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Gomorrha is a band from Germany and plays death metal. Gomorrha was founded in 1995. In Febuary 1997 the first demo ’Die Nacht Des Todes’ was recorded with 13 tracks. The reaction on that tape were good and it led to the first gigs.

The second demo ’Ready To Kill’ was recorded and sold in November 1997. Again it gave good responses and the band became well known in their area. More and more gigs were offered and accepted and they played with bands like Impending Doom, Purgatory, Krisiun, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Dunkelgrafen, Gardens of Gehenna and a lot more.

The next year it was time to record a full length CD and it was released under the name of ’Time of Apocalypse’. The release party was sold out and the CD sold very well. Good reviews, interviews, radioshows. And now thy strike again with another CD called ’Promo 2001’ that is only send out to labels, mags, radios etc. On this disc they show that they improved in the songs and still be death.

interview with Jan on 4-11-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
The stormers of Gomorrha are: Flo (in english flea) the violator of drum, Rene, with murderous killerbass & hell backing vocals, Robert with deadly crying guitar and Jan with bloody guitar & infernal growl.

Always played in Gomorrha? Had some band before?
All of us have allways played in Gomorrha. We had no other band before.

Does the bandname come from Sodom and Gomorrha? But Sodom already taken?
Gomorrha was formed in the year 1995. With maining word ’GOMORRHA’ we would like provoke the christian church. In the holy bible of this churche Sodom & Gomorrha was a city. This two cities are falling down because there was incest and other sexual offence. Now we are the resurrection of Gomorrha and we play killing songs to show our hate against christian churches and other kind of this poison. The band Sodom exist and so we called our maining word Gomorrha. It's realy great if we can play a show with Sodom. It's maybe funny to see ’Sodom & Gomorrha’ on a stage.

The first demo had a German name. Were all the lyrics in German?
No, only some old songs have german lyrics. It's not easy to write german lyrics or poems for german fans.
It's difficult to find the right words. Not everybody understand the english lyrics and it's easyer for me to growl this lyrics, because my english is not so good. (Yeah, I noticed. Twan) Did you get English education in school?
Yes, but the school-english is not the same like american english or the original britain-english. In school we don't learn the slang or so.

Where do you get inspiration from for the music?
It's great to play our own brutal songs. We are happy when we have a nice brutal live show. It makes me happy if I can growl splatter & gore lyrics. All of us are musicians and we show our feelings, hate and what ever we can play during our tunes. We don't make propaganda or so. We only show our brain with this music.

To what bands do you listen to yourself?
It's very different. A big music world. All kinds of heavy metal. Here some band we are listen to. Anal Cunt, Cannibal Corpse, Hammerfall, Satyricon, Enslaved, old Napalm Death, Immolation, Helloween, Incantation, Kreator, Asphyx, Dying Fetus, Paramaecium, Mayhem, Vader, Blind Guardian, and SODOM.

How many minutes does it take to write the lyrics?
Ohhh...For some I need 1 hour, for some 4-8 hours, It's very different. For some lyrics I need some weeks or months when I can't find the right words to show my feelings or so.

When did you get the metal blood? By whom?
I listen since 1989 to heavy metal. My uncle gave me old Iron Maiden LP's. I heard this stuff and I talked to all: ’Heavy Metal is my life’.

Do you have a job? Wish you could live from the music?
Yes, we already have fucking jobs. To life from the music is very hard, expecialy in Germany. For us it's an eternal dream. But it would really be great. This is right. The other side, we are an underground band and for us is fun and playing gigs important.

Your favorit weekend spendings?
Sometimes I must go to work because I'm working in a hospital. If I have free, we play a show or exercise the new songs. After exercise we go to a metal show or so. Everytime we are drinking a lot of beer and schnapps.

What part of your income do you spend on buying beer?
Approximate 30 % of my income I spend on buying beer or scnapps.

Why is Dutch beer better than German?
I never drank dutch beer. I can't answer you question. Sorry. But the german beer is very good.

Is a beerglas half full or half empty?
This is a difficult question. For me a full beerglas is better than an empty beerglas. Everytime when I see my beerglas half full iI think: ’Oh my god, where is my beer.’ So I think for me a beerglas is half full. Really, it's the same if you say ’the beerglas is half full or half empty’

Do you have a favorit quote to start the day?
I drink a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, than I can shit very good.

Your favorit curse when things are not going oke?
Whitch lesbian bitch has made this ficking shit. Or: Which gay did this shit.

What is the power of Gomorrha? Can it be perfected?
I don't understand this question. (My bad english)

How many time do you rehearse? And for how long?
2 times the week in the band-room, between 3-4 hours.

Do you play coversongs when rehearsing?
Yea!!!!!! Sometimes we play a song from Cindy Lauper ’Time after time’. We covered this song for a german Metal-radio-show called ’Hellborn’. Sometimes we play a german ’drunk-song’ called ’Kein bier auf Hawai’ in english ’No beer on Hawai’

What does a Gomorrha show looks like? Make us anguish?
We show our hate, aggression, pain. Very most headbanging. Very loud.. We have a lot of fun and you will be have also a lot of fun. We don't make you anguish or so. We are lucky people.

Your favorit non metal song?
German drunk-songs like ’No beer on hawai’.

Last rites
Thanx to you for this inter’hell’view. Thanx to all which read this. Greetings to all which supported GOMORRHA. Buy our CD ’Time of apocalypse’ enjoy this recording and watch out our website for news and download new Promo-songs. Drink beer or schnapps and wodka. Smoke dope.

But don't drink and drive if you can smoke and fly. Yea ! ! ! !

By untill the next time and next interview.

Stay sick and brutal and fuck everybody you will.

SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 4, 2001

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