AUTHORITY was formed in Jakarta, Indonesia on Febuary 19th 1997, with the fisrt formation: Budy (Vocal), Sandy (Guitar), Oelynk (Bass), Deddy (Drums). After run for a month Deddy (Drums) was gone out from the band and replaced by Ary (Drums) and we added another musician Teguh as 2nd Vocal. At that time we played Trash like, SEPULTURA, HYPOCRISY, etc!
In the middle of 1998 we changed our concept music, we began playing Brutal Death Grind and since we changed our concept music. Boefuck joined to the band as Lead Guitar but not long after he joined to the band he was out from the band and Sandy (Guitar) and Teguh (2nd Vocal) followed him out from the band because of personal problems. At this time we vacuum for six month. And in the beginning of 1999 BP joined to the band and we change our position, Budy (Vocal , Oelynk (Guitar), BP (Bass) and Ary (Drums). With this formation we tried to participated in local Underground Event.
In the middle in 2000 we feel unsuitable with Oelnyk because his activity impeded band. At the moment we fired Oelynk and his position is replaced by Yudi . Here is the last formation :

BUDY: Vocal
BP: Guitar
YUDI: Bass/Back Voc
ARY: Drums

With this formation, we feel solid and unified each other in playing music. Our music influenced by Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Disgorge (CA) and Napalm Death. But in our music we use our own style/concept!!!

interview with Yudi on 30-9-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hello Twan, Yudi will answer this intie, thanks for interviewing us.

Thanks for forming the band on my birthday! How did you know?
Yeah .. Authority was formed on February 19th 1997. I don't know if it is your b'day, by the way we can celebrate together with small parties with girls with a nude and juicy vagina hahahahhaha and one thing, don't forget to bring some beer heheeh.

Why did you choose the name Authority?
Budi choose the band name, it came spontanly because he read a dictionary to find the right name for the band and he choose Authority, that's it.

Do you have problems with authority yourself?
Yeah we know and realize each band has a problem and trying to find the best way to continue and exist the band.

Ever been arrested? Being a part of the student revolution?
I and the other Authority's member haven't been arrested, but for student revolution we join it in our own campus. We trying to fight the greedy government Shit Fuckers!!!

The best english curse sentence you know?
I don't know man.... I'm not fluently speak english. Let's say: Beware of Indonesian Sick Freak!!!

Why did you change your musical style? What was wrong with thrash?
We didn't totally change the musick concept but we are trying to make the new material with intense riffing guitar combined with blasted drums + grooving beat,... In other words we try to make it the sickest and intense , just wait!!

Do you remember your first death metal band? What was the reaction?
Yeahh , I remember man I can't forget it. First I heard Sepultura, Metallica Hypocrisy and Suffocation ’Human Waste’, etc. Beside that Indonesia has a lot of Brutal/Death/Gore/Grind bands and the scene still develop till now.

Is it easy to obtain music in Jakarta? How do you obtain the albums?
It depends Twan, in Indonesia we can't move free to spreading the scene here. Media like Zine, internet, Event, Entertainment, distro, indie radio, etc helps spreading the scene here.

Your favorit bands? Favorit albums?
For Indonesian bands I like Death Vomit, Disinfected, Siksakubur, Motor Death, Bloody Gore . and for foreign bands I like Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh, Napalm Death, Disgorge (Ca). These are bands that totally crushing brutality!!

The most under estimated band in your opinion?
Hmmm well as I said before we always do all things to promote our band and our scene. Here Indonesian scene is totally sick. Indonesia didn't support with the good and prepared sound that is disapointed for me.

Is your family happy with your musical choice?
Actually our family don't like it and not support us, but we ignore their word and keep up the work in Authority. Our other daily are college, playing Winnig Eleven, etc like an usual people.

Your favorit way to slay an animal?
Hehehehe I don't like a dog .... I'll use a whip and hit it and I use a knife to cut the tail and keep this act till the dog is dead hehehehehe.

How is the metal scene in your area?
As I said above, the scene is growing well and and tons of brutal death band rise up here... beware of Indonesian troops!!!

Get some change to see famous bands from Europe or the States? Who would you like to see live?
Wow yeahhhhh I'll like to see the 3 Ds (Disgorge(ca), Deeds Of Flesh and Deprecated) bands act in one gig with Suffocation and Dying Fetus and Authority join in that fest :) I hope it happen some day hehehehe.

What does an Authority show looks like?
It is hard to descript the show, but here the mass is anthusiastic and we like it and trying to give the best performance in each events

Do you brush your teeth before a gig?
Hehehe this is a silly question I think. But I usually drink some energy drink to fit up my body.

Who is taking the girls after the show?
Girls. In Indonesia, girls don't like underground but some girls like it. But here, place for taking a whore is called BOKER house hahahahaha.

What is your favorit position to take them?
Ouww. I haven't fuck with girls before so I can't answer that question, how about you??? (Yeah Yudi I did and still do but now with my wife. It is a great way to spend your spare time. Twan) - Can you speak some Dutch words because some Indonesians do?
No I can't but I know some words like Meneer, Gratis, well that's it. I don't know anything else.

What is your drive to make brutal death?
Well I think we like Brutal Death coz it is insane!!!! This is the truly extreme musick I've heard in the world.

Give us some reasons to listen to Authority?
I don't know exactly what the question means, but for sure we like our own musick concept!!

Last rites?
Thanks for the killer intie Twan, Check out our website at Prepare to bleed !!!!
For contact , info , booking , friendship , trade , orders ,etc write to:
C/o Yudi
Jl.H.Sarbini Rt 001 / 04 No.24 Condet Balekambang
Jakarta Timur 13530

Please add yourself address and self envelope for sure reply !!
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 30, 2001
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