Disguise respect people with a brain

interview with the band on 20-10-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Disguise was born in the summer of 1998, but found the right stability and start to compose new songs with the arrival of new drummer AIWASS in summer '99. In February 2001 DISGUISE realized their first MCD; ’IMPETUS MALI/MORS FIDEI’. The MCD contains 5 new songs plus one (A dreary night of November) extracted from the old promo, for the total time of 32 min. The MCD received very good reviews on magazines, webzines and fanzines in the whole world. In November 2001 DISGUISE won the ’Total Rock Contest ’, nation-wide competition organized by MetalHammer. In December 2002 DISGUISE entered Half Moon Studios, in Bari, for recording ’Human Primordial Instinct’, their first self-produced album.

Do you read Freud’s books? Other authors you like?
All the concept of Human Primordial Instinct is based on the thought of Nietzsche, Feuerbach elaborated by our minds, for putting it in our contest. I personally read a lot of Freud because I’m studying psychology at the university!

Black metal is for gays in a darkroom. Agree?
I hope you want to say, not gay! But I’m sure it is! Yes and not.. You have to be dark inside your soul. The place where you play is not important. What’s really important is the attitude.

Do you put things in your music that are caused by what you do & think in daily life?
Not exactly. Human Primordial Instinct talks about the wrong way of man’s life. Lyricks of this album denote the present state of man, obliged by morals and false ethics to lose his real ’humanity’. But there is an alternative instead of the wrong passivity of human action.
’HUMAN PRIMORDIAL INSTINCT’ examines this topic in three steps:
- ’MENS OBSCURATA DOLE’: human brain has obscured by deceit of promises never come true, by deceit of words that taste of lies. Man follows the others, erring. This is the greater mistake of man, living without being conscious of it.
- ’NOSTRA HUMANA RESURRECTIO’: another way of living exists, where man is master of his fate. It's necessary to go back in the past, to remove ages of moral repressions. It's necessary to retake ’HUMAN PRIMORDIAL INSTINCT’, this is our human resurrection. Every man can awake from nowadays sopor to come back to life in the right way.
- ’SETTIMA PROPOSIZIONE: IL RESTO E' CONSEGUENZA’(Seventh proposition: rest is consequence): Everyone can do what he wants to do, but going towards result of his own actions. ’Il resto ®® conseguenza’, seventh and last proposition against christianity written on 1888 in the ’Antichrist’ by Nietzsche, summarizes this concept.

What do you do in daily life? What is your education and why did you choose this?
Four of us attending the university in three different places around Italy! But this isn’t a great problem, because our priority remains the music. I have chosen psychology..I don’t know why... I have to do something in my life or not?!

Do you have a dreamjob? Would there be something what satisfy your moral thoughts?
The same dream job of every musician is play and play and play! We all are attempting at the university, because we know that living from music is really difficult, and we have to eat in some way!

What kind of people do get your respect? Why?
All the people that think with his brain, and that do his work very well. Because you have to carry on what you start and you have to do it in the best way you can!

Is the death penalty a solution to get rid of criminals and not waste money on prisons?
Surely yes, if the crime is so high to deserve it. You cannot make a mistake without a punishment. And death penalty is the extreme punishment.

How active is the police in your area in fighting against crime? Do you notice something from the mafia?
Our city is situated in the south of Italy, but is a pacific city, by the way. Police is not more active then in other places, also... if sometimes something strange happens; Last week a checkout assistant was killed for 100 ¢„!!

What is the satisfaction of releasing an album? Still get excited when a CD comes out?
The greatest satisfaction! All your work and your efforts are closed in it.
Also if you need a lot of money to selfproduce a CD & we hope that this last one has been selfproduced!!

Are you in a band to record music or playing live? What is the fun of playing live?
Live activity is really important for us. I think that an extreme band gets its real dimension on stage. We have had the honour to play with two really great bands like Marduk and Vader and it has been a great experience. We play a lot all around Italy and we have played also in Slovenia and Austria, March 2004.

How do you react when only 5 fans show up for a gig? Do you play or cancel?
Absolutely not! We went in Austria in March during Take It European Tour and we played in front of 15 people.. but we played! Sometimes it happens that the crowd is really small, but also in front of one person you have to do your best! Always!

Did you follow the EC in Portugal this summer? Italy had a change?
Really bad EC! Italian football team is not a great team in world competitions, many money & many business. It’s looks like a fuckin’ fashion show!

Italy has a rich history? Do you have interest in other countries and their history?
Yes Italy has a great history. Roman Empire has conquered great part of Europe, bringing culture everywhere. Also with the renaissance Italy had a very important place in Europe economy. Now the most of the nation has the same rule, and the roots are lost.

Can you predict the future in 20 years? What will we do? What will we eat? Can we travel interstellar?
I don’t know anything of it! But I know that we will still play.. and we will still play black metal!

Why do men love big breasted women?
My girlfriend has small tits..

Any promotional words for Disguise?
We invite you all to visit our site and download our mp3!

Last rites?
Thanks to you for your support!
See you on stage..
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Interviewer: twansibon
Oct 20, 2004

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