Every passage is a trip in eyes of Urshurark

interview with Urshurark

Urshurark was born in May’99 in Bari, a town of south of Italy.
The band’s purpose is to create a fusion between thrash, black and death metal, in a formula that mixes aggressive moments with an obscure and decadent basis. The debut album, ’Architecture Of Perfect Damnation’, represents this fusion between different styles and apocalyptical vision, the band moves in territories that draw from norvegian black metal and scandinavian death metal.
Fused in an unique and letal formula that Urshurark define ’Horror Apocalyptic, Metal’, the sound of band destroy everything and doesn’t take prisoners.
The band was born for the will of Luca, singer and principal composer, than he will be helped by Claudio on Keyboard.
After some changes of line-up, in March 2000 come into the band Mark and Freddy that complete the formation of debut album.

interview with Luca on 22-11-2001

Please give us a short introduction of your self?
Yeah... My name is Luca and I'm the mad singer of Urshurark

And now explain the unusual name? I can't even speak it out!
Urshurark is a book of Hildebrand brothers is an imaginary world of punishments and torments !! I wanted an original name for the band and I have found this.

How long did you work on the compositions? Before the band actuallystarted?
If you exclude the time given to drink and to smoke: ten months approximately for the composition. Two Months instead in study for the recordings sessions. In the months of July and August in my country ’South of Italy’ the temperature was of 30°. I really felt me to the hell!!!

Was it difficult to find the bandmembers? Is it a solid line up now?
Yes! I has really been a lot of difficulty to find good musicians!! We have had many contrasts with the precedents members of the band. And my way of seeing the music not always and shared by the people that plays in my country! I can say only that now we have a formation to all the effects made of people determined to reach his own objectives, but also of true friends.

Why are the songs of greath length of time? You couldn't put all in just 3 minutes?
We have not succeeded in holding back our creativeness! Architecture Of Perfect Damnation’ is not a simple album! Because I don't like to make things already made!

Aren't you afraid to put too much in one song?
No! I give all myself when the I play music. Our songs are a trip to the hell. You have to taste the pain and you have to travel in the dark places. Every passage is a trip and in every trip it changes the panorama, so the motives for our music spend while you travel with the music.

Alfa or Lada?
What !?!

What kind of music do you listen to yourself? Steal or borrow from them?
I usually listenin to : Nick Cave, David Bowie, Sting, Black Sabbath, At The Gates, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Voivod and Slayer (of course), but Urshurark are born from Urshurark!

What did you do before this band? Played in other bands?
I played in other band, but for fun!

A good recipe for lasagna that is easy to make at hom?
Hahahahaha..... If I have to be sincere I don't cook, I eat only. I’ll ask the next time we see my girl friend. Ok?

Boring to hear Italy is associated with pasta all the time?
No to me doesn't bother! I like pasta, particularly spaghetti!!!

Your opinion on the unity of EU countries? What about the Euro?
I think that the EU is very positive for everybody, I believe that the united economic in more European countries will not only help in the economic relationships among all the members of the federation, but also best relationships of the international diplomacy! Today we live in a bad period of the history and united Europe it surely makes all calmer. Also the coin only emblem of the united economic among our countries, I think this with positiveness!

Why don't you take prisoners? What will you do with them?
Nothing I kill them and tuck, comes me more disposition!!! Kill the listener is the base of our concept of music!!!

Did you get a lot of positiv reaction to the CD?
Yes man, so many we are really living a positive period!!!

Is this something to work harder on the followup?
Sure! We always give the best of ourselves when play, our fans can wait only it from us the best that we can really do!

Is it difficult to try to write something better than before?
No this perspective doesn't worry me. We have already five new ready song for the new album! Our style and even more in your face! I am sure that who has appreciated ’Architecture Of Perfect Damnation’ will stay stricken to died by the new album!!!

Where do you get inspiration from? And if you have a writers block?
I appreciate many writers E.A. Poe, Stephen King, Clive Barker and others... the Splatterpunk and the Gothic one I like above all. But I mainly draw my inspiration from film and directors of the past as: Christensen, Murnau, Stroheim, Sjostrom, Dreyer and it is really from this last that I have said that the motive for the our instrumental song has been drawn ’Decade Of The Tyrant.’ The film calls Dies Irae and it has been realized in 1943.

What kind of sport do you practice? Or a fan from something?
Sex. Only sex!!!

You have to do something to keep in shape. Getting vocal lessons?
No I train my voice when we play!

Looking forward for Christmas holidays? Doing something special?
I don't have programs for me! The important is to drink and to eat all the possible. If I found some time to go to sky I would be happy!

What do you hope for 2002??
Play so much for Europe and a new year without this fucking war!

Last rites?
Thanks Twan for your really nice interview. I hope to organize a concert in your country as soon as possible! A regard to everybody the web readers of BRUTALISM!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 22, 2001

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