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What at first was just two loser freshman high school students playing one Six Feet Under cover song over and over again, in a cramped, humid attic in the spring of 99'; later formed to become what is now known as Beyond Fatal. Both of whom had already played their instruments by themselves as more of a hobby then a pursuit, spontaneously decided to give it a shot at jamming. Matt Glaser (vocals), a long time friend of both Adam Reed (drums) and Mike Pribble (guitars); joined up with the two after around seven months of jamming, constant practicing and growing musically in their own ways. At that time Jason Vrboncic (bass) a good friend of the three had been playing bass, only by the constant harassing and nagging of Mike and Adam, had found that he really enjoyed it and had a talent for it. So it was, that four friends came together to create music that they enjoyed listening to and to create it the way they hear it in their minds and think it should be.

With influences such as Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Fear Factory, Vision of Disorder, Hatebreed, Skinlab, Machine Head, Nile, Morbid Angel and Pantera, only to name a few of the many. One can only expect that something completely deranged would come of it. With different personal inspirations such as the case of Jazz as an inspiration to Mike and Classical to Adam, Versatility is also a very important angle that Beyond Fatal try to exercise into their music. With the contrast of Sentimental to the crushing relentlessness of Bleed the Just, it seems that this has been accomplished to the standards they have set for themselves. And those standards being their own. Beyond Fatal know the difference between heavy and pussy. That much is evident.

As long as they are able, the four will continue to play and write the music that they love. As long as they receive inspiration from the musicians before them that have kicked more ass then they can hope to, Beyond Fatal will continue to produce music that defines the way four individuals feel about the things they see, feel and observe in our world today.

interview with Mike the fatal guitar man on 24-6-2001

Please give a short introduction of yourself?
Greetings, Twan. Well, my full name is Mike Pribble, and I am the guitarist for Beyond Fatal. We play our own blend of brutal/melodic death metal and are currently a four piece.

Did you choose the bandname because you survived the humid attic?
Haha..the attic days were great. Actually, the name Beyond Fatal came from a video game series the band plays. We are a bunch of dorks.

Do you still go to school?
I am currently on summer break, but once late August comes I will be going back to school for six months, and I will then be free!

What do you study and what are you gonna do with it after graduation?
I am not sure what I am going to do after high school. Playing in a band is a definate priority, but I understand how the music industry works so that is not an occupation to depend on. Still, I will always play in a band, no matter what. It means a lot to me. Anyway, I am very interested in recording, pyrotechnics, and several other fields of work. I will probably pursure something along those lines.

Do you listen to the comments of your parents about your music?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Playing this type of music can cause people to react in weird ways, but for the most part, our parents are pretty cool about everything.

Did you had positiv reactions from outside your circle of friends?
Yes, people have supported and accepted us very well, surprisingly. People really support us around here, and that is awesome. It means a lot to us...

Maybe some negativ reactions?
Uhm, nothing majorly negative. We did, however, play a Christian battle of the bands show about a year ago, and some of the people there were complaining about our sound. A lot of religious people are not exposed to this type of music, so it took them by surprise. It was fun nonetheless.

Why are all of you short of hair?
Actually, our drummer Adam (Reed) has some pretty long hair right now, past his shoulders. I prefer to have my head shaved, because I am lazy and don't want to mess with hair.

Is it difficult to express the four different feelings in one song?
We try base our songs around emotion(s) from the start, so it isn't really hard to express multiple feelings in one song. We usually have a basic theme to the song before it is even complete, so we kind of write the soundtrack to the theme in a way. In the end, it works out.

What is your alltime favorit album?
Man, that is a tough question...
I am really into a lot of bands. Some of my favorites would be Suffocation's ’Despise the Sun’, Suffocation's ’Effigy of the Forgotten’, Disgorge's ’She Lay Gutted’, Vader's ’Litany’, At the Gates ’Slaughter of the Soul’, and so many more. Sorry, I can't pick just one!

How often do you read in the bible?
Never anymore...I used to years back though, I was kind of forced into attending a Church service, and read it there. I am not really much for Church of any kind, so I got out of that pretty fast.

Who is your comic hero?
Spawn is cool, I am not really into comics like I used to be though.

If they assassinated the new president than what would you do?

Did you already perform live and what was it like?
We have performed live plenty of times...very very fun and energetic.

And do you know how to handle with groupies?
We have some regulars that come to our shows anywhere, and we have become better friends with them because of this.

Do you have some roadies or just building up yourself?
No roadies. We are a small band...pretty much independent.

Any unusual hobbies that we should know?
I love legos, I love gore flicks, video games,etc.

Last rites?
Thanks a lot for the interview Twan! Your site is pretty killer. Check us out at, which will soon be moving to You can there find MP3s off of our debut album ’Symphony of Dying Cries’ and ordering info. Take care!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 24, 2001
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