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Centurian was raised in January 1997 from the smoldering remains of Thrash/Death metal band Inquisitor. Drummer Wim van der Valk and guitar player Rob Oorthuis decided to continue the band with a new name, changing their musical style to very fast and aggressive Death metal. This style has been the trademark of Centurian ever since. Influenced by bands like Morbid Angel, Krisiun and Deicide, Centurian nevertheless created their very own sound. Joined by vocalist Seth van de Loo, Centurian started off playing gigs in May 1997. Later the same year they recorded their first 8 track CD entitled ’Of Purest Fire’. This promo/demo CD proved to be very successful, receiving lots of very good reviews in the Underground Metal scene, and led to some nice offers from record labels.
At the beginning of 1998 Centurian completed their line-up with the long awaited bass player, Patrick Boley, and shortly after that they signed a record deal with US label Full Moon Productions. Part of this deal was the re-release of the ’Of Purest Fire’ demo as a mini-CD in April 1998. Centurian earned a reputation for playing extremely fast and with hellish fury during their live gigs.
With the release of their full length CD ’Choronzonic Chaos Gods’ in 1999, Centurian definitely placed themselves at the top of the Death metal scene. Featuring 9 violent and fast tracks of brutal Satanic Death metal terror, the album has a front cover made by guitar player Rob, painted in his own blood!!!
Only three weeks after Centurian decided to shed their vocalist and bass player, they found the perfect reinforcement. First came Jerry Brouwer, the new vocalist / bass player, a front man with loads of experience and a great brutal voice. Second came Oskar van Paradijs, an additional guitar player, the evil genius behind Death metal deity Zi Xul. Both new band members are very familiar with Centurian’s occult and destructive ideas and proved their worth during the recording of the new killer album ’Liber ZarZax’.
333 – Triple Death and Dispersion!!!

interview with Wim on 21-11-2001

Please give us a ashort introduction of yourself?
Hi Twan, I am Wim van der Valk, 32 years too old. I play those damned drums in CENTURIAN since I started the band back in 1997 together with guitarplayer Rob Oorthuis. Before CENTURIAN I played the drums in Inquisitor (7 years), Judgement Day (3 years), Desultory (3 years) and some unknown others. I also played in Occult during otour with Marduk and Immortal (The ’Sons of Northern Darkness’ tour back in '94). Next to the drums I also take care of all public relations for the band and I'm also the webmaster for the CenturianChaos.com website. So, I am a damned busy guy !!

And for the gays, your social family status?
I'm married and I have a son.

Is your son named after Glen Benton?
He hehehe, who knows ???

Are you satisfied with the Liber ZarZax? Good responses?
Yep, I'm very satisfied with it. The songs turned out very well with the new line-up. For the first time we now work with two guitarplayers and they came up with great ideas. Also the sound we produced at Franky's Recording Kitchen is very satisfying for me: brutal yet clear and good to listen to. Same goes for the cover and lay-out. Jacek did a great job visualizing our ideas. The responses sofar are extremely great, the 'term' best CD of 2001 came accross reviews more then once. At our website www.CenturianChaos.com you can check out most of the reviews, even the bad ones!!!

How many time do you spend in promotion?
I spend three-four hours a day on promotion CENTURIAN at the internet and at the phone. Next to me, Jerry also does the same and our label Listenable Records does also take care of a great deal of the promotion. Rob and Oskar together take care of most lyrical and musical work, so we all have our share of the job.

Why is this album better than the Choronzonic Chaos Gods?
First I must say that the ’Choronzonic...’ CD also is a damned good CD, it has great songs and a lot of brutal power. But ’Liber ZarZax’ is better 'cause we improved as songwriters, it has a much better sound and the lyrical aspect has become much more interesting. In general I think the band has become more professional and mature and we work harder now to diliver high quality yet brutal Death Metal, in which we succeded with the ’Liber ZarZax’ CD I think.

Think you can go more extreme than these songs? How?
I can play faster and more extreme, that's no problem at all. But it's not a question of playing more extreme, it's a question of delivering even better Death Metal. Most people believe that more extreme means better. I used to think like that but these days I more concentrate of playing better. Sometimes this goes together with faster and extremer, sometimes this means playing more controlled. It depends on the song and sort of riff work that goes with that particular song.

Did they ever asked you if you use a drumcomputer?
Normally these kind of questions or suggestions result in some heavy beating. This time I forgive you !!!! Drumcomputers don't belong in the Metal scene, playing with triggers is allready bad enough.

Is Liber ZarZax a continueing of the 333 story? Or is every release one on his own?
Every Centurian album should stand on its own merit. Of course one can trace our musical and spiritual development through time as we create new material, it's a continuing story. The 333 current flows through everything we do. In that sense Liber ZarZax is definitely part of it.

Liber ZarZax is your third release. Is the triple 3 death and dispersion completed now?
Triple Death & Dispersion refers to Choronzon, not to the number of Centurian albums. As long as there is anyone around to ask questions like this, our mission will be incomplete.

What about the new interest in Inquisitor from the fans? Still proud of that violent album?
Ofcourse am I still proud of the ’Walpurgis - Sabbat Of Lust’ CD. It is a very well played Thrash/Death Metal CD and has a great sound. Even after six years I get lots of mail from people telling me great things about it, even in interviews I get asked about re-union gigs and so on. Great.

Do you look back into the past a lot? Or prefer to look into the future?
I look forward to the future but still enjoy the past. I am enjoying the past 'cause sofar I did some great things with my former bands and with CENTURIAN as well and I look forward to the future ' cause there are even greater things to come in the near future. The new line-up has great potential and the ’Liber ZarZax’ CD is only the beginning of a new CENTURIAN era. Some of the interesting things for the future include the recording of a videoclib and an European tour to promote ’Liber ZarZax’ next year.

What do you think about mankind in general? Are we here with a goal or are we just some waste?
Mankind is an abomination. Every life is an insult to the Oneness of the Primal Chaos.

Do you have a demonic sacrificial altar at home?
To me personally, a magical 'altar' of sorts is not confined to a particular spot. One creates an altar if the need arises, as an object to fix ones entire will - A place that, at least momentarily, stands out from the world around it. This should answer your question.

Ever tried to play some melodic atmospheric drumparts?
Yep, I tried but that's all, I absolutely cannot play that shit. When you play some sort of style you must like it, and I don't like it so can't play it. Even if I could I problably refuse it ha hahaha.

What is your satisfaction with drumming? Why not i.e. guitar or vocals?
My satisfaction with drumming: carrying my kit to places; driving hours and hours; playing till I'm totally exhausted; not drinking before a gig..........now I'm thinking of it, what is my satisfaction of playing those damned drums ha hahaha.
No, I hit the drums, 'cause when I hit a guitar it cost me to much money.

What do your neighbours think about the drumming?
I tried to speak to them about it everytime, but before I have the chance they move to another place.

How do you correct drum mistakes on stage? Using some dirty words?
I am no computer, mistakes are all in the game. Most of the time mistakes can't be heard very much ' cause of the drum sound in most clubs.

What is a Death Metal heart? What color?
A 'Death Metal Heart' sounds rather cheesy I think. I guess it is meant to refer to a total commitment to death metal music and the scene in which it thrives. For adherents to spiritual death metal there is only darkness beyond black.

Which bands got you into the metal? Still listening to them?
I've been in the Metal scene for quite some years. I started listening to bands as Van Halen and Iron Maiden when I was about 12-14 years old. I remember buying the ’Number Of The Beast’ LP from Iron Maiden. Woh man, that was heavy ha hahaha. I still listen to lots of those old crap. Also bands as Motorhead, Anvil, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Judas Priest, Venom etc. can be found at my LP player very often and I still damned like it.

Can you listen to other kind of music?
Most of the time I listen to Metal and Metal only, but many different styles. From Death Metal to Black, Heavy, Thrash and other kinds of metal, except for Doom Metal and Atmospheric shit. However, it might happen after a night playing gigs that I return home with some very easy-listening stuff in my car, mostly with some horney women moaning in it.

What is the fun of playing life?
Making our audience even more exhausted then me, ha hahhaha. I know CENTURIAN made a great new CD, and live I want to make very clear to everybody that the new CD is not just a one moment-recording; it is how we are and what we do best. I just like it to show other people what we really stand for: Damned good DEATH METAL with an very interesting lyrical concept, the best way to do this is playin live.

Say something arrogant to the readers?
CENTURIAN is Europe's number one DEATH MEAL band and you'd better believe it. If you don't, come and see us live on stage and we rip you apart.

Last rites?
Our gig agency and our label are working on a tour for next year, we hope it will work out so we can show all you fuckers what CENTURIAN CHAOS is all about. People interested in CENTURIAN gigs better also contact our gig Agency, see addres mentiond below. For latest news, gigs and all you need to know about the great CENTURIAN lyrics check our website at www.CenturianChaos.com
Thanks Twan for the interview, see you laterrrrrrrrrrr

c/o Wim van der Valk
Wallenbergstraat 27
3882 HA Putten
The Netherlands
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 21, 2001
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