Dancing with the devil with Sesta Marconi

Sesta Marconi have serving up their brand of Traditional Doom Metal for nearly 10 years but only now have they just released their debut full length masterpiece "Where The Devil Dances". The album is a exceptional body of work that will please fans of BLACK SABBATH, CATHEDRAL, TROUBLE, SHEAVY, PENTAGRAM, THE OBSESSED and CANDLEMASS. The band are not intent however on being just a copy-cat outfit, the way they blend diverse, catchy, heavy traditional doom metal tunes and psychedelic passages makes them unique propersition for any doom or traditional heavy metal fan. "Where The Devil Dances" is another in a long line of classic releases from Italian bands in the last year and i highly recommend  you check out this band, they have been a well kept secret for a while now but that is about to change. Here is a interview i did with the band.

First up i have to say thanks for allowing this interview to happen but the first question i must ask is can you tell the readers a bit about the history of the band?
Hi Brother! Sesta Marconi history begins in 1999, in a little town of south of Italy, Campobasso. In 2003 we recorded our first demo “Black Soul Star”, falling stylistically between seventies hard rock and classic heavy metal with strong doom metal overtones. In September we moved to Rome and in the following years we continued to forge new material, leaning more towards traditional doom metal. Most of those tracks went to constitute "Ritual Kamasutra Kitsch", a 30 minutes long EP released by the band in March 2008. Many magazines and webzines wrote good reviews about it, so in the last February Metal On Metal Records wanted the band for a contract. Now, nine months later, we are here to talk about our new album. It’s fucking great!

I must admit, i don't read many review sites myself so what has been the reaction like to the new album?
It’s too much early to value the reactions, because the cd is out from 20 October and had just few reviews by now. Anyway first reactions are very positive.

The band seems to play very much from the heart and you have a deep passion for the style you play. Did that style of playing come naturally?
We are a doom-metal band… the love and passion for his genre comes totally naturally. We all grew up listening all night long to Black Sabbath tapes. When we started to play together in a country house built next to a deep wood … we felt something magic and romantic in that atmosphere: doom metal was calling us to join its army.

Tell us a bit about the recording of the album ? It has pretty good production values !
We have recorded this album in the end of July of this year at the 16th Cellar Studios of Stefano Morabito in Rome. We have already worked with Stefano for the recording of “Ritual Kamasutra Kitsch”, so it was easy for him to understand the sound-way we want for “Where the Devil Dances”.

You also re-recorded a couple of tracks for the album. What was the reason behind that?
We thought that Skeletons Party and LSWD were wasted for an EP of 500 copies (“Ritual Kamasutra Kitsch”). In our opinion, it would be a sin to leave them so unknown.

While the band plays a Doom based Hard Rock style, there is also some old school Progressive Rock sounds going on too. Is the early 70's Prog-Rock a major influence?
Yes. We are particularly influenced from the 70’s Italian Prog-rock scene and bands like Balletto di Bronzo, Perigeo, Biglietto per l’Inferno, Rovescio della Medaglia and PFM. Other important influences from the 60’s and 70’s are Coven, Black Widow and psychedelic English and American sound.

The label (Metal On Metal Records) seems to be doing a good job with getting the word out on the band. How has the relationship between the band and label been going and are you happy so far?
We have a friendly relationship with the guys of Metal on Metal. Jowita Kaminska and Simone Peruzzi are first of all really cool metal-head fanatics, and we appreciate very much their effort in supporting and producing this music.

What about live shows, how many shows has the band played and what have been some of the biggest shows you have been involved in?
In past we have played a little bit of concerts around Italy, the biggest live experience was the Stoned Hand of Doom, the most important italian doom festival, where we played with The Heads, Serpent Cult, Witchfield, White Hills and many other band.

Is there any plans on putting the band on the road for a big tour?
We are planning a European tour for the next year. Stay tuned!

What is your plans for 2010?
As I said, we hope to go on the road for a tour and to play to some festival in Europe, hopefully in spring and summero 2010.

Has the band got any long term goals and how big do you think the band can get within this programmed, commercial world we live in?
There are no goals, we don’t know and don’t plan anything about our future… let the doom decides about us.

How much does the band work on songwriting and is there already plans for the next album?
The working time is different song by song… A song is finished when we are completely satisfied! Sometimes the writing process can take a couple of hours, in other instances it can last some years! We have some ideas about new songs but we don’t know when a new album will be recorded.

Thanks again for the interview, any last words?
Thanks for your support. We greet all rockers and doom metal fans in the world.
Peace,love,sex&doom to everyone!
Interviewer: Ed
Dec 5, 2009

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