interview with Rob on September 24th 2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I am Rob Matthew Redhead, I was in British Thrash band Atomkraft in 85-89 I was 16 years of age when it all kicked off. we toured all round Europe and all around the Mountains of Tropical Nederlands. Being 16 I remember being blown away by Holland, Germany, Austria etc.... I came from what we in Britain a working class envioroment. We were all poor little scruffy Headbangers from a shithole called Newcastle in the North of England.... in the 80s in England their were millions unemployed... we had no money and we were unclean and we (Atomkraft) came to your countrys and shagged your women and passed on many good old fashioned British sexuall diseases.

What happened with you and Atomcraft? Do you still benefit from that period? Think people recall Atomkraft?
Judging by your spelling obviously Atomkraft didnt make that much of an impression other than playing much in Holland.. the best achievement in Holland was to play the Dynamo festival in 86 I think their was maybe 20 thousand Dutchys... they fucking gave us a great reception even though with a name like Atomkraft they probably thought we were Germans.. Its amazing what dope can do (I know how much you dutch like the Germans)... I lived in Groningen for 2 years with a Little Dutchy girl.

Can you image that some people are still living in the past and trying to fuck people up over and over?
I think your question is concerning personen auf Atomkraft... well its called self awareness and if you aint got it at 30- something then your fucked. Bassically everyones a twat everyones scared and mistrusting of everyone and if you stick two people in a room together for 2 weeks with no food only one will emerge and he will have a leg sticking out of his mouth... Basics... survival... phony Rockstars. I tell you something I was talking to a Musician guy in a music shop the other day he was saying how he had worked their for 20 years and how he hates to talk about music hes sick of it.... 20 long years of being in metal bands and talking music hes 30 something and bored, I havent been that involved ive been doing other things like travelling and i feel new to it all again.

Did you follow the metalscene all those years after Atomkraft?
I did follow it as much as i could but what I was hearing didnt make much sense to me just noise for noise sake. I mean metal sort of went arse up during the nineties... anyway when your living in a Wigwam in the Canadian forest on Indian Reservation, Carving soap stone Sculptures for a living... Metals not important... only surviving.

Is life a waste of time?
You only get 20 years really I have worked out to Live life.. 1-20 years your growing..... 40-60 your bodys clamping up... after that your fucked anything you wanted to do but have not then forget it... so you have only a short amount of time. Add to that Money, Debt, Relationships and its tricky but I tell you the most miserable looking people I ever come across are from wealthy countrys like Holland, Germany, Southern England, France.... its not that theres anything wrong with anybody other than the fact that everybodys got everything they want.... spoilt children syndrome. If you wanna be happy and find out lifes not a waste of time... then give up your possesions and go travelling. Find a poor country somewhere and look at the happy faces.

Why did you get back in to a metal band after such long time? Don't you feel you are too old for this shit? Or are you teaching the youngster a lesson?
Yes you are right I have just realised Im to old for this shit.. Fuck thanks for telling me I will stop now before I make a total fool of myself. LOL

We both are in the scene for long time but can you mention the biggest chance in the metalscene?
Im not sure I understand the question here? What scene are we talking of ... the gay scene LOL.. If its my best personal achievement that would be 30 thousand people Atomkraft played to in Katowice in Poland... back then that was something I mean the Iron curtain was still there.. I remember the citys and towns in Poland at the time it was just like walking around some grim film set really poor and another world totally for myself the 17 year old thats when I realised where I came from wasnt ’that bad’.

Could you imagine back in 89 about the CD, MP3 and Internet? What do you think of those technologies?
Bizzarelly in 89 I had a dream and in that dream I invented all those things... But unfortunatelly I did not get the Ownership rights sorted.

Why do English people molest hotel rooms when they are on vacation? What do you think about drunk people?
The English young are fucked in debt everything costs a fortune in Britain and everyone works the longest hours of any European countries... so with all this stress their has to be a release valve and that is Booze... If you think Brits are bad abroad then you wanna see em here at home... Friday and Saturday nights in British Towns and citys are very Dangerous places to be Voilence and Binge-dirinking is getting out of control.... Fuck it was Bad in the 80s I would not go anywhere near any of that shit now... Which for me is a easy thing to do as I do not Drink..... I was one of those Binge-drinking nutters myself until I stopped drinking in 1997.

Dutch people are the best.....?
I did not get the Dutch at all to begin with... A typical example would be a Dutchman cycling past.. I would accidently drop my bottle of water on the ground the dutchman would then ride his bike onto the bottle Skid and fall off his bike..... He would then get up onto his feet dust himself off and without saying a word would hand me back my bottle and cycle off. This sort of behavior pissed me off and I may of shouted at him that ’Tell me to fuck off back to England’. But as you get older you appreciate the Brains that are needed to have a Temprement like the Dutch.
Although a bit of advice to any traveller in Holland.. Do not ask a Dutch person for directions because they never know the direction of anything, and never admit to it... and will just make shit up instead of saying ’Im sorry I do not know’.

What should people know about you? And what kind of people do you hate?
Nothing really I am an unimportant little human being on little planet earth... But they may like my music at and what kind of people do I hate? Everbody your all cunts.

If you could be a girl, what kind of clothes would you were?
Fucking great question! Id be a dirty whore trashy slutty red fishnets.

Are there any plans for the future? Where do you wanna go with Agankast?
Agankast will go as far as fate determines...I am fortunate in that I dont need fame or fortune I am a happy content soul. But I do owe it to the Gift I have for music to try and get that gift recognised... Agankast is a Fucking great band and we will get better all the time, I am unfortunately still a perfectionist and I am always driven in what I do so Agankast will be no different, You may only be aware of me for a few years through some great music I will create with Agankast and then I may Disappear again....Or the band might get some lucky break and we may Hit the big time..Who knows? As long as its all quality and Im having a good time..and time is short.

Last rites?
I hope you havent been bored and fell asleep.... I stayed away from the usual me, me, me Rockstar bollocks Ynow Drugs- alledged... Women- Apparently boose-maybe..... thats so boring... so boring in fact, I cant wait to do it all over again with Agankast.. Ha...
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 24, 2005
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