D.A.M.N. and the nightmare of being killed

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When the cliff comes nearer and nearer to you, when the grey clouds of doubt and resignation threaten to suffocate you, when the only hope left is the jump over the edge, then you have come to know the devastating world that the songs from D.A.M.N. describe. So read when Toni explains.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
We are a Deathmetalband from Germany that was formed in 2001.

Also introduce your bandmates and something we shouldn't know about them?
We are 5 friends that wanted to make music together… and I won’t tell you something you shouldn’t know. ;o)

Explain the moniker combination. Was it first D.A.M.N. and searching for suitable words or was the name accidentally fit to D.A.M.N.?
First it was just D.A.M.N. and later we needed something new that fit to the letters. So it wasn’t accidentally we just had to find 4 words that make sense together.

What was your first nightmare? Did it ever came true?
I don’t remember my first nightmare. When I was a child I often dreamed that someone breaks into the house and wants to kill me and later rape me. I still have that dream sometimes but fortunately it never came true so far.

Are you interested in the unconsciousness of the mind? Why we are dreaming and the meaning of dreams?
The scientific explanation is so far I remember that the brain needs dreams to “digest” what happende during the day or generally in life. What the different dreams mean I don’t really know. I always thought it sounds weird that when you dream about death it can mean something positive… I also don’t know why I suddenly dream about things that happened long time ago and there wasn’t really a trigger.

Do you believe is some kind of spirituality? Should there be more lifeforms in the universe?
Not really. There is always an explanation and I never heard of something or saw something that couldn’t have been explained. I also don’t believe in god. But I am open minded and I know that there can’t be proof so I would never say that it definitely doesn’t exist.
Wasn’t there a planet found some time ago that is similar to Earth? Maybe there are lifeforms why not.

All this physics is enough inspiration for lyrics but what are your inspirations for the lyrics?
Life. My life and what I can see in other people’s life. Everything that is annoying, going wrong and somehow sad.

How are the songs made? First lyrics and than the music? And who is the main composer and why?
First comes the music and that is the guys responsibility. And then there comes the lyrics and that is my job.

Is the new album a story or are the songs individual songs?

It is not a concept album but the maintheme is somehow the same. But there is no song that is stuck to another song.

What are the goals to achieve by releasing this album? When can you say it was worth the recording and releasing?
It already was. We have our songs well produced on a CD and a label that paid to press them and made promotion for it. The meaning was to find a label so there was a bigger chance that more people will hear about us and hopefully like us. It also helped to get more shows and better shows.

For those who don't have the album, what can they expect?
Melodic Deathmetal and a bit of Thrash and Blackmetal and groove.

And describe the sund to a deaf person? Do they get discount when buying the album?
They just have to watch Peter Griffin in Family guy while he is dancing to “the bird is a word” from the Trashmen. That is pretty much it.

As a band you want to develop, so why is this album your best effort so far?
Because we could concentrate on the best ideas and comprimise them into less than 10 minutes when it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

How did you manage to get a seperate release deal for Asia? What do you expect from this part of the world?
The Label askes us so we were pretty lucky. And Unexploded Records didn’t have a problem to give them the rigths for Asia what also was great.

Is there a possibility to go on a EU tour? Would you go when you have to buy in as support act? For what ban would you like to open?
We will definitely not pay for going on tour with a big band. I understand that we as support wouldn’t get money for it but in my opinion you shouldn’t pay for hard work!!!

Maybe a tour through Asia can be arrange?
I don’t really know how it works in Asia with tours. I can’t really imagine that we soon will get popular enough in Asia for going on tour.

Are you visiting shows yourself as a fan? What was the last one and are you in the front row or at the bar?
The last show was yesterday in Horsens, Denmark. I was there together with Illdisposed. And I was some time at the bar, short time on the toilet and very short time on stage. ;o)

Speaking about a bar. Why is Dutch beer better than German beer?
Why does The Netherlands play better sokker than Germany? Exactly, they don’t!

What do you do outside the band? Work or study? Something maybe that isn't really metal?
I work in an office and that is not really Metal. I studied some years and was a teacher for 2 years (and that is Metal) but when I moved to Denmark I had to find something where I don’t have to speak danish for the beginning.

Why are the girl tees sold for 6,66 euro? Isn't showing tits enough to them for free?
Yes but sometimes you should hide them. When you have to look at the same picture again and again it gets boring.

Is there anything you want to add that has been forgotten to ask?
You think so?

Last rites?
Don’t take things to seriously and hopefully see you soon in The Netherlands!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 11, 2010

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