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After the break up of the thrash metalband Desecration in 1998, two members decided to put their strengths together and started a new metalband, called Devious. The two members, Guido (guitar) and Frank (drums), created the very first crushing Devious songs. After some changes in the line-up, Devious was reinforced with guitarist Simeon and bass player Stephan. The band was making progress and new songs like’I'll slice you into pieces’, ’Justice’ and ’Ronin’ were created. Early 1999 Wouter joined the band and temporarily took control over the vocals, while the band was still in search for a new vocalist. Due to circumstances Simeon and Stephan left the band in 2000. After their departure Wouter took control over the 2nd guitar and the band created more songs. Now they were more brutal then ever. The band decided to switch style; the sound still contained the trash influences, added with an enormous dose of death metal much like Cryptopsy and Cannibal Corpse. Late 2000 the band had some succesfull performances with combined vocals of Guido and Wouter on guitar and Frank on drums. November 2000 the band was reinforced by singer Arnold (ex- Pernicious) and bass player Sven (ex- Death Squad). The current band members are Guido (Guitar), Frank (Drums), Wouter (Guitar), Sven (Bass) and Arnold (Vocals). In the following period the band created new crushing brutal songs. The band is the winner of ’The Pulse Contest 2001’. They won free recordings. These recordings took place at the Rooftop studio, Enschede, Holland on the 3rd of november 2001. The CD contains 4 tracks. Released in early March 2002.

interview with the band on 29-3-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
We are five guys whith the age of 19-27. We are all ugly as hell.

Where does Devious stand for? What is your message?
Our message is: variety is the key to making interesting music.

Why did you choose the name Devious? Other names in mind?
We liked the sound of it, no other reason in particular. At first we wanted to call our band ’the love brothers’ but well, that's not very death metal so we changed it into Devious.

Tell something about The Pulse contest? How and why you won?
It's an annual contest between local, unexperienced bands of all musical genres. We won by bribing the jury.

How did you experience the recording sessions?

Can we expect more recorded material in the future?
Of course. We are planning on recording our first full-length cd in the second half of this year.

Are you trying to become more brutal? Where do you draw the line?
We are not trying to become an extremely brutal death metal band, but we are planning on creating some brutal songs. Nevertheless, Devious will never loose it's melodic touch and it's variety.

How do you start writing songs?
First we (especially Guido) create a lot of seperate guitar riffs, then we paste the best fitable riffs together, Frank creates a drum pattern and Arnold or Frank writes some lyrics. In the whole process, we create variations for the second guitar and the bass guitar. The process of creating a song usualy takes about three or four rehearsals, sometimes less and sometimes more. After a song is created, we are always busy making minor adjustments to perfectionise the songs; songs we wrote years ago are still being perfectionised.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Eeeh, from the big master, Satan himself.

Did you write songs that one of the members couldn't play?
We don't remember.

How do you train to play the fast music? Any secrets?
Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice and also practice.

Is there a philosophy behind the cover image?
Put some images together with Photoshop and you have an image that appears to have a meaning but doesn't.

Is Arnold performing without a shirt to show his tattoos?
No, to show off with his perfectionally trained, athletic, muscled body.

Does beauty come from the inside or outside?
Both, inside shines through in the outside.

And where do you look first when you see a girl?
Arnold: Tits
Sven: Ass
Frank: Legs, face, rest of body
Guido: girl....where, where?
Wouter: Her underpants

With which bands do you wanna tour with?
Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Deranged, Hate Eternal etc.

Are you trying to play as much live as possible?

Is it easy to get gigs? Other bands to cooperate with?
It's not very easy, especially when you don't have any recordings to promote yourself with (we didn't have a demo/ prome untill the mini we recently released). We have formed a package with a couple of other death metal bands: Deifecation, Extreem Eczeem, Exposing Innards.....

What is your favorit food? Any cooking pleasure by yourself?
Frank: mexican food
Guido: any food made by Kaatje
Arnold: shoarma
Sven: pizza
Wouter: lasagna

Your fav spare time activity?
Playing music, listening to music, drinking beer, watching movies, having sex...

Do you watch TV often? What kind of programs?
Yeah, mostly porn.

Your chance to say some positiv about Devious?
We are not arrogant, but we are better than everyone.

Last rites?
Keep your face young and vital with Yves Rocher Pro-retinol facial creme, Please visit the official Devious website
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 29, 2002

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