Find out what the obessions of Countress are

interview with countress, metal band

First of all, please introduce yourself so we know how is answering.
My name is Ryan, I play guitar and do backing vocals in Countress.

As you are not the only member please say something short about the others.
We got Miles on vocals, Jesse on drums, Joe on bass and Alex on guitar as well.

Good and bad habits.
They're good habits are that they are hell raising, hard partying  thrashers.... they're bad habits are that they are hell raising, hard partying thrashers haha

Also explain the name Countress. What does it mean and where does it stand for?
The name came from the hammer horror flick Countess Dracula... we threw the "R" in cuz it sounded cool and their is already a black metal band by that name anyway.

The band is from Reno, Nevada. Isn't that the casino wannabe city of the USA?-
Its more like the haunted, grimey, 24 hour/ 7 day a week everyone that lives here is fucked up, prostitution, casino city of the USA. Most bands never make it out of here simply because were just not a very big city. Not any record labels from here. Not a huge metal scene at all by most city's standards, but the kids that put on shows and the bands that live here are very passionate. The kids that do graff and tattoo's and art too...I can tell you one thing about Reno man and that's for what little opportunity our city has just simply because it gets overlooked and written off by the rest of the country haha, the people here are all starving artists. They put everything they have into it man. There's alot of fuckin talent here. We love this city. You're guaranteed to see some shit in Reno. Any fuckin night.

Most likely their is a kind of concept behind Countress? Willing to explain?
Fuck yea. The band started simply because of our love for horror really. We wanted to start a band that celebrated the evil aspects of life. I mean true fucking evil that exists in everyday life man, especially that of which is in our own home city. It's a bit of an obsession really, at least I can say it is for me. It's fascinating to read about cults/murders/true crime etc.. that have flavor to them you know? Like shit that twists your mind up, we live to hear about it and to write about it. If I wasn't in a band id write horror films haha.

Many of us are not familiar with Countress so please describe the kind of music you play?
There's alot of genres... thrash/doom/black/death/blackened death haha...fuckin viking metal..stoner metal... we try to do all of it man. We love it all. At the end of the day we just aim to write heavy shit.

What can we expect and what not?
You can always expect some groove, and some crushing shit to fuckin slam to.... you can go ahead an NOT expect any fuckin dub step haha!

What or who was the force to create the band?
Id say the initial ambition was Jesse and Miles. They had a band that was on the out's and wanted to start something new up. Me and Miles had been in bands together growin up, and I wanted to start something up so we went for it. Got our boy Alex to join and we hit the studio. First fuckin thing we did man. We wrote two songs and hit up Tom Gordon to record, who is pretty much the man in Reno. That became our "Crawling From The Grave" e.p. we didnt even have a bass player yet we just knew we wanted to kick some shit out to put our sound out there wich in turn would get us someone to wanna join. Alex introduced us to Joe. Those two went to high school together... We all went out drinkin and right off the bat it clicked. Joe was in the band not even a fuckin month before our first show. He stepped up to the plate and fuckin killed it!

And does the band have some goals to achieve?
Absolutely. Now that we have recorded our debut LP, its time to start hitting the road. We've only played a handfull of shows. All of which have been in Reno and our next step is California. All up and down, and then onto the rest of the U.S. And as for long term goals man, I aint gonna fuck around with you...I'm tryin to open up for Judas Priest.

In the whole history of mankind which bands are of influence for Countress?
Well we all jam alot of different shit man. Country, rap, hardcore...we get influenced by all types of shit. But I can tell you Sabbath and Slayer are in there. Bathory. Mercyful Fate. Pantera. Danzig.

You listen to non metal music and using it as a reference?
Fuck yea, I'm pretty sure one of our next projects is actually gonna be a western. Miles has been talkin about writing a concept e.p. based around it. I think classic country and metal are alot alike in the sense that they're both brutally fuckin honest. And they both do alot of story telling in the lyrics.

And have you played in other bands or projects?
Yea, some of the old bands we were in were The Farley Overdose, Violent Ruler and Snake Piss to name just a few.

And what is the meaning behind the Haellions Coffin patches? No band name only a coffin shape and two snakes (or are they horns haha).
Horns! haha! It's our mark man. You throw that shit on your back, your one of us! Haellions are our fuckin boys!(and girls!) The coffin represents what were about man. It comes from our love of horror. The horns represent where we're from. Nevada. The god damn desert.

Countress has some songs out and debut on its way. Looking for a label or going to self releasing?
Yes we do! We are self releasing our debut, "Ov Sin" gonnna be out middle of October. We got a few label's we're aiming for but in the meantime we wanted to get our shit down on wax and hit the road ourselves. Waiting for opportunities to come to you rather than goin after it and gettin it is for the fuckin birds.

Do you think it is easy nowadays to get your tunes to stand out of the crowd?
I think about that all the time. There's so much fuckin music out there that's so easy to access nowadays that it's easy to overlook bands. I do it all the time. But what I have noticed is the ones that stand out are the ones that persevere and stand the test of time. It takes a few years of hard work, touring and writing before alot of people will even take you seriously you know? You gotta earn people's respect I think. It's alot like boxing man! Even Tyson was dubbed a punk with no future in his start, till he started layin motherfuckers out!

What are your plans to reach the audience?
Doin shit like this interview. I love it. Letting people know we aint no god damn miss priss holier than thou rockstar super group. We love playin shows and we absolutely love partying with everyone after the show. I don't give a fuck who you are, you give us a chance we give it right back man. Any one that so much as listens to Countress, we appreciate. This band is what we live for you know?

Still believe in releasing physical material or go fully digitally and online?
Both! It's killer to have something you can hold in your hands and get a full experience. Vinyl for me personally has a bit of a feel like a ceremony. I love getting new records, droppin the needle on em and readin the lyrics and checkin out the art work in my own hands. And it's also great that anyone around the world can check you out in two seconds. We love it both.

Besides life and death you also like magic potions. What is your fav potion and what does it do?
Budweiser. And it makes us really fuckin fun to be around!

Countress already did some gigs. What can we expect when attending? What will be the highlight?
You can expect alot of volume and alot of booze and the highlight will be seeing four or five girls in a sea of drunk horny heathens! Hahaha!

Can people approach you easily after a show or do they have to give you a beer first?
Fuck waiting! Get fucked up with us before during and after!

What are the topics you like to talk about at the bar? Do you go to shows yourself or rather visit a titty bar? Which one was the most remarkable?
At the bar it seems I like to talk about everything from aliens to music to Joann Jet's ass to the quality of the drugs I'm on etc.. I'd like to say I go to a shitload of shows but truth is I do find myself in the titty bars way more. Boobs are cool man. The most remarkable show I ever saw was probably Metallica and Slayer or Roky Erickson...The most remarkable boobs I ever saw belonged to this lovely young lady's by the name of "Fantasia".

Your last change for shameless self promotion and thanks for answering and good luck with the upcoming debut release.
Fuck yea man thank you! !