Greenfly and their hidden pleasures

Greenfly was formed in 1992, from that original line up there’s only a few members left Dani (drums) and Mon (bass), they are drummer and bass player of the goregrind band Haemorrhage (Morbid Records) too. After years of line up problems, without having a stable one, at least, in 1994 they get to record a demo, but the bad results obtained and as well new problems with the line up, the band end up splitting. After some years of inactivity.

In 2000 Mon and Daniel decided to reborn the band, they get the old songs back and modified them, in this new incarnation Dani is still at drums and Mon decides to play guitar. Monzon enters the band as a singer, and later Climber (from the deathcore band Machetazos) on the other guitar.

They started to compose new songs all together and decide to record those songs and the result is found in ’Hidden Pleasures of a nonexistent reality’. 7 Death metal themes with many other influences full of strenght, aggressivity, melody and feeling, with lyrics about mankind misery + a cover of Death, ’Born Dead’.

Monzón left the band in the summer of 2002 and was replaced a few moths later by Noel, who sings in Gruesome Stuff Relish. The eternal looking for a bassist was finished when the band found Gonzalo from the death core band Versvs. Then they sign for Morbid Record, and his first release will be ’Hidden pleasures of a none existent reality’ which will be out 19-05-2003 though Morbid records.

interview with Dani on 26-09-2003

Please give us a short introduction of youself?
Greenfly was born in 1992 but in 1994 due to different reasons it died. In 2000 Rojas and Mon (also players in Haemorrhage), decided to reform the band. Ther's the time when Monzón and I become members of Greenfly. We recorded ’Hidden pleasures of a nonexistent reality’ in 2002, which has been released by german's Morbid Records in 2003. Then Monzón left the band and was replaced by Noel from spanish grindcore's Gruesome Stuff Relish. By this time Gonzalo join the band too as a bass player. Now we are promoting as much as we can our first album

So why started this band? Not enough freedom creativeness in the other bands?
We start this band firt of all as a side project of the other bands we have, but soon we think that Greenfly was being more than a simple side project. We like very much to play with each other, so we decided to expand Greenfly as a whole band. There aren't problems of freedom in the other bands.

What does Greenfly contributes to the scene? What is the extra touch?
This is something that people must say. We contribute to the scene with our music. If people like our music that will be very good and probably make us grow.

Why are a lot of Spanish bands play extreme metal? And what is typical for those bands?
I have no idea. Here the scene in not too strong, here few people coming to shows, here aren't too much radios that play metal, here there are no big metal fest like in Germany, and you can't see too many people wearing metal t-shirts, but you are right friend, here in Spain there are too many bands playing fucking great. There are lot of grindcore bands like Gruesome Stuff Relish, Haemorrhage, Rotten Minds, Machetazo, and also very good death metal bands like Only Blood, Human Mincer, Avulsed .............. and of course Greenfly!!!!!!! ;)

Is it difficult to come up with ideas about writing tunes? Where do you get them from?
Not at all. This morning I have written a lyric about a man who is buried in life. The ideas come mainly from personal experiences (not the one I have written this morning........) and from the daily events, and a few come from the imagination and a little bit more come from historical events.......

For what kind of movie would you like to write the soundtrack? Why?
Wow, this is a question I have never asked for!!!!! Let me think..... I'm not sure at all, but probably for a war film like ’Blackhawk Down’ or ’Apocalisys Now’. I have choosen this kind of films because I think our music could fit close to them.

Are you having plans to make a videoclip? Who will broadcast it?
Not at this moment. But I would like to make one of course.

Having interest in videogames? Are you addicted to one? Spending much time?
Yes, I like video games a lot. But I think I'm the only one from the band who play videogames. I play Counter Strike, I'm belibe me if I say to you I'm very good, but over this game I play Diablo II and Starcraft. Those are my favorite pc video games. I like to play online with my friends. I'm also play playstation' Tekken 4.

What are you using internet for? Making contact, spreading your music etc?
I'm too much into internet because I work as webmaster in a digital newspaper. Also I have a metal webzine, Distro, and Record label called Mondongo Canibale in which are involved too Ramon and Rojas. We make lot of interviews, reviews and all is done by internet. You can visit us at Internet is a very good way to spread you music, your messages, and of course making contact...... even with girls....

What is your fav site to visit and why?
Each day, I visit too many sites, Most are metal related sites, like record label, band pages, and webzines, but if I have to choose one, probably I will choose a very good spanish metal site (although is written in english)

Fav food to make a nice piece of excremento?
I like too much meat..... mainly if into barbacue. Also I like too much Gazpacho. Is a tipical food from the south of Spain. I a mixture of vegetables whipped a lot. It is drunk very cold. It's very good for hot temperatures..... Fresh!!!!

Does the band have plan for doing liveshows? How would they look like? Is it easy to get them? Playing local shows or doing festivals?
We have made some shows around Spain. In this shows you can see all the fury, agressivity and feeling we can unleash. We really kick asses live. But as I have told you before, here in spain is quite difficult to book shows. I like both, but in different ways........ playing local shows maybe is closer to people than playing fest, but in fest you have the chance to be seen by lot of people....

Are you visiting shows yourself? What was your best one to watch and why?
Yes, I like to much to visit shows. In fact I have three years in Wacken Open air, from 2001 to 2003, and I'm from Spain as you know...... In a whole year I can see around 40 or 50 shows. The best one I remember was the first time at Wacken, not for the bands (all very good) but for the people. I was very surprised and impressed. It was the greatest metal thing I've ever seen in my life. For me it would be a dream to play with Greenfly in Wacken someday.

What was your worst injury after a show?
By Satan's will, I have no bad injuries after a show.....

Are you a beer or a typical Spanish sangria drinker? How do you fight a hangover?
I like beer too much than Sangria, but I like sangria too..... A hangover is quite difficult to fight, I usually take two aspirins, drink some beers, and rest hearing some soft music.

Do you have interest in politics or your royal family? On what kind of political stream do you vote?
The royal family is bullshit....... And politicians too.... They are only stealing and make his own benefits. They sucks a lot.... I don't vote. I'm not too much agree with democracy...... so I don't participe in any way..... I must tolerate but I don't like it at all.

Do you like being part of the European community? Think it will strengthen Europe against the rest of the world?
Yes I like to being part of the EU. It's easy to travel around Europe and you don't have to change money between countries. This is the good side. The bad side about EU is the fact that prices has become higher when Euro arrived. But is true that all together can make more things than separate.

Do you know much about the history of Spain? Teach your children their inheritance?
Yes, I know some about spanish history. I like much medieval times. I usually travel around spain to see old monument. Yes I will do. I wil show it.

What will we remember of Greenfly in 5 years from now?
Five years is too much time to think about. If all things go well you probably will know and remember a lot about us.

Spew your intrails to promote ’Hidden Pleasures’
Visit our homepage at and read some about us, download our music, hear it and leave lot of commentaries into the guestbook. A lot of hidden peasures are waiting to be discovered.........

Last rites?
Thanks a lot for this intie to you Twan and for all the people who have read it. I have a nice time writting the answers...... I hope you enjoyed reading...................... Stay death............
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 26, 2003

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