Disconsolate writes about the dark sides of life

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Disconsolate started back in1998, consisting of Klaas (drums), Alex (guitar), Johan (vocals) and Andre (guitar), all former members of Embrace the Darkness.
In the beginning of 1999 they were joined by Marcel on bassguitar and soon after they played on the Trompe Stampe festival. A few months later Andre left the band. In the summer of 1999 they found a second guitar player, former Compos Mentis bassplayer Patrick.
Finally things took off and more songs were written in the tradition of Doom/Deathmetal. Slow harmonic pieces combined with heavy brutal stuff. The band was complete and started touring, playing with bands like Reborn, Exxor, Ethereal Spawn and Dew Scented (Germany). Ester joined the band, playing additional keyboards.
They’ve just finished their 5 song promo CD entitled Dreaming... Longing... Dying... which was presented 7th october 2000 at Nederland 3, Wateringen. This demo was mixed and produced by Ian Bannerman in Sydney, Australia. The songs vary from slow doomy songs to uptempo Deathmetal. They’re influenced by bands like Anathema, Paradise Lost, Slayer, My Dying Bride, Carcass, dEUS, Opeth, Obituary, Testament and Suffocation.

interview with the band on 18-10-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Howdie I'm Klaas, born in Honselersdijk, 25 years of age and playing the drums.
Marcel, our bassplayer is born in The Hague and is 24 years of age
Patrick was born 29 years ago in Naaldwijk and plays the guitar
Johan is using his vocal cords for the last 24 years after being born in Monster
Last but not least is Alex the guitarman, born in Naaldwijk 21 years ago.

What are you disconsolate about? So why the bandname?
Generally we're disappointed in life, in people, in broken promisses and abused trust, the whole situation in the world and politics.
So we feel our name expresses our feelings

Why did you quit the other band and start a new one?
A couple of guys left the band and it bled to death (it wasn't going anywhere either so...) Since music is in our blood we started a new band shortly after with much better chemistry and musical ideas.

Why did you mixed the demo in Australia? How the connection with Ian?
The opportunity arose, we grabbed it. Ian was living in Holland for about 2 years before he went back to Australia. While he was in Holland he frequently worked with Marcel at a local venue called Ned3 in Wateringen. He took the recordings to Australia and did the final mixing since he has a lot of experience as he has worked with people like Dave Steward and bands like INXS.

Are you satisfied with the demo result? How are the reactions?
At the time it was finished we were quite pleased but since it's a low-budget demo we couldn't expect too much (we recorded it on a home pc) and to be honest, the production ain't that great. Reactions were good though, several reviews in metalmags were very positive (except for the production), so we think it's oke.

What is the meaning behind the title? Is it a concept?
Everybody in life has certain dreams, from dreaming comes longing (but you never get what you desire) which results in disappointments and in the end we all die.
It's not really a concept, we just write about the dark sides of life.

What is your dream? What are you longing for and how would you like to die?
Our dreams and desires are pretty similar, we all want glory, fame, lots of good sex, happiness and death. We'd like to die in a way we least expect it, let it be a surprise...

Ever had the feeling of being so drunk you think you would die?
Too many times but we just don't seem to be able to stop drinking.

What comes after death? Believe in heaven or hell?
Marcel believes in reincarnation, but not in heaven or hell.
Klaas and Patrick believe there is no life after death.

Are you a follower of any religion? Why yes or no?
No way!!! Religion is the root of all evil!!! Just look at the Middle East.
We think that about 90% of all wars are fought over religion while every religion preaches peace (that's a big contradiction!!!) so they should start practicing what they preach! We hate people who claim to fight wars in the name of their God.

Do you use your mobile phone a lot? And for what, talk/SMS?
Johan, Alex and Marcel don't have a mobile, Patrick uses his mainly for business, Klaas for long talks with his girlfriend.

Do you like to communicate with other metallers by email?

Your underground feeling? Your tribute to the underground?
Being a metalhead automatically makes you underground since metal isn't played by the commercial stations. Our tribute to the underground is our music.

Do you boil your egg hard?
Marcel eats 2 hardboiled eggs every sunday (he needs them after a saturdaynight), Patrick and Klaas bake their eggs and Johan bakes his real soft.

Your favorit oneliner?
Johan: I'm not gay, my boyfriend is
Johan: I'm the most hansom guy to walk the planet
The rest: Fuck you

Are you a fanatic CD/vinyl collector? What genres?
Johan is a real collector of Doom and Deathmetal, Marcel collects weird music like monkeypunk, Patrick is more into old-school metal, Klaas and Alex collect the more technical Death and Doom stuff.

Your fav bands/albums?
Patrick: Slayer, Reign in Blood
Klaas: Mindrot, Dawning
Johan: Gathering, Allways; Pan.thy.monium, Dawn of dreams
Marcel: My Dying Bride, The Angel and the Dark River
Alex isn't here at the moment

Any interest in non metal music?

Where can people find you on a saturday night?
De Flaat in Naaldwijk (alternative cafe), Ned3 in Wateringen or at a concert ofcourse

And on a sunday morning?
In bed

What can we expect at a show?
Deafening music, lots of headbanging, the windmill. We try to put on a good show so come over to check it out!

Do you prefer to be on stage or in the studio?
Definately on stage, but the studio makes us feel good as well.

Your wish for the future?
A big recorddeal, playing lots of gigs and festivals, playing abroad.

Last rites?
Check out our site at www.disconsolate.nl (MP3's to download)
We play at: De Bazart friday 26th of october (The Hague)
Saturday 3rd of november Metaltrax at Ned3 Wateringen with Deadweight and Xenomorph
Saturday 15th of december De Flaat Naaldwijk supporting Dew Scented (Germany)
See you there!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Oct 18, 2001

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