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Flesh Made Sin was formed in 1999 by Twan van Geel (guitars/vocals) and Bjorn van Hamond (guitars). After playing in several underground bands they decided to do what they really wanted; Thrash inspired by Kreator, Destruction, Slayer, etc... It didn’t take long to complete the band. In the persons of Marco Stubbe (drums) & Marc van Stiphout (bass) Flesh Made Sin was there to show the world what they’re about. It worked out perfectly and the first live shows were a fact soon. In May 2000 the demo “Scenery of Death” was recorded at the Harrow studios. This four-track piece got overwhelming reactions in the international press and already sold over 500 (hand numbered!!!) copies. Last year Flesh Made Sin became third in the Metal bash, a contest organized by Dutch Metal magazine Aardschok. They were picked out of 400 bands and reached the finals by winning as well the jury as the public first price.
Alive & Thrashing

Until now Flesh Made Sin did over 50 live-shows in Holland and Belgium, thousands of people saw the energetic and aggressive live-show of these thrashers. They played with bands as The Haunted, Darkane, Severe torture, God dethroned, Thanatos, Occult, Centurian and many more.
A lot of new material has been written, all in de vein of the “Scenery of Death” Cdemo. Some of the song titles are; “Slicing the throat”, “Tormentor”, “Masterwork in blood”, “Lust for killing” and “My cold domination”. The plans are to record a full-length album in January/February 2002. Flesh Made Sin didn’t sign at any record label yet, but they hope to soon. The album is going to be entitled “Masterwork in blood” and will again be recorded at the Harrow studios. Expect some mean and aggressive Thrash like it should be THRASH IS BACK!!!

interview with Bjorn on 24-03-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm Bjorn, leadguitarist and founder of Flesh Made Sin, we started the band 2.5 years ago and we're still in the original line-up. We play Thrash... '80's style.

Why did you choose this bandname?
It sounded good and it fitted right into the lyrical concept... serial killing and murder... It's human (flesh) that commits the sin.

Do you miss the 80's thrash music? Which bands?
It still lives, but I miss bands like Possessed & Infernal Majesty.

Your opinion on nowadays genres of metal? Fav and dislikes?
Lots of styles, lots of shit, Personally I like the new Scandinavian Thrash bands like The Haunted, Darkane & Soilwork.

Why look back into the past and not into the future?
We just do the thing we like...that's our future.

The ideal structure of a good song? What should be in it?
Speaking for Flesh Made Sin... aggression, cool riffs and catchy vocals.

What will you do when the perfect song is written?
We would play it every nigth for 1000's of people... we hope.

Ever jerking around on your own songs?
No, do you ever jerk around before the mirror???

How did it feel to be part of the Chuck tribute gig?
It was a good thing to do something for a hero, we all are Death fans, unfortunately he died 'causes his desease. It fell good to do something, though I never met him personally.

Which bands do you want to play on your tribute?
I don't want a tribute, I don't consider myself worty, but if I really have to choose some bands it would be Kreator, Destruction, My dying bride, Grave, Kiss, Maiden with Paul Diano, Slayer with Dave, Ozzie & Zakk Wylde, Testament

Is Tilburg a metal city? What is the metal capital of Holland?
Tilburg is quite metal with lots of concerts, I think Eindhoven is the metalcapital... In Tilburg is practically no metal besides 013.

What is so great on metal? Why not opera, folk etc?
It's in my blood I guess.

Do you speak english everyday? For what?
Maybe you've noticed... my English is really fucked up!!!

Do you speak other languages?
A little German et un petit French.

What is your hobby besides the music?
Beer, going out (and drinking beer).

Your opinion on the Windows system? Do you know MAC?
Windows is OK, MAC's better.

Your fav family board game? Other games you like to play on rainy days?
Monopoly...other games eh..... Triviant or something.

What do you want to do in 5 years fron now on?
I honestly don't know.

Any plans on raising a family yourself?
Maybe when I'm 30 or something.

 Why does the NS (railway) never rides on time?
How should I know, ask them!!!

 Shoarma or Kebab?
I only ate shoarma once when I was drunk so I guess Shaorma.

Anything your forgot to say?
This is probably the weirdest interview I ever did!!!

 Last rites?
Thanx for promoting us...keep the Thrash spirit alive out there!!! Watch out for the new album in June... ’Masterwork in Blood’
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 24, 2002

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