen at all. Anyway, if a fake unhearing person behind me, after I throw down a coin looks to pick it up well, he’s a rip off and it’ll give him away”.

How does the future looks for you? Any goals you wanna reach?
“We hope in the good responses of the critics for our new album, shortly we’re going to film a video clip for one of the songs of Catechism For Genuflected hoping to sell a huge number of copies of it worldwide as always, touring wherever we can. Truth The Lie Revealed instead, has been reprinted with new photos, lyrics and liner notes”.

Any suggestions for a nice evening?
“For making your day bang your goddess til exhaustion, then start it again and your cock will thank as for her pussy. Don’t try this at home kids!”.

Last rites?
“Shoot your reverend downtown!”.
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 16, 2005
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