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The band was founded at the beggining of 1997. It consisted of members: Slawek ?Szycha? Szuszczewicz (guit, voc), Jurek Dacko (bass), Jarek ?Yaro? Pparota (drums) and Tomek ?Zaki? Kaczmarczyk Musican started to work on their compositions it the above contest. While working on their first debut album DISLOYAL preformed at few local competitions and gigs. It was not untill December when DISLOYAL decides to enter SELANI studio in Olsztyn, where carefully watched by patrons like Doc (VADER) and Simon (ex-PROPHECY) they registered first debut material tittled ?DESIRE?. This move allowed for the band to expand their possibilities to be noticed by wilder circle of listeners. ?DESIRE? was very positivly welcomed to the underground stage and not only, the proof of great respons and welcomed were numbers of great reviews and interviews in numerous magazines devoted to metal music, taking parts in radio interviews and participating in different mix recording for example: ?BLOOD TO COME vol.8? , ?ADRENALINE part 5( THRASH`EM ALL MAGAZINE) etc. To summury this the goal that musicans were aiming at was achived and reaction from listeners was unaxpected the band and replaced by Tomek ?Macabre? Korzeniewski. In 1998 DISLOYAL signs a contract to realise ?DESIRE? with Lublin Co. ?CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS? which takes care of promotions. At the end of 1998 in contest run by ?SUPER EXPRESS MAGAZINE? for the best band of warmia-mazury region DISLOYAL appears to find a place next to VADER and CHRIST AGONY, which is again a proof of a high level of standard of the band. In December 1999 DISLOYAL visits SELANI studio again and registers material for debut album which is ?PESSIMISTIC?. During sessions the video for composition ?THE PAIN OF EXISTENCE? was created and recorded, where as a quest (voc.) Andy Bomba (propertior of SELANI) took part in recording. Record consisted of 8 songs and intro which again was created by mentioned above Andy. The embiance of the record was kept in a technical and melody death metal moods, which gave a great new effect and outlook XXI c. metal. Thanks to this production the band signs contract witch DEMONIC RECORDS and just in June 1999 goes on their first road tour where is a support band to well know band DEVILYN. During PAIN DOMINATION TOUR, that was the name of the tour, DISLOYAL was given opportunity to present itself in the most famous cities in our country, where as faras debut band, was great recived. DISLOYAL together with DEMONIC RECORDS promote their debuit material in the country and abroad. In September 1999 DISLOYAL the new CD appears ?AVENGER? which is a remastered creation of the two previous editions, which is a debut demo ?DESIRE? and album ?PESSIMISTIC? and also few suprises. Also in June the band records in Lublin studio HENDRIX a new composition which is to promote a new material before being realised. However musicans decide that the new composition will not meant to be realised and end up in the band archive. Was that the sign of the problems coming already? In November 2000 there is a change in the member consist. Szycha and Zaki are replaced by LUKAS (guit, voc) and TOMASH (guitar) who play for PANZERFAUST on daily basis In September the co-working with DEMONIC RECORDS comes to the end as the company stops their activity. At this moment the band is at the point of looking for new editors.

interview with Yaro on 12-05-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi I'm Yaro and play drums in the band Disloyal. The promotion material with 3 new compositions registered in Bialystok studio HERTZ is right now in your hand. I hope you will survive the true, brutal, sharp ride which DISLOYAL present you.

To what are you disloyal?
To politic, church, to certain kinds of people, life in schemes and few less important things.

To what are you loyal?
To families, friends, music and personal life hamrmony which is in every one of us.

Why do you play this kind of metal? Why not hiphop?
Becuse we love death metal and we love metal. This is what gives us buzz.. I, personally think could not function without metal. I am addicted to it. As far as hip hop I just hate that stuff, shitt!!!

Who is your drum hero? And wy? Ever met him?
For me the best drummer and my masters are: Peter Sandoval( MORBID ANGEL), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Gene Holgan (ex DEATH, DARK ANGEL), Doc(VADER), Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER). I have only met and talked with Doc (VADER) while we were recording our album DESIRE with the rest I am hoping to meet and exchange few words.

How do you practice to play at high speed? Some tricks with food, drug etc?
No way as far as drugs or any medicine is concerned. all you need to do is practice, parctice and once again practice and success is sure

Do you see your body as a temple? May you modify your body by any means?
My body for sure is not a temple and I have never thought that about my body. I don't pay too much attention to my body. I don't want to change it neither I am comfortable init. I just accept myself as I am.

What kind of tattoos do you own?
It is not just one motive . It has got many pieces, little monsters. it is a fantasy-horror type. All in one and I like it very much though.

Color - Are you interested in the darkside of mankind? Why did god created good and bad people?
I am a bit interested in that but this is not a place nor time to discuss that. And how sure are you that God created people?

How do you handle negative critics about your music?
I have no idea cause since the beginning of DISLOYAL we only got one negative critic from one of the music reporter which turned out to be mistake at the end anyway. But I would admit that I would accept negative critis as it is a part of what we do and not everyone would find it suitable for themselves.

Think you can go more extreme on the music?
For sure I would say yes . I haven't said my last word in that area.

Why are there so many good extreme bands from Poland?
I have no idea but there are many and I am very happy for them and I wish them all the dreams come true.

Do you form a collectivity with the other bands?
Not with all of them but with most yes.

Still want to continue this intie?
This question one can understand in two ways: as far as a current image of DISLOYAL That is for sure yes!!!

Describe the progress of the new songs with the debut album?
At the moment we have got a new material ready for our new album. It will be 10 new compositions plus the cover of Morbid Angel ’ Dawn of the Angry’. I hope we can record this this summer.

How many are sold of ’Avenger’? Still like this album?
From what our editor told us around 450 CDs. It was a limited edition only 500 copies. Yes I still like very much this album!!!

Did you get reactions from labels about it? Still looking for labels?
After leaving our last promoter we are still looking for one for DISLOYAL. I hope it won't last too long as it makes it more difficult for the band.

In what ways do you promote the band? Many time spend on it?
I am in charge of a promotion of DISLOYAL and it means sending our stuff to the radio station, magazins, zines, publishers etc. Ordinary promotion material which I can not afford.

What is your daily job? Like it or what do you wanna be for real?
For some time now I am helping my Dad to build my pub. I didn't like it at the beginning but I got used to it.

Does your surroundings accept you being metalized?
I don't understand that question but for sure surrondings doen't make me be a metal maniac. I think you have to be born that way hehehe!!!!!

Think it important how people think about you?
No!!! and I will never care what people think or say about me .

Last rites?
Thank you very much for opportunity to present DISLOYAL in BRUTALISM. I send my greetings to all extreme sounds maniac and I invite you to get to know the brutal image of DISLOYAL . Once again thank you.
Interviewer: twansibon
May 12, 2002

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