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interview with Gurkkhas

The Gurkkhas are coming from France and are Playing a brutal modern Technical Death metal. The band includes three members from DAB(RIP) and those dudes have a big staging experience with tours in Europe, USA and central America!!. The CD is out on the famous Massacre Recs from Germany and is on sells worldwide in any shops since the 10 of april 2000. The ’Engraved in Blood, Flesh and Souls’ cd got great rates like 5/6 in Metallian Mag, 6.75/7 in Spawn Rebirth Mag, 4/5 in Hard'n Heavy Mag/4/6 in Hard Rock and so on..The band is now working on some mini tours and prepare the next CD!!. Well and the next CD

interview with M50 on 14-11-2001

Please give us an introduction of yourself?
M50 : Me ? I am John, singer of Gurkkhas, ex member of DAB.

What do you expect from this intie?
M50 : Funny questions like this one, bro'!!

Describe Gurkkhas for the unknowing?
M50 : Technical Death metal War Machine, No compromises, no prisoners.

Are you satisfied with the new album? Because I think it is brutal.
M50 : We are truely satisfied & proud of it. Yes it is brutal, and the next one will be more again, still with our own way of developpig riffs and drumming with strong vocals but extremly brutal, believe me!!.

Is it hard to write stronger songs everytime? How do you try to evolve?
M50 : It's not so hard when all your Life is like this. We are fighting everyday to have our family cool over here, breaking some heads here & there, and also fighting to have enough money to go on and continue the fight for Metal. No it's not so hard, I know harder situation, friend, honnestly. We have the real chance to do what we wanna do, so I can't complain, we are musicians, I couldn't dream of a better job. In the writting of brutality, to describe your brutality and transfer it from Live to paper, you just close your eyes, and open it five minutes later, you have then the whole structure of it.

Do you only watch war movies to get inspiration for the songs?
M50 : No, we also ask to teachers at the Unniversity, we ask to Men who have fight the WWII and we have some connections with two real ’ Gurkkhas’ soldiers, so we know now what is a real fighter you know. Not only the technical side of a soldier but also the deepest mind-soul we could find in this sort of person.

Do you have a daytime job? A lot of frustration there?
M50 : I run Deadsun recs, IAG & sing in Gurkkhas, I only do this, this is why I've said above that I was lucky, very lucky. I know that a lot of people would like to be at my place, so........

Gurkkhas are elite soldiers. Think you could fit there squad if necessary?
M50 :No, they are too strong for me.

What is the biggest living creature you have killed yourself?
M50 : A Man.

How do you protect yourself if you are in danger?
M50 : 9MM

Why is Gurkkhas at Morbid Recs and not on Deadsun?
M50 : Because Gurkkhas wanted to record in a famous studio with the best death metal sound engineer, Stephane Buriez, from France, and Deadsun recs didn't have the money to pay this, & also a promo campaign + tours, only for this, so we have choosen Morbid recs. believe me or not, but since I have created DAb (1990-1991) I have always sent some Tapes & cds to Morbid recs, saying that I respected them and saying that we wanted to be on their label. When they have heard that we were finally free of our deal with Massacre recs they have offered us a great deal and we have of course signed!!.

Satisfied with their promotion? Do you know how many albums you sold from ’Engraved..’?
M50 : I don't know, friend. I have no news from Massacre recs. Yes, we are satisfied with Morbid, Olaf & Carsten are great persons, true Metallers, strong, and they want what we want, so we work in the same direction!!. Above all, they know the Death scene better than anyone!!.

So are these royalties enough to buy a nice convertible sportscar?
M50 : Hahahahahahahaha, ........Hmm, I don't know, but If I had this money I wouldn't buy a Car but some Musical Material for my band!!!.

Why are the french car drivers lousy drivers?
M50 : Do you wanna loose your Life,???????????????? Aren't you too young to die? haha!.

Are there some interesting tours for 2002? Only Europe?
M50: Yes, many french gigs, some with Incantation & Benediction, tour in Asia, Usa, Canada, Ca & South America too. 2002. 2003 and a third tour with Krabathor in France, maybe in june 2002, we don't know now, we have also recently been confirmed to the summer breeze festival (Germany), Obscene fest, Nuclear fest in 2002. Great!!.

What is your fun for playing on stage? Why are you doing it?
M50 : A live is Life, without live appearence Gurkkhas would die I think. I hate to be at home, I only really have a life when I am with my bro on the road, I am free. I do music & sing in this band just because I love Death metal and I feel free when I jump on stage in front of mad fans, only for this. I don't care of money, I do this only to sing and to tour.

Maybe some people won't believe it but that is the truth, Death is all my Life.

When is a gig succesful for you? What should the crowd do?
M50 : the crowd, firts, like everybody should be itself, like everyday, now, when we generally arrive, People open their eyes like if they were going to see UFOS, haha, and after ten minutes it's generally a pure chaos!!. I am happy when people are happy.

Do you get many free beer offers after the gig from the crowd?
M50 : I don't drink & I don't smoke. I have nothing against, I would like to continue by the doctors said me to stop, so I have stopped . Yes, many fans wanna pay us a drink & this is what I like, to have drink with men (& women, yeah!!).

What does you attract in the metal world? Ever tried to play some other genre?
M50 : I like other styles too but I coudln't play in another band style, I prefer to stay like I am and hear, only hear , sometimes, different styles......... to open my mind, catch different ideas here & there............

Do you visit concerts yourself? Describe your weekend spending?
M50 : With my wife we move to several concerts, by the 23 there is a Cannibal Corpse live show and I will be there with All Gurkkhas!!!! And we really see & met cool guys there!! My weekend? I don't know, like everybody I presume, I meet friends, have some fun, sex, play with my daughter, and so on, and of course play and hear tons of music!!.

Do you help your wife with the household?
M50 : Yes I do. Women have not Born to be our slaves, we are not in the middle age!!.

If you see someone in the streets with a Gurkkhas shirt, what will you do?
M50 : I go in front of this person and say: ’ Many thanks for yor support ’. In each big festivals I go there are some Gurkkhas Shirts, héhé!!.

Glad you survived this intie?
M50: Who did you think I am? A coward ? A rabbit? A chicken ? I am a survivor, hahahaha, Thanks for this intie & the killer support, Man!!.

Last rites?
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 14, 2001

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