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Originating from Germany, Emergency Gate have just recorded their new 4th full-length for the active label ZYX Music. So We got the chance to have a talk with guitarist Udo.

Welcome to Emergency Gate, let's start introducing the band to our readers.
We are Emergency Gate and we play modern Melodic Death Metal, spiced up with electronics and Metalcore elements. Our Hometown is Munich, Germany.

You say that you are a Modern Melodic-Death/Metalcore Band, could you explain with your own words to our readers the difference between Emergency Gate and other MetalCore Bands?
I think we have more in common with Melodic Death Metal bands than Metalcore, we just use some breakdowns and trancy keyboards. The usual Metalcore band consists to 90% of breakdowns, we don't.

I know that many bands have different diversities when listening to other musical styles, could you tell us something about the styles of music that you listen to?
You are right. When you're on tour for two months and you listen to Metal every day you go crazy. I enjoy German hip hop, rock, pop, everything. You can find diamonds in every genre. But of course i love metal, too.

Which are the bands that gives you more influence when composing?
We take our influences from everywhere. Not only music. Also series or movies, at least I did. When it comes to other bands we love In Flames, Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork and stuff like that. But we are not like: "We wanna sound like a particular band". We just do our thing.

Is there a mastermind inside Emergency Gate? or all the musicians contribute with their ideas for the compositions?
Nowadays everybody contributes a lot. On "Rewake" Vlad wrote nearly everything, on "The Nemesis Construct" Matthias and I wrote nearly everything. On You Matthias and I just provided the basic stuctures and everybody helped a lot.

"You", it's your new studio work. Could You make a comparison between it and your previous works, and tell us which are the main differences?
"The Nemesis Construct" was very experimental. Especially with the electronics. We wanted to try something new with special keyboards and we were learning by doing. On "You" we are far more experienced with everything. So it's a bit more mature in every way. What I like about our albums: None sounds like the other.

Please, tell us something about the artwork, i think it´s great, could you explain the intention?
We have two different artworks. A really simple one for the standard edition, and a very well worked out one for the limited edition. I prefer the standard cover, because we always had a lot of stuff going on on our artworks. This time I wished for something simple. At first we planned to actually put a mirror on the cover but it wasn't possible. So now we have some kind of a mirror/wall mixture on the standard and a mirror thingy on the limited. Leaves some space for interpretation.

Is there any lyric associated with the cover meaning as well?
The title "You". Thats why we did the mirror-stuff. But there are no lyrics about the cover.

We are all aware of the global crisis we are experiencing, and how hard it is for different bands from around the world to get ahead, how is the day by day of Emergency Gate?
It's really hard. You do not make a lot of money in a band. Still you wanna travel around the world and present your music to eveyone. Touring and going to the studio is really expensive. We depend on people who buy our CD's or merchandise.

In many instances, the musicians can not pay their bills with what they earn with their respective bands. Do you have extra jobs besides music?
Yes, we do. It would absolutely not be possible without other jobs.

I guess after working or rehearsing, you will always take some time to relax ... What are your favorite activities in your free time?
I'm a huge series and movie junkie and I love to hang out and have a beer with friends. Still.. making musik takes a lot of time.

What is your opinion about the music business on these times? I mean, illegal downloads etc. .. Is the Internet a tool for you?
Soon people will suffer from the illegal downloading. Making music costs money. If people stop spending money on it, all they get is shit. The internet is pretty useful, though. You can reach lots of people from everywhere and promote your stuff.

It is obvious that the music industry has changed considerably in recent decades, what do you think of the work of record labels today?
Labels are still important. I often hear people complain, that the musicians only get 10% and the label gets 90%. But they don't know that the lable takes a huge risk. Normally a band gets money before they do a record and the label pays for promotion and stuff. They have the risk, so they get more money.

Are you satisfied with your label? What do you expect from ZYX Music in the near future?
Actually I don't know a lot about whats going on there. It's Marios (bass player/manager) assignment. I concentrate on making music.

If you had to "sell" your product, what would you say to people who still do not know the band?
"Take a listen!" And do you know what the usual answer is (even though i don't tell people, that its my band)? "Wow this is great, why have i never heard of this band". True Story!

What about your next live shows? can you tell us about your previous European tour with Kreator, Caliban and Eluveitie? Will we have the chance to see You performing here?
The Kreator tour was a blast and we hope to tour again soon. We already performed many songs from "You" on our releaseparty in Munich. It's awesome to play. In summer we have many festivals going on, but unfortunately none in the Netherlands. I hope something will come up!

What advice would you give to bands who are just starting in the music world?
Don't try to play stuff you can't play. Play easy things and play them right. Also bring a lot of money! You do not earn money with music these days. ;)

Finally, could you tell us something about the goals you want to achieve this year?
Play many live shows and kick asses in the whole world. Also were gonna start writing on the next record. But great shows will be the most important things for me this year.

We would like to thank You very much for giving us the chance to make this interview. We would be pleased to hear your last considerations (last words).
Thanks a lot to you and to the readers. I'll say what everybody says here: Check out our new CD and visit live. Our dates are always on
We're always available for a beer. Cheers
Interviewer: The Metal Sheriff
Mar 16, 2013

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