E Force and life after Voivod

interview with Eric by Paul, December 2008

After a serious accident during which the tour bus he was on overturned, former Voivod vocalist and bassman Eric Forrest was left in a coma for a week and hospitalised for months. Following his remarkable recovery, Eric eventually left Voivod leaving the way clear for Snake to return. Now recovered and thirsty for more, he has a new album ready to rock your world. Get ready to feel the E-FORCE ....

Welcome Eric and thanks for taking time out to do this interview. How is your health these days? I'm sure all the fans are happy to see you back rocking again.
Hello and thank you! Pretty good considering..... Not 100 percent and never will be, but I am alive and still able to walk/rock/and keep the wife happy on a good day.......:)
Back rocking? Well I never really stopped... just for about 10 months to recover somewhat ,after that we (Voivod) were supporting Iron Maiden in Canada (Ed Hunter tour 99)
+ 2 euros tours and a 12 song demo ready to be recorded with full production in Chicago with Steve Albini..... Then we had a band meeting, and just for the record, I did not quit Voivod!
The guys told me in March 2001 that they did not want to continue voivod anymore... PERIOD! I did not believe it for a minute. In a lot of ways, that version of Voivod had kind of run its course
The Voviod mk2 had seen better days....... (as did the other version) + some realities definently got distorted...... However, looking back I guess you could say I got sacked in a nice way... + As a band ,Voivod were better off with Snake and Jasonic.... I mean cmon, how can I compete with the original singer of 8 records and the ex bass player of Metallica...? They made the right decision giving PIGGY a few more victory laps before his unfortunent departure if you know what I mean........ There were never any hard feelings after my band departure..... It was their band that I joined and had the honour and priviledge to be a part of........ back rocking? Yes a new E-force record called ’Modified Poison’!

When and how did you first get interested in rock music?
When I was about 10 or 11. Listening to AC/DC then came the Priest/Maiden/Motorhead then thrashmetal! etc etc.... I saw the ’Screaming For Vengence ’tour in Toronto and thought how fuckin cool is that? After watching a few Maiden vids, I had to start playing bass....... Music then and still is an escape from reality in some ways....... (well not the business side ha ha) but the sensation, the vibe!

What was the first band you were ever in?
It was a band called Warning in Burlington, Ontario Canada..... It was a cover band (Priest/Maiden/Sabbath/Metallica) and a few originals..... It was cool because I was just 15 yrs old @ the time.. The others were near 20 so I learned alot for my age @ the time.... though I was just a bass player then....

What was the first song you wrote and what was it about?
A song called ’Reckless Behaviour’ about getting waysted, fuckin chicks and being a punk......!

Back then, did you ever think you would become a succesful recording artist? When and how did you get your break?
Well, honestly I do not consider myself a ’successful recording artist’....... Perhaps alittle more fortunent than other artists but then again not as fortunent. I suppose it depends on how you look at it..... Despite what I have accomplished, I am just another player trying to make it happen. As in a musical career. Obviously, being in Voivod was a dream come true in many ways....
That was in 94..... This drummer from Toronto (JEFF SALEM) was really close with the ex manager (PIERRE PARADISE) of which led to the audition etc...

If you could have been in any band and played on any album, which ones and why?
I suppose the ones that I am involved in... otherwise other favs would not be the same...... know what I mean?

The new band E-force are named after your nickname, but when and how did you come by that name?
Well, a ’successful recording artist’ named IVAN (Men Without Hats)/co-writer of ’Nanoman’ ,’The Tower’ and a close friend of the band (Voivod) starting calling me it.. And it just kind of stuck.
It was in the year 2000......

After such a career defining band as Voivod, what was your motivation for this project?
To have somewhat of creative control in terms of musical and business direction... + Be able to continue what I had helped create in Voivod ....... re:songs.

The quality of musicianship on the album is excellent. How did you arrive at the current lineup and why did you choose these people to play with?
Thanks so much, with alot of luck!
I love the song Deviation - kick ass track from a thrashy yet very melodic album. What was the creative process within E-force when writing these tracks, and what influence did the guys you worked with from Agressor and Failing Flesh have on the way album sounds ?
Basically, I had and have a vision of where I want the E-force sound/vibe direction to go...... I wrote all the lyrics/subjects and a few complete songs.. and co-wrote the other songs with Cyril.
I explained where the direction is and he would play a riff etc.. and say ’oh like that?’ and I would say ’yes, just like that!’ Alex of Agressor wrote the music for a track called ’Perfexionist’ which was really cool... and my P:FF bros sent me some music already recorded which was amazing....... As far as the sounds go, it was PATRCICK FRIEDRICH who produced it followed by his friend ACHIM KOHLER (Sodom/Primal Fear) whom mastered it.

Why did you decide to remake an old Voivod demo track?
As a tribute to PIGGY......... The riff master P! Away told me @ his funeral that 1 day a DVD will have the trio live footage (Dynamo 96/+vids ’Insect’, ’Tower’ /12 song demo 2001)
I really lived and learned alot with PIGGY (and AWAY of course) The song is called ’Victory’ and is about universal coalition....... which made sense..... + having the song in full production was avictory also.... But it is really for the fans of PIGGY and Voivod to be enjoyed a bonus souvenir ... LONG LIVE PIGGY LONG LIVE VOIVOD!!!!!

How do you think the songs on this album differ from or are similar to what you did with Voivod?
Well The Voivod influence is their for sure.. its in my blood:)!!! But some ideas are different..... Its a thrash/black metal record with a side order of ’Shreddzilla’ if you know what I mean, have a listen and you, yes YOU! Will understand...... Fans of Voivod or any thrash metal will dig it, trust me!

As beautifully heavy as Modified Poison is, it's often difficult to capture a bands true power in the studio. How much impact will this material have live?
Alot, considering their are 2 killer guitar players live in concert....... and an amazing drummer named ALSVID...... yes, that ALSVID (ex-Enthroned)
We play some new and old E-force tracks as well as some killer Voivod songs...... come and see for yourself. You will not be dissapointed........

Do you prefer small, sweaty basement clubs or are festivals more your bag?
Does not matter....... Just to play is a priviledge.....so all are good!

For anyone who doesn't know you or has not seen you play, what can you expect from an E-force show?
Some kick ass thrash/black metal with a side order of ’Shreddzilla’ like I said earlier...+ some Voivod songs!

When and where are you back on the road and are there any plans for a UK tour?
Still working on confimed dates for 2009 so T.B.A. ..... But we have been invited to play the METALFEST sept 25-27 Dudley@JB 's UK..... Looking forward to it! Had many great times there (UK) in the past and plan on having more fun in the future!!!!

What do you think the future holds for E-force?
More live perfomances/records/tours etc etc........ + Some more special guests on the next recording....:) Stay tuned.....

Any message to the fans?
Thanks for all the support past and present...... Hope to see you all again 1 day..... .go to http://www.myspace.com/eforceband for info....
all the bloody best, cheers ERIC
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 25, 2008

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