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Hatriot is a thrash band that bring back the fast and furious metal but still melodic. The frontman is no one else as Steve Souza, better know as Zetro (Exodus) and you can read an interview with him here that was done in June 2012. The guy responsible for the music is guitarist Kosta V and I asked him some questions regarding their debut album "Heroes Of Origin" that is just released by Massace Records.

To start this little chat please give an introduction of yourself please?
I am Kosta Varvatakis – aka Kosta V. I am 24 years old and the lead guitarist and main songwriter for thrash metal outfit Hatriot. 

Hatriot has also some other members who might be interesting to know. So say something about them, their good and their bad habits.
There aren’t really any bad habits in Hatriot. We are like a team and a family. When we all meet up we get work done, but we are all so close that it’s natural. We know how each other think. Zetro writes the perfect lyrics to the riffs I come up with. Cody and Nick are the perfect rhythm section for the band because they know what thrash metal is all about. It’s in their blood. Miguel is the greatest guitarist to shred side to side with. His style and my style, although different, accompany each other really well. 

Being responsible for writing all the music must be a big pressure. How do you cope with this? What is your remedy preventing to get a rock star attitude?
I just take my time arranging songs and always listen to benchmark albums a lot when I write. Stuff like “Symbolic” from Death, “Reign In Blood” from Slayer, or “Beneath The Remains” from Sepultura are great influences when I am writing, for the reason that If I surround myself with the energy those classic albums put out then the riffs I write with possess that same energy. The remedy I use to not have a rock star attitude is just staying humble. There are a lot of great musicians out there so it’s never good to act like you are the only one. Plus no one likes a cocky asshole. hahahah

Once you have written a new song do the others give their opinion? And is Zetro only writing the lyrics or also disguising the music?
Everyone has equal say as far as song writing goes. I’m always open to ideas, and sometimes the simplest thing someone thinks of can make a good song great. Zetro is always there when I have a new song written. Because he is the only one who writes lyrics it helps him get an idea of what to write and how he is going to phrase the lyrics over the music. 

Is there a particular message Hatriot is trying to spread? Try to warn us or make people think about things?
"Heroes Of Origin" covers many topics, from school shootings to terrorists, suicide bombings to Elizabeth Bathory bathing in children’s blood. The lyrics are definitely ones that will make you think. 

Does this count for you too? Do you think it is important to have lyrics that want to show an opinion or thought?
Lyrics are someone’s expression of something, so yes. It’s important to express your thought or opinion. 

Have listened to the album couple of times and it really brings me back to the early thrash days. How do you manage this without ripping the old bands?
I don’t worry about ripping off any of the old bands and just write riffs. Keeping an open mind and exploring other forms of music helps too. Sometimes the most brutal riff can be written from something influenced off a 80s hair band.

Thrash must be your favorite metal style so tell us how you got involved in thrash beside your love for Barry White?
I got into metal when I was really young. My older sisters and my cousins would listen to bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Slayer. So I instantly got hooked. I remember being the only kid at my grade school who had a Megadeth shirt. 

Who are your "Heroes Of Origin"?
Chuck Schuldiner, George Lynch, Van Halen, Andy La’Roque, and Dave Mustaine are my biggest heroes.

The album will be released at the end of this month worldwide by Massacre Records. Then what?
We plan on touring relentlessly and bringing Hatriot to everyone in the world. We are ready to go on tour at any time. 

Did your grandparents already hear the album? Or are you the metal pair of the family?
I like to think my grandparents are in the next life watching down, plugging their ears and shaking their heads. Most of my family still in this world has heard the album, and since a lot of my family did at one point or still do listen to metal they all like it. 

According your family name you have Greek roots. How far in history and do you notice daily your Greek roots?
Both my parents came to America from Greece so I am very much in touch with my roots. I also play the Cretan Lute and enjoy folk music from the Island of Crete just as much as I enjoy listening to metal. 

Did you see the movie "Get him to the Greek"?
I’ve seen parts of it. I haven’t really sat down and watched the whole thing. 

Ever been to Greece or hoping to tour there when promoting the album? Where would you like to go on tour? Do you have a booking agent or can the band decide where to play?
I have been to Greece a few times. The last time I went was about 4 years ago. It’s very nice to go and visit with relatives I haven’t seen in a long time. To tour thought there would be amazing. Greece has an insane metal scene. We have a couple of things in the works as far as touring goes. I hope Greece is one of the locations. 

Most likely you cannot live from the music so you must have a job unless you have a wealthy girlfriend. So what are you doing in daily life when not being busy with music?
I do oil changes on automobiles. It’s keeping me busy for the time being and pays the bills. I really am looking forward to the day when I get the phone call saying we have a tour to go on. 

In your free time, what do you like to do? Sports, reading, being a larper or go to a bar? And when in a bar, do you have to pay all the drinks because you are known musician?
I recently got into lifting weights. I do enjoy going to bars and fortunately I get the drinks bought for me more than I have to pay for them. 

I am closing down this chat and you can have the left space to say what you want. Maybe a good joke or shameless self promotion. Be my guest.
Pick up “Heroes of Origin” when it comes out on January, 25th 2013. It’s everything you want and everything you need.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 19, 2013

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