Doomed From The Beginning

Primeval Realm was created by Joe Potash in June of 2009 with a overwhelming love for doom metal, he has recorded three demos and all of them are exceptionally high quality doom metal played with finesse and class. Joe also plays in Horrifier, another great band. With a EP for Primeval Realm planned in the future, they are a band you have to keep a eye out for. The potential for another classic epic doom metal band in the same league as Solitude Aeturnus etc is right here. There can never be too many bands indulging in traditional doom metal so it is with great pleasure I give you this interview with Joe.

Thanks for allowing me this interview. Can we start off with you telling the readers about yourself?
Thank you for conducting it Ed... I think Earthdog and DM Alliance are two of the best sites for this little sub-genre we hold so dear. Well I'm 22 years old and a huge all around headbanger. I've been playing guitar since I was a kid and have always messed around on all sorts of instruments.

How long have had Primeval Realm going and when was the original concept put into place?
I established the project in June, 2009... but I have been wanting to start a band with just one guitarist for a long time now. All the other bands I've been in always had two.

You have a poll on your MySpace page asking viewers to describe what style of doom is Primeval Realm but how do you describe it?
Traditional Epic Doom Metal

I read you have recorded three demos in the past year. Can you tell the readers about those and if they are available for purchase or download?
Yes, the first demo "Eclipse Of The Soul" was recorded in July 2009, the second "Doomed From The Beginning" was recorded in August 2009, and the final self-titled demo was recorded in October 2009 and released on Halloween... all engineered by yours truly. They are all available for free, (which you can order from the MySpace page... all I ask for is the shipping charges) but they are not up for download.

You recorded a cover of Pentagram's Relentless, would you say they are a major influence on how you play?
Most definitely... the Death Row-Penta lineup is a big influence to all aspects of my playing.

Can you fill us in on the past bands you have been in?
I am currently in my main band Horrfier in which our debut record will be released on May 31st, 2010 through Witches Brew records. I actually got Greg Seymour (ex-Iced Earth) to do a drum spot on the album, which is my favorite band. Also back in 2008 I was in another NJ thrash metal band called Eliminator.

Are you looking to record a full length album soon? Judging by the sound of the demos, you seem ready!
Not a full length album but an E.P. entitled "Primordial Light", which will pretty much be a professional quality compilation of the demo tracks. I just bought the artwork for it and I should begin recording in a few months.

Have you been sending the demos out to labels and if so what has the feedback been like?
No, I haven't got a chance to do any of that yet because my schedule is so busy with Horrifier and work and college (can't wait to get the fuck out of there!). But the feedback has been stellar thus far... not one bad comment yet.

You play guitar, vocals, bass, drums and keyboards, do you own all these instruments and do you have your own studio?
Guitar is my main instrument, so I own a decent arsenal when it comes to that, but all the other instruments I partially own with the rest of the members of Horrifier. No home studio just a shitty 8-track recorder.

Did you always want to do a one-man project or did come out of the situation of not finding the right people to work with?
No, not really it's just hard finding the right, like minded people to do the job who are both talented and local. Plus I work better and faster by myself. I'm trying to get the live line-up running ASAP.

What have you been listening to lately and do these bands play a major role in how you approach songwriting?
Well, for this project I listen to a lot of Solitude Aeturnus, Cathedral, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Candlemass... great traditional doom like that but I love all real genres of metal, mostly the older styles though. But when it boils down to it I always find myself looking back to the bands I was raised on like Sabbath, Purple, Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix.

This next question kind of relates to something I already asked you but I would describe the band as traditional epic doom metal in a similar vein to Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass. Is this form of epic songwriting something you have to work on or is it a very natural thing for you?
You hit the nail on the head with that one. Two of my favorites... I'm glad it comes out in my writing.

You have been played on some Internet Radio shows, are you are big fan of such shows and how important is getting airplay for you?
Yes, the Brutal Existence Radio family are all very cool people, especially Kev and Mark. They've helped me out a lot in terms of promotion. Crestfallen is probably the best structured radio show I've come across in terms of material... killer stuff.

What about your history as a guitarist, when did you first start playing and how did you master the instrument because you sound like you have it together.
I first started playing when I was about eight years old. I quickly lost interest in everything else and practiced constantly. As far as mastering the axe... I still have a long way to go. There's always something to be learned, but thank you for that compliment!

So what is your immediate plans for the rest of the year?
To pretty much push Horrifier as much as possible... our free record release show is at the world famous Duff's bar in Brooklyn, NY so if anyone lives in the area... come on out and hear some of our Power/ Thrash! As I stated before, I will be going into the studio to record the next Primeval Realm E.P. so keep a lookout!

Well, thanks for the interview and I hope the readers take note of all this and check out the band and the demos. Any final words?
Thanks to you man, my best wishes go towards all of the great things you're doing with the sites and in the doom metal underground in general! Doom on!
Interviewer: Ed
Apr 3, 2010

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