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DENATA Sweden's raging thrash inferno is back with a new masterpiece entitled ’Art of the insane’. The new album is not just another DENATA release, ’Art of the insane’ is the most violent and well produced material composed by these Swedish thrashers. Inspired by the 80's thrash / death scene they will blow your head away with furious and uncompromising metal. Let the torture begin...

Formed in 1998 by Tomas Andersson (vocals / guitars) and Pontus Sjšsten (vocals / drums) DENATA began their infernal sessions and with a big laugh their s/t vinyl EP was recorded as a tribute to the old school scene. What was a project became a band in 1999 as they hooked up with Roger Blomberg (bass).

After months of serious rehearsing DENATA was ready to record their first opus. With full force the band entered Guja studio (Sweden) in the year of 2000. Containing ten tracks of raw and furious thrash metal ’Departed to hell’ was appreciated by metal fans all over the world.

In the year of 2001 DENATA was signed by Arctic music group and the second full-length entitled ’Deathtrain’ was released. With darker and faster material and a bit different sound this was the rawest release to date. ’Deathtrain’ were mostly appreciated in the underground scene but far to be the weakest.

DENATA suffered a setback in September of 2002 when Pontus Sjšsten was forced out due serious damage to his ears. The band quickly re-grouped, enlisting ke Danielsson on the drum stool and maneuvering Tomas Andersson to take on all lead vocal responsibilities.

For ’Art of the insane’ the band entered studio Hellsmell to get new impressions and another sound than on their previous releases. ’Art of the insane’ is the most violent and well produced material composed by these Swedish thrashers. Tracks such as ’Marionettes of death’, ’Insomnia’ and ’Prophecies’ will take you through eons of pain, this is the art of the insane...

interview with Tomas on 3-4-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Sure, I'm a Swedish metal bastard, that's the short introduction if you want to know more you have to meet me. I'm always available at the local graveyard at midnight.

What is the meaning behind the name Denata?
Denata is a breakout name from the Latin word denatus that is translated dead.

Why did you start the band? After hearing which bands?
We started Denata as a tribute to the old school thrash scene. We have always been possessed by old school thrash metal and one day we decided it was time to bring Denata alive. I don't want to say there was a particular band that made us start Denata it was more our passion to metal since kindergarten..

Why do you love this kind of metal?
It's straight, aggressive and there is no space left over for bullshit, that's what real metal is about, isn't?

What do you think of the thrash revival?
Actually I think it's good because it's a sign for that this kind of metal haven't died.

Which bands were ignored in the 80s and are now mentioned as influences?
Can't come up with any band at all. I think I still listen to most of the bands that I enjoyed back in the 80's. One band I somehow missed back then was Infernal Majesty but I listen to them a lot now but I don't really want to say they influence the music to Denata.

What bands do you like listening to? Also some none metal bands?
I listen to a lot of music daily and my choices depends a lot of what mood I'm in. Right now I'm listening to The Crown, Diabolical, Divine Empire, Sodom & Entombed, nice summer music. Some none metal bands .. few times a year I listen to Ramones and The Cure.

Ever tried some other style or other genre like reggae or so?
Haha . No and if you should see me doing that one day please kill me!

What kind of car do you own? What is your fav car and think you can buy it one day?
I own a Volvo 850 that I use to fill up with killer petrol! That's my fave car so my dreams have already come true. I like Swedish steel and I'm not so interested in cars that's why I drive a Volvo. You should have asked Ponta this question he's mad about American cars.

Other interesting hobbies we should know? Collecting something?
I collect corpses. I have to buy a new freezer soon cause my other is filled up.

Still like living in Sweden? Ever been to other countries?
I love living in Sweden and I have never even thought about moving from here. I like Sweden because of the weather and the small population. I have traveled some even though I don't like it. I have been in United Kingdom, Spain, Österreich, Finland, Denmark and Germany.

Do you prefer the winter vacation of summer? What do you do on vacation?
None of them as the winter is so damn cold and the summer heat makes me mad. I prefer going on vacation during the autumn if I must but actually I prefer to stay home with my chick and cats!

The difference between your previous work and the new one called ’Deathtrain'?
There is a lot of difference but still in the same vein so you will hear its Denata. The new release Deathtrain is much faster and rawer than our previous material. Deathtrain have more touch of death metal than Departed to hell that were more in the heavy metal spirit. Also the production is more dirty and old school.

How do you evolve as a musician? What more can you learn?
just keep on playing there is always something new to learn even if you don't notice that each time. If you look back some years and listen to how you played then compared with today you will hear a difference. I have a lot left to learn and I'm not a skilled musician but I know how to play metal!

When will you buy a BRUTALISM shirt?
You have shirts for sale? I didn't know that I will have to buy one really soon so I look beautiful at the rehearsals hehe .

Do you still live at your parent house?
No way hehe. They would not stand to have me there!

From what age are you living on your own? Alone or with a girl or pets?
I moved from home when I was 18 together with my chick and we still live together. The first thing we brought home was 3 cats. I had a cat from my parent house but I couldn't bring him with me because he would die if he had stop be outside. The future plans are to get a house because I hate live in a flat.

Is it easy to get a house in your town?
Not at the moment the house prices are high as hell and there is not too much to choose between. But if you move some miles from our hometown (Linköping) it's much cheaper and you have a lot to choose between.

What is the reason that you become uglier after years?
My doctor tells me I do because I eat too much cheese but I think it have to do with my new face lotion.

What do you think after drinking 5 beers?
Boobs . Big boobs

Your last words to promote ’Deathtrain’?
Deathtrain will leave the station March 25'th in Europe and 5'Th May in US. Pay the ticket with your life and remember there is no way back ... Total thrash attack!

Last rites?
Thanks Twan for the interview and take it easy! Under the banner of death we ride!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 3, 2002

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