Disinfect, the power of god and devil together

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The band DISINFECT was formed 1999 in Ludwigsburg. It was clear that their musical direction would lie in brutal Death Metal! The music can be described as fast & brutal Death Metal in the vein of American Death Metal bands. The lyrics try to portray sociocritical thoughts as well as personal views in an extreme and provocative way.

After some changes in the band the end formation was made in 2000. The CD ’Beinspender’ was made in the EXPONENT Studio in the Dec.00 till Jan.01. Bands like KRABATHOR, HYPNOS, APOPHIS...... and a lot more bands made their CD’s there.

In the same time we signed a deal with REST IN HELL RECORDS The band played on a lot different festivals (NEWCOMER,- OBSCENE,- DEPTH OF WINTER,-MONSTERS OF DEATH,- THE SOUL GRINDING FESTIVAL...) some tours (SINISTER, APOPHIS) and in a lot big clubs (Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg, Hellraiser, Nordclub, Forellenhof, la Laiterie.....), countries like CH, CZ, F, D, Slo, Cro,

The band was nominated as on of the best live bands 2000 in Switzerland in the Wärch-Hof and they had to play there, again!

interview with Chris on 21-3-2002

Please give us an short introduction of yourself?
Hi, I’m the lead guitarist and founder of DISINFECT. Second I’m a selfemployed fotograf & designer you can take a look on my page at www.daskompendium.de. I like to read a lot about okkultism, wars, serialkillers, celtics and much more... and don’t forget my PC I’ve to work a lot with!

Are you happy to play in the band?
Fuckin’ YES!! haha This was the reason to make this band!

What would you do if they kick you out?
I don’t think that this could happen! haha Second we’re really very good friends in the band and something like this could never happen!

Do you help to increase beer production?
Yes sure! I think like the most good Metal fans! haha I allwas try to do my best. It’s hard work but someone had to do it haha

What is the best snack to eat with drinking beer?
There’re some good things chips, steaks, every kind of meat especially (virgin) cunts haha

What is your opinion about brutal death metal?
The only music stile that’s really extreme and fast! The only music I’ll play and the reason for us to make music!!

What kind of styles do you not like?
Fuckin’ Rap shit this idiots should stay away in their slums! Stupid gangsta shit!! This fast moving pop music and shit like this girl and boy bands.

Did you ever played other musical style before this band?
Once in a Death/Black Metal band but that’s some years ago and only for some month after that I played again in a Death Metal band called OBSCURE but we split off after DISINFECT was created!

Why did you choose a german album name?
There’s no big reason. It’s a cool name that’s all. The next albums name will be in english.

Is it important to let us know you are from Germany?
No, that was not the reason. But I think if you read the names and when you see the address you’ll know it haha

Your opinion on the European Unity and the Euro?
This European Unity is wrong to many different countries especially because of the financial power. First the strongest countrys should make this and after that piece by piece the others could come. I hate this fuckin’ Euro!!! Everything is getting fuckin’ expensive but the funny thing is you don’t get more money for your work!!

Think you benefit from this economical movement?
No, maybe in some years, decades?!

Do you believe in the evolution theory?
haha No I’m not a fuckin’ ape!

What do you think of the stories in the bible? Fiction?
It’s a good book to getting happy when you’re down haha. There’s a lot stupidity in this book but I never really read it!

What is the best comic book you have read?
When I was younger it was Bat Man, Spiderman and now Spawn and some other comics but I’m not to much involved in comics and don’t have the time for them

How do you develope your interlectually?
I read a lot, talk a lot with friends, I try to find news in the internet, sometimes TV

Believe in spiritual orgasms?
"The only law is my dick in a whole of a nice woman" but I never tried it! Maybe I should do it once to knew what I’ll never do again haha

The best promotion line you heard about ’Beinspender’?
There’re some good lines. But the best was from the Schwermetal mag from Switzerland Man nehme Gott und Teufel zusammen und multipliziere das Ganze mit einer Million und erhalte so dann einen sechsundvierzigstel der Genialität des Disinfect-Debuts ’Beinspender’ It means you should take god and devil together multiply it with 1 million and then you’ll get the 46 piece of the genius of DISINFECT’s debut ’Beinspender’

Why should we try to catch you live?
I think we’re a very good live band from the first to the last chord! Only raw power on stage!!

Do you prefer to play at festivals or small gigs?
Festivals are great because you can reach a lot people but in a club there is a different clima and you could smell the adrenaline of the fans!

How does a gig look like? Hard and static?
Without compromise, there should be no long breaks between the songs and only loud and hard music with a good stage acting!!

Something else you wanna say?
Take a look at our page www.disinfect.de and listen to some tracks or try to see is us live! Our new longsleeves ’Nordic Thunder’ are made!!

Last rites?
Thanks a lot Twan for you support and help that we could spread our words/my words to a bigger audience!!

Stay fuckin’ brutal!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 21, 2002

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