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Daemonlord was born from the brain of Kepa, founder of the band. The idea of what's Daemonlord now begins to take form in the Summer of 2000. After writing some songs, Kepa decided to show them to a few friends, asking them for a vocal collaboration. Finally Sixto from Moonshine accepts, and they record their first demo, titled ’Unsacred Soul’. They released over 50 copies in CD-R format, but immediately they begin to distribute it in Tape format, with an edition of over 450 copies. Then Satanachia and Hades Prods. from Portugal, showed their interest in re-releasing this demo with an extra track. This was a limited edition of 300 copies. After studying a few offers and being betrayed by some bastards, Wolf Records releases their second demo, ’As Bastard as God’, limited to 350 copies. After this they accepted the offer of releasing this stuff as a Split-Cd, which will be released soon through a Scandinavian label. The band is searching right now for a label in order to release a 7’ or a MCD.

interview with Kepa on 4-11-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
HI!!! OK. I’m 20 years old, living in the basque country, a great place to live!!! I like listen music and stay with my friends.

Why did you wanna play black metal? Tried some other kind of metal?
don’t play BM exactly!!! We play what we fell. Doesn’t matter BM or DM, you know, we have some influences about BM bands, but I listen to DM too. In BM are good and bad bands, some of them are totally poser fucking stupid people.

Don't you think BM is becoming too populair? Lot of moneybands?
Yeah.... Of course, they are many poser bands, you know, but there are some true one too. I support all the Underground bands in the world.This kind of shitty BM, what they play with a lot of female vocals and this stupids influences is not BM!!! This is a fucking shit!!!

Difference between Euopean and US BM?
In Europe are killer bands, and in America too. I think that the american scene have a great scene with the Unholy BM, like Judas Iscariot, Thornspawn.... In Europe we have some cool bands too. I like the greek sound, and the true scandinavian BM.

What is the idea behind Daemonlord? Any message?
Our message is only that the people can’t believe something that some stupids says. Fuck all the religions!! Paricularly the christian ones!!!

Are the lyrics anti relegion, anti god?
Yeah, of course, we don’t support any ideologies, but we are nearest of Satanism that the fucking christianity. The lyrics tell about real an unreal things. Are quite strange and particular.

First on CDR but than on tape. Why? For the cost?
No.The cost??? It cost the same or more cheaper on CD-R. But we put around 50 copies on CDR and them I think that we can made another version on tape and spread this one. So finally we spread about 450 copies over the world, and Satanachia & Hades Prod. re-releses to 300 copies more. So we think that with the first demo we spread our name for all world. Now the second demo I release a tape version because I like this underground spirit that the tapes have.

Why no corpsepaint? Afraid to not getting it off?
No. We don’t use this in this moment because we don’t want to put behind the mask. We are like the photos looks.

Do you still live with your parents? Do they accept?
Yeah, a little. I live with them about 2 days in a week, the rest I pass on my study home.

Are you the only one in your village with a PO Box?
Hahahah, probably... No, there are a lot of industry that they use. But there aren’t personal people who has it one.

In what part of Spain do you live?
In the Basque Country!!! In north of Spain.

Ever been to another country? Like visiting/holidays?
Yeah. I visit the Netherlands about 4 years ago. You have killer hash!!! hahahah. I visit Belgium, France, Portugal....

What kind of music do you listen yourself?
Always metal. I listen many DM, because I like their sound a lot. I like BM too. But in the BM are many fucking stupids bands. I like the real underground ones, like Azaghal, Impiety, Abigail....

How many time do you spend on promoting the band?
I don’t know how many time. But I spend much money!!! In all the post, you know, the promo and shit like this. Anyway, I think that we can make a better distribuion/promotion with more help like yours.

Does Internet help you a lot? How will it be in five years from now?
Of course. Internet is a great way to promote. You can contact many people in the world and you can take contacts and is free!!! I can’t imagine, because I think that Internet will be destroy all.

You also make website. Don't you think professionals should do this?
Yeah. I do some pages, but I’m not a professional. I do the web-sites in my free time, and I don’t takle any money. I do only to promote other bands or underground people who need some help with the internet. I like make pages, so I make the better webpages that I can.

When do you order your copy of a BRUTALISM shirt?
I didn’t order anyone!!! Can you tell me when I can???

Do you have a fav cloth, shirt, panty?
Hahahah, No. I like normal cloths.

Some nice words for the Daemonlord fans?
OK, you can visit our homepage at http://www.daemonlord.xrs.net and download the samples that are there. If someone wants to contact us, please write me on kepademonlord@hotmail.com .

Last rites?
Thanks Twan for your support. Stay True, and support the tru Underground!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 4, 2001

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