Cypecore’s beauty of ‘innocent’ and beyond

In a time when modern technology has enhanced music (both in good ways like creating cyber/ industrial metal and bad ways by helping lots of people with useless or poor things to say be heard more easily), lots of bands has taken advantage of what it has to offer. Cypecore is one of those bands. Fusing a style of melodic death metal and industrial metal they released their debut, Innocent, back in 2007. Now, three years later and still with a much well deserved fanbase, the group is preparing to release their next album very shortly. I got a chance to catch up with the band talk a bit about how their new music will measure up to the old, as well as how they feel the journey has treated them this far.

Hello from BRUTALISM. I hear that Cypecore has been busy with a new album since the 2008 release of ‘Innocent?’
Hello BRUTALISM. That´s right! We have been working on our new album up till September 2010.

What can fans expect from the new album?
The fans can expect new stuff but old style, that kind of way we did the first time. We made twelve new songs, including intro and outro. There are songs which are much more death metal and songs which are very melodic, so we expanded the depth of each element.

Does Cypecore feel that the new album is a drastic progression since ‘Innocent,’ or are you guys pretty comfortable with your sound?
Yes, we think that there´s a progression since the “Innocent” but we also want that the audience could recognize: “oh yeah, that´s ‘cypecore’”

How did Cypecore start?
Cypecore started in 2007. Our guitar players decided to make something more out of their songs and riffs. They found a drummer and a bass player who could play the stuff and started making this project become real. A singer was found in August 2007, Cypecore was finally complete. Our first concert was in November 2007 with 5 songs. One year later we released the “Innocent”.

Any particular influences you’d like to name. There sure is a lot of melodic death/ industrial metal in your work…
Of course! There are some influences like In Flames, Lamb of God, Sybreed, Black Comedy and Dark Tranquillity.

So why choose melodic death metal… or metal itself? What is it about the genre that drives the band?
Metal is the genre we grew up with. There are many other genres we are listening to today, but metal was that one which made us freak out on parties in our youth and made us think about everything in our life. There was always a song for every moment that gave us power and strength. We decided to create something which people can identify themselves with, the same way we did.

When Cypecore started out, were you all serious about what you wanted to do or was it just getting gigs and playing for fun?
At the beginning we wanted to play for fun but we recognized that it could be much more than that. Today it is like a job for us to play live and write new stuff.

What do you think give Cypecore its ‘signature sound?’
That´s an interesting question! We think that the combination of the strings, the industrial sound effects in the background combined with the direct guitar sound and the dynamic vocals are giving our music that kind of signature sound.

When people complain you sound too much like other bands out there (Threat Signal, Raunchy, etc…), what is your retort? How do you depose the naysayers?
We would like to know what the reason for saying that our sound is exactly the same sound of another band is. After that we would like to explain the difference between the facts and tell the audience our purpose.

Compared to ‘Innocent,’ the new album ‘Take The Consequences’ seems much darker as far as the concept goes. Care to elaborate on that?
Actually the new album is called “Take the Consequence;” that´s right. The new songs are darker but there are also new songs which are more melodic. We think that´s the right mixture.

Any tracks you feel deserve special mention, either in lyrical meaning or how the songwriting process went?
There´s always a track which deserves special mention ;) We would like to mention “Values of Life”. It´s the opening track of the new album and it describes the way we live and our whole circle of friends. Today, we know so many awesome people which are behind us and supporting us to make the best out of this project. With this song we want to thank them all. We especially want to tell the people out there how we live and how beautiful everything is what they got. These are the values of life.

There is a symbiotic relationship between bands and the fans that listen to them. Do you think fan expectations of Cypecore as a metal band have changed now in 2010 since you started in 2007?
Yes we do. We think that the fans want to see some kind of enhancement. They want more and we will give them more ;)

Obviously many of the band members started out listening to metal a long time ago. Has metal changed a lot since the late 90s and what do you think has been the biggest gains or losses?
Of course, metal has changed. There are more metal bands with technical and industrial influences. There are a lot more possibilities in recording. That´s the reason why live performances are getting more valuable these days. We think the biggest losses are the big ones like Pete Steele or Ronnie James Dio which died this year. The biggest gains are variety of metal bands today.

What’s more exciting: touring or studio work?
Both are very exciting. We love to work in the studio and we love touring, too. We don´t want to decide which is more exciting. The mixture is the right answer ;)

There’s an upcoming (or ongoing) tour with Dark Tranquility and Insonmium, both veterans of melodic death metal. How does it feel to be on the road with such legends?
Sorry but we lost the voting :( Maybe next time we’ll get it!

A lot of the time the road is mostly travel. What do you do to keep yourselves from going crazy?
Oh there are a lot of things to do. Sleeping, eating, bugging the others, finish Pokemon red edition in just 5 hours, listening to some great music playing a lot of senseless iPhone apps, preparing the backing tracks on the MacBook for the upcoming show. You see there´s always something to do.

Are there any places that you’ve toured so far that you really want to go back to, and why?
There was a location on the tour with Ektomorf this year. The location was in Andernach. It was a youth club. They had a really great service, which took care of the bands and a very nice stage. It was a very pleasant evening.

If you could have any tour lineup, which bands would it be with and why?
First of all, we would like to have a tour with the bands we know best, like New Born Hate, The Prophecy 23, Sicknd or Lamera. It would be a lot of fun to have a tour with them because they are our friends and they are awesome guys. Of course one of the big bands like In Flames or Dark Tranquility would be very great, too.

Back to the fans… they obviously move the band, either with actions or comments. What’s the nicest/craziest thing a fan has done that has made a significant impact?
Our guitar player was waiting for his train and suddenly he heard a cell phone ringing with one of our tracks (Innocent) as ring tone.

Again, Cypecore, thanks for all the great feedback. Looking forward to the new album!
Thank you guys too for this interview :)
Interviewer: devilmetal747
Oct 31, 2010

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