An evening with Gutterchrist Productions

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with Gutter.
Yeah, definitely man, I’m all about the underground.

Alright, why don’t you introduce yourself to the readers and tell us about the inception of Gutterchrist Productions.
Gutterchrist Productions came to be because I’ve been in this scene for years and one of my boys Roy Fox brought Death Metal to our area (Kearny, New jersey) which ended up spawning mad bands like Dripping and Dehumanized.  I was into some of the shit, but Roy really introduced all of the underground shit, ya know like Swedish Death Metal, all of that shit. I was a member of Necroharmonic Productions from day one and after that Roy kept telling me “You need to start your own shit.” and eventually I did. Gutterchrist Productions started about 4 years ago and put out a couple of CDs, but now we’re mainly doing shirts but I’ve got a good following, a lot of awesome people behind me like Devourment, Putrid Pile, Waking The Cadaver, Abominable Putridity, and I have a bunch of new and young bands coming out like Vomitous, N.J.D.O.T.S., Vomitous Rectum and Merciless Mutilation.

Necroharmonic Productions definitely has been one of the more prominent companies in tri-state extreme metal; would you consider Gutterchrist Productions to be their brother company?
They are the purveyors of old school man; I would most definitely consider us brother companies. I started out there and I still push their company to the death. Before Gutterchrist was going on I was pushing Necroharmonic Productions, ya know Roy over there is my boy. I still try to push their name.

It is a good time for Metal because there are so many new bands emerging and constantly changing the definition of “metal” in and of its own self. What is your interpretation of the current underground?
The underground scene today in America is fucked up, at least in New Jersey. I am heavily involved in the 21 and over scene and there’s not enough people coming out. I think the all ages scene in NJ is poppin’ still, the scene is young and it’s all about young kids nowadays. I never want to shoot a kid down just because he is young; the scene is about new kids coming in and liking the shit that everyone already likes.

Do you think that attributes to people conforming to societal standards with age? They conform to the idea that Metal doesn’t have a place in a functioning adult life?
Yeah, that’s what I like about Metal; you will be able to tell who is real in due time because some people just fake the funk for a minute then they’re gone, but other people are real and you’ll see them at the shows and buying shit. We will definitely weed out the fakes; there’s no doubt about it.

Yeah, especially since around 1990 there has been a huge influx of bands which have come and gone in the scene and unfairly tried to take their own piece of the pie because they sensed Metal was on the rise.
Yeah, there’s always going to be people that are going to try and take their quick piece of the pie, but it’s all about the fans. The fans know what’s up, they know what bullshit is and what’s not. If they like your shit then they’ll buy it. If no one likes your shit then you’re assed out.

When you compare the varying genres of music it would appear that Metal has the most loyal fan base. If someone bought the first Bathory CD when it came out in 1980, they will most likely still be a Bathory fan 30 years later. This loyalty isn’t so prevalent in a genre such as pop.
Yeah, metal fans are loyal. You’ll see a lot of the old school fans that don’t even want to hear nothing new, even new metal. They are set on what they heard and that’s it.

They won’t even cut their hair.
Yeah! (laughs)

What can we expect from Gutterchrist’s future endeavors?
We have the NJ Deathfest going annually ever October, the second one is this year. The one this year was a little rushed though, so we got who we could get to play. We’ve got a lot of good bands this year and it’s an all ages event, so we have a good response already. We’re going to keep it going next year too. This summer we are going to have a camping show, like you go out and pay for camping for a few nights and have a good time with bands playing all day. It’s going to have camping, drinking and barbecuing; so it’s going to be a real European type of event but right in North Jersey.

Well, I’m sure the New Jersey Deathfest will be great! You have Polterchrist playing, they’re one of my favorites!
Oh yeah, they’re the shit, ya know?

It’s great that the fans of Gutterchrist Productions can expect the same quality you have gained a reputation for. The camping show sounds awesome.
I’ve got a lot of new bands coming out too; Call The Paramedics, that’s my new up and coming band. They’re from Atlantic City, New Jersey and pretty nuts.

What do they sound like?
They’re like Bad Luck 13 if they played Death Metal, a lot of shock value and real catchy. The people in the band are a little crazy, some real G.G. Allin and slam type shit.

Well, we have all come to expect the highest quality of Slam to come from Gutterchrist Productions.
I hope so man, I’ve got so many bands right now: Abacinate, Waking The Cadaver, Digested Flesh; I try to keep it New Jersey but we’ve got Vulvectomy from Italy, Cephalotripsy from Cali, Devourment from Texas and Abominable Putridity from Russia.. so I’m doing a lot of shit. Devourment is the heavy hitter of Gutterchrist productions, shout out to Mike Majewski. That guy drew the Gutterchrist Productions logo for free, nobody knows that really.

That’s a huge deal.
Oh definitely, he’s a sick artist! It’s an honor to rock his shit.

Any last words for the BRUTALISM readers?
Yeah, hit up check it out. We have a lot of shirts and I promise to get it more poppin’ soon but I’m a little weak on computer skills. If you’re NJ get in touch with me through Facebook or Myspace or something; I always pump out my shows through there. I’m trying to keep the New Jersey Extreme Metal scene alive. There’s  no one else doing this shit up here; I take care a lot of bands just look at my back-catalogue of shows  - I’ve done bands from Australia, Japan, Europe in this area. I want this New Jersey to be an area that all extreme metal bands must play.

Well, you certainly are doing your part. Thank you for taking the time for this interview Gutter!
Definitely, shout outs to; Gutterchrist Productions, Gutter speakin’ to you motherfuckers.
Interviewer: Kong
Sep 10, 2010

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