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It all began in late 1999, in the southern part of Johore (Skudai), when Deadzid was getting tired of playing cover songs in several line-ups until he met a drummer ñ Necrodin. And so they decided to form a serious band in the veins of metal. After a while, Deadzid started to wrote several songs and asked one of his jamming buddies to fill in for bass. Kaio was selected for the job. He was in a band in Batu Pahat with Deadzid for quite a while back then. The line-up was set and they were off as a 3-piece with their own songs. No more covers!
After a series of practice, they sensed the need to have a second guitarist to complete the band. So they held up a few auditions to find a suitable guitarist but none available. Within several weeks, Arbakkh came to the rescue and the band was complete. Theyíve had lots of practice and jamming sessions to maintain their performance. Thence they felt that they were ready to record a professional demo release.
They can finally rest as their long awaited debut demo has finally seized the light of day, consisting of 7 tracks (includes intro + outro). It was released in April 2001 and available on CD's only ('coz none of the guys has any cassette players!). In the meantime, the CD is distributed by Dead Sound Production Deadzid's own independent label... Overall quality of the demo is quite impressive and you can bet that it's worth every cent you spend!
It's hard to describe the specific term for Crimson Fall's music, just simply call it METAL! Each song has different kind of touch and is not focused to one stream of metal, so you'll find quite a variety of heavy, yet melodic, tunes in this CD.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Greetings... I'm Deadzid hailing from southern Malaysia and I'm the guitarist / vocalist of the band CRIMSON FALL. I'm here to talk about my band so let's get on with it!

Some other important facts we should know?
CRIMSON FALL is just another new name in Malaysian metal scene. It was formed in late 1999. We've released only one demo so far and that was in April 2001. Nevertheless, we've got some new materials ready for the next release! But nowadays we're not as active as we used to since each of us are busy with our own career...

What kind of covers did you play in the beginning?

What is your musical background/influences? Self teacher?
I started playing guitar since 1994... I've been playing for about 7 years now... Within those years, I've several different teachers for different scales and licks.
I didn't went to any music school or class - I learned from my friends and some Metallica tabs! I think that's why my solo part sounds kinda pentatonic in a way though Metallica's not my major influence in song writing... Anyway I admire Jesper Stromblad's (IN FLAMES) and Alexi Laiho's (CHILDREN OF BODOM) creativity in writing songs. Total reek of awesomeness!

Is it too hot in Malaysia to wear leather jackets with studs on it?
Yeah, it's kinda hot for that... better wear it in the nite time.

What are your favorite bands? And why?
I listen to IN FLAMES, ARCH ENEMY, THE HAUNTED, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SENTENCED, etc... Mostly those melodic stuff - because of their excelent guitar techniques and musical composition which I adapt them as my major influence in writing songs. Some labeled our music as ’Swedish Death Metal’ even though we're not Swedish! But currently sitting on top of my favourite playlist is HEART - the Wilson siztah rocks 80's butt, man!

Do they differ from the fav bands of the other bandmates?
My bandmates also listen to all those stuff plus their own favourites. They even listen to various music ranging from Heavy to Black Metal and Pop to Rock!

What are you trying to express with the songs? Feelings, opinion?
Lyrically our songs are nothing! The lyrics are totally pointless and full of bullshit! We just wanna concentrate mainly on the musical composition, so just ignore our lyrics!

What do you think of the corpsepainted guys?
I've nothing against corpse-paint / black metal but lately there was some issue about these extremist in northern part of our country which made a big impact in our METAL scene... The government was so ignorant that they were going to ban all music from the underground roots! That is so fucking dumb...

Your fav question in interviews?
Questions concerning my musical direction and shits like that...

Do you have a group of followers at gigs? Easy to get gigs?
We haven't done any gigs yet and from the looks of it - we ain't getting the chance! Since the big black metal controversy in Malaysia, it's hard for gig organisers to obtain permit for such show nowadays...

What is your satisfaction from performing?
Being able to play live perfectly with no mistakes!

How many meters can you stagedive?
A : Dunno...

What kind of booz do you drink after a show?
Sorry but we don't do drugs / alcohol... we're kinda straight edge geeks in a way! Besides, those shit ain't good for your health - I intend to live longer! hahahahaha...

How many boobs do you touch after a show?
Haven't got the chance yet!

Do you have some interesting hobbies?
Right now I'm re-designing our homepage, so I can say that's my current hobby... It'll be up soon enough - hopefully by the time you're reading this!

Your fav spending of free time?
Guitar, writing songs, office work, and at times I do some designing graphics / web page...

What do you do in daily life? Work, study?
Work my ass off till death do us part! That's one of the reason why we are not so active in rehearing these days...

Any interest in sports? Supporter of some club?
Fucking WWF is my only favourite sport! The Rock kixx yer candy ass!!!

Your opinion on CD trading, MP3?
I totally support MP3 / CD trading! Hail to those who invent such brilliant technology!! It's free music, dude!!! I've small collection of MP3's I'd like to trade - any one interested should get in touch... e-mail me at

How can people listen to your music?
Just order our cheap affordable CD directly from me thru mail... Send US$6 well-hidden cash / international money order / postal order made payable to ZID FARDUS at the following address:

Why should they contact you about the demo CD?
Because Deadzid said so!

Last rites?
Thanx Twan for this freakin' weird interview... everyone please support CRIMSON FALL! It's melodic death shit really rockin' heaven down! So get yer hands on it now!...
For more info, visit our temporary website at ... the site is going under major re-construction - so be patient!
Dead Sound Production
#09-02 Sri Pahlawan A,
Bukit Saujana,
80100 Johor Bahru,
Johore, Malaysia
Interviewer: twansibon
Oct 16, 2001
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